Saturday 16 Update on This is Fate

Karan calls her that he is here and Prithvi also arrived.

Shrishti places Name Plates of dishes on food tables. She then comes to place water bottle over the dispenser. Sameer comes to help her with the heavy bottle. He keeps his stare on her face. Shrishti gulps hard while Sameer looks away. They don’t speak to each other. Shrishti wonders what’s happening to her, Sameer waves her before leaving. Shrishti regrets not saying a thanks to Sameer, then curses herself for taking so much time for petty matters. She regrets always misbehaving with him. She thinks it seems he loves her, but at least he must say something to her about it. A lady comes to suggest Shrishti go and ask that guy directly about it. Shrishti curtly replies to that lady but decides to know what’s in Sameer’s heart today.
Sarla introduces Prithvi to Kappu. Dadi brings Janki

as she wished to witness Preeta and Prithvi’s engagement. His mother asks him to touch her feet. Prithvi was reluctant. Dadi asks if there is some problem, he must consider Janki a member of their family who has always helped them in times of need. Prithvi says he really pities over her condition. Dadi places Janki’s hand over Prithvi’s head, Janki clutches her hair. Sarla was apologetic to Prithvi. Prithvi goes to set his hair when he comes across Tapsi. Shrishti and Kritika discuss the intense stare they share. They go to speak to Prithvi, Kritika looks on and asks what he is staring at. Shrishti says it seemed he had a nightmare. Tapsi was still staring towards Prithvi. Shrishti asks if he knows that girl. Prithvi denies. Shrishti asks where his wide smile vanished today, his face always change colors. Prithvi explains it was only because of a phone call. Kritika and Shrishti discuss why Preeta chose this idiot to marry, she could have selected one of his three brothers.

Tapsi comes near to Tapsi. He murmurs to listen to him without reacting and sends her upstairs into groom’s room. Tapsi nods and leaves. Prithvi’s mother comes to Prithvi and warns him that Sherlin is here, he must beware of her as the girl always cause trouble. Karan watched this from a corner. He hurries towards the hall, Rishab stops him and asks Karan why it seems Tapsi is connected to Prithvi besides Karan. Karan tells him Tapsi is connected to Prithvi only, she is his ex-girlfriend. Prithvi’s mother warns that if he wants someone as pretty as Preeta in life, he should forget Sherlin. Prithvi hurries upstairs as Tapsi was there.

Tapsi watches Preeta in the room, thinking she is so old fashioned. Preeta looks towards her and recalls everything that she had seen between her and Prithvi in the room. Tapsi leaves the room. Preeta comes outside but Tapsi wasn’t in the corridor. Preeta wonders who this girl is, and who invited her? May be Karan invited her. She wonders why she left her room then. Prithvi comes to the corridor from behind. Preeta senses he was a little tensed, Prithvi replies he is looking for washroom. Preeta sense he replied in a strange way.
Karan tells Rishab that he got a video with Tapsi and Prithvi together. Tapsi even allowed Prithvi to keep a wife or girlfriend. He tells Rishab Prithvi has another girlfriend as well, but he doesn’t know about her. Karan says even Preeta saw them together but Prithvi cut Tapsi’s hand and saved himself. Rishab discusses that they are missing at least one truth in all this complicated game, he wonders why Prithvi is marrying Preeta then. Karan says Preeta is a nice girl, then explains it’s because they all say so. Rishab warns Karan to take any step thoughtfully. Sherlin had heard all this from behind the wall.
Prithvi comes to the room and asks what Tapsi is doing here. Tapsi says he called her to the room, she says she doesn’t wish him to marry that Preeta, he must get rid of that Preeta.

Sherlin was trying Prithvi’s number to warn him that everything is a trap for him, she couldn’t let Prithvi trapped. She hears Kareena calling her and walks towards the corridor. She was curt over Kareena for always interfering in her matters. Kareena comes to the corridor and asks what is she upto?

Sherlin speaks abruptly she was going to meet Prithvi. Kareena was shocked at the reply. Sherlin explains that Sarla sent her to call Prithvi for the engagement ceremony. Kareena forbids Sherlin to be a maid to Sarla at any cost. Sherlin asks to go to washroom. She was eager to tell Prithvi about Karan’s plan for him.
Karan was restlessly looking for Prithvi and Tapsi. He wonders where Prithvi had taken Tapsi, he can’t even call her.
In the room, Tapsi says she could see love for herself in Prithvi’s eyes. He asks when he showed that love. Tapsi says in the restaurant when they first met after years, and even in the room when he saved them from Preeta. She suggests Prithvi about going somewhere out. Prithvi was furious over her demands and asks if he would leave Sherlin and break

his engagement with Preeta?
Karan passes by Preeta’s room and was lost watching her ready. He recalls he had to find Tapsi. Preeta stops Karan. He clarifies he has forgiven her and came to her function. He conditioned he would only come to this engagement if she rejects the dress Prithvi’s selected; she looks pretty today because she finally rejected the dress. Preeta says she saved that dress for her wedding. Karan laughs that this wedding would never take place. Preeta was worried what he is up to now and convinces whatever happened in the morning was her mistake. Karan was determined not to let the lie win, and promises he would prove it was all true. Preeta tells him to leave Prithvi, he is a nice man. Karan holds her hand close and asks her to trust him at least once. They share an eye lock. Karan turns to leave, thinking she always fight with him still he will save her from that loser Prithvi. Preeta wonders why Karan always fight with her, she considers him a good friend but their thinking’s never match.

In the room, Prithvi explains to Tapsi he cut her hand only to save his reputation in front of Preeta. He says he came closer to Tapsi only to satisfy his ego. She had left him once, and feels happy that Tapsi is getting desperate for him today. He clarifies to Tapsi he neither loves her, nor is her boyfriend. READ NEXT/SUN MARCH 17 ON THIS FATE