Samrat had to consult a psychiatrist (Reason)


Samrat had to consult a psychiatrist (Reason)

Samrat  real name Mohit Malik Playing the role of an unpleasant, rude and abusive husband on ‘Lies of the heart’ Zee world.Initially Mohit rejected to play the role of a chauvinistic husband, he said, i don’t relate to the character, but after much consideration decide to play the role and it appears the actor performers was ideal for the character.” his acting was neither black nor white, some of the  viewers seem to relate his screenplay to the reality of our time. it educates young girl’s about a relationship and what kind of guy/spouse they should marry.

Though the show is yet to gain good ratings, Mohit’s character has become popular and has bought a lot of viewer attention even after it is shown to maltreat women, cheat on your partner and control people around you. He says, “I think audience like the character as a result of the screenplay he displays. Arrogant guys seem to be honest, because they say what is in their minds. There are many guys out there that play cool and God fearing type but at the end of the day, they do have this side in them.

The reason:

The role he portrays seems to have an impact on him in real life.The on-screen character had to pop sleeping pills during an intense sequence, where he had to beat up his wife Neha (Urmi)with a belt. The requesting character he plays has inflicted significant damage on his health and the situation seems to be getting worse. During a scene recently, his blood pressure shot up and heartbeat became sporadic and fast. He consulted his doctor, who has now advised him to consult a psychiatrist.

Says Mohit, “I want to get into the skin of the character to play it impeccably. This is a troublesome and burdening part, which I’m considering important to the extent that it has started exhausting me deep down. I am rationally totally worn out. The outrage that I show isn’t anything but difficult to exude. I go home after the shoot and fear the next day’s screenplay, which doesn’t give me a break.

Indeed, even after essaying Samrat for more than three month , I am not ready to cut off from it when I go home. I am continually considering how to do it so audience are persuaded. I consider the character so much that, even my loving wife is troubled  as why i can’t cut off from Samrat at home.I know I need to isolate myself from the character, which I am not ready to do yet. I have tried dancing and singing, but that hasn’t helped either, Thankfully, my wife (Addite Malik) goes with me to the set and helps me try and slip out of the character once the camera has stopped rolling.

Ask him if he would take up a similar role again and he replies,  “I cherish the character; it’s unique and different I wouldn’t want it to end. I am not against to the idea of taking up a similar role, but by then, I will learn to cut myself off after the shoot.”