Sacred Ties Teasers August 2018 Zee Tv Shows

Sacred Ties Teasers August 2018 Zee Tv Shows

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Wednesday 1 August 2018
Episode 58

Manav opens a new shop and he asks Archana to do the inauguration but she refuses because Savita deserves the chance. Satish starts to get suspicious of Dharmesh.

Thursday 2 August 2018
Episode 59

Dharmesh’s mother sees Manav and Vaishali at the restaurant together and this causes her to assume things. Savita misunderstands what Manav said and as a result she makes his favourite and waits for him all night.

Friday 3 August 2018
Episode 60

Sunanda comes over to Manav and Archana’s house and suddenly she sees Madhuri, she invites her along to the prayer not knowing who Madhuri really is. Manav overhears Savita bad mouthing Archana to baby Sachin and this leads to him storming out the house.

Saturday 4 August 2018
Episode 61

Savita forgets little Sachin at the market and it is Archana who finds him. Manav sees Savita slapping Archana and he steps in.

Sunday 5 August 2018
Episode 62

Savita steps in and saves Manav from the angry community members. Meena tells the lady spreading the rumours of Manav and Vaishali to call her when they all alone. Vaishali sees Dharmesh and Madhuri enter a new hotel.

Monday 6 August 2018
Episode 63

Meena goes to Sunanda’s house and falsely accuses Vaishali of having a secret affair with non other than Manav. Manav exposes Dharmesh once and for all. Satish tells Dharmesh his going to end his partnership with him.

Tuesday 7 August 2018
Episode 64

Ajit gives in and starts to gamble once again. Manav goes to his mother’s house and finds her unconcious on the floor. Dharmesh calls Madhuri telling her that he will be dissapearing for a while just so the dust settles.

Wednesday 8 August 2018
Episode 65

Dayaram starts to worry about Savita’s health and as a result he does everything in his power to help her. Manav finds out that Ajit started gambling again. Savita tells Manav that the only way he can prove his love is if he Archana and moves back in with her.

Thursday 9 August 2018
Episode 66

Bhavna tells Satish that she wants a grandson by any means necessary. Ajit gives Rasika money to spend, the only problem is it isnt his own money. It is becoming clearer that Shibu has a hidden agenda.

Friday 10 August 2018
Episode 67

Savita gives the mixed paint to the little boy, not knowing she put some thing else in the paint too. Savita forgets the pot on the stove and it turns out to be a life threatening disaster. Ajit sees Shibu meeting up with an unknown mysterious person.

Saturday 11 August 2018
Episode 68

Archana defies Savita and in order for her to help her recover, she has to endure insults and abuse. Ajit sees Shibu talking to an unknown man in a car and this causes him to get suspicious. Savita accidentally locks Archana in her room.

Sunday 12 August 2018
Episode 69

Manav finally finds out that Ajit started gambling again. Savita sees Sachin in Archana’s arms and it drives her absolutely insane. Savita plans to call Rasika to invite her to the birthday party, only thing is she mistakes Rasika’s number with Sunanda’s number.

Monday 13 August 2018
Episode 70

Archana sacrifices her own happiness in order for her to unite Manav and Savita. Manohar tells Vinod that he can’t give him the houses papers. Savita’s condition gets worse and Archana is left worried.

Tuesday 14 August 2018
Episode 71

Sunanda and Vaishali see Savita sitting among the homeless people at the temple. Savita tries to rent out Manav and Archana’s room, luckily Manav and Archana stop her just in time.

Wednesday 15 August 2018
Episode 72

Varsha discovers a restricted area at the orphanage and she decides to enquire about it. Savita’s memory loss gets worse as she mistakes which shop she took her jewellery to. Bhavna gets a change of heart and finally agrees to the adoption.

Thursday 16 August 2018
Episode 73

Shibu causes a rift between Manav and Ajit. Vaishali sees Dharmesh and she starts to follow him. Archana hears Sachin crying and she goes to calm him down, not knowing that Savita would think he went missing.

Friday 17 August 2018
Episode 74

Ajit tells Vanita that if she talks to Manav about these accusations, he wont talk to her again. Archana finds out that she’s pregnant. The face of the unknown man Shibu is working for, is finally revealed.

Saturday 18 August 2018
Episode 75

Manav tells Ajit that until he comes to his senses, he will never set foot in his house again. Savita misunderstands why her jewellery is on Archana’s bed and as a result she makes her own assumptions. The police finally apprehend Dharmesh.

Sunday 19 August 2018
Episode 76

An unknown man calls Madhuri saying he has Varun with him. Manjusha sees Manohar leaving so late at night and she decides to investigate the situation. After causing a rift between Archana and Vaishali, Dharmesh decides to target Vinod next.

Monday 20 August 2018
Episode 77

Manav by accident tells the officials about Varsha’s past mistake and it causes them to relook Satish and Varsha’s application. Manjusha tells Dharmesh everything Vinod was suppose to do she will do it as long as he keeps his end of the deal.

Tuesday 21 August 2018
Episode 78

Archana runs after Varsha and by mistake Varsha pushes Archana making Manav furious. Manohar tells Manav the truth after Manav sees him late at night with a uniform on. Sunanda tells Varsha that before you can disown Archana you will have to disown me first.

Wednesday 22 August 2018
Episode 79

Dharmesh goes to Vaishali to present to her the divorce papers as part of his mind games. Manav goes to his mother so he could acquire the solution to all his problems. Archana doesn’t tell Manav about the terrible pain she has been experiencing.

Thursday 23 August 2018
Episode 80

Manav finds a new supplier, but what he didn’t know was who the owner of the business was. Archana’s pain gets worse and it leads to Manav taking her to the hospital, where he finds out everything. Manohar lies to his family about where he goes late at night.

Friday 24 August 2018
Episode 81

Dharmesh tries to emotionally blackmail Vaishali, luckily Vinod sees this and he takes action. The bank comes to reposes the house and the family is left powerless. Manav takes a huge risk that could possibily ruin his life just so he could help save the house.

Saturday 25 August 2018
Episode 82

Savita goes to Sunanda house to look for Manav. Manav gets a call from an unknown man stating that if he doesn’t pay the man’s money, he should expect the worse. Savita gets a change of heart as she pawns her jewellery to help Manav.

Sunday 26 August 2018
Episode 83

Soon after Savita bails Manav out of jail things slowly start to improve. Its Manav and Archana’s wedding anniversary and Dharmesh has his own hidden agenda to ruin the special day. Thanks to Manav and Archana, Varsha and Satish can now adopt a child.

Monday 27 August 2018
Episode 84

Savita tells Archana that from today onwards she entrusts her to look after Sachin. Shibu puts something illegal in one of Manav’s delivery boxes, as part of his plan to sabotage Manav.

Tuesday 28 August 2018
Episode 85

Archana goes into a critical condition and Manav struggles to arrange all the money for the emergency operation. He even puts his pride in his pocket and goes to Dharmesh for help, but just like everyone else Dharmesh refuses.

Wednesday 29 August 2018
Episode 86

Manav apologises to Archana because he couldn’t save their child. Manav completely changes his perspective on life and he states his only objective in life is to make money.

Thursday 30 August 2018
Episode 87

Satish finds out that all his clients are being snatched away by Dharmesh. Dharmesh tells Vaishali that the divorce papers she signed were fake all along and that she will never be rid of him. Archana finally finds Manav at the temple and he explains everything to her.

Friday 31 August 2018
Episode 88

Manjusha feels insulted after Manav introduces his new boss to Sunanda and Savita and not to her. Archana finally meets the people that saved Manav’s life, but it’s still unclear whether they have ulterior motives or not.

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