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Sunday 1 April 2018
Episode 36

The advocate refuses to continue with the divorce of Manav and Archana after Savita thoroughly insults him. Archana goes for a job interview but little does she know that her soon to be boss is someone she knows really well.

Monday 2 April 2018
Episode 37

Sachin’s scholorship gets accepted and Shalini and he have a moment where young love starts. Savita threatens to leave if Manav doesn’t sign the divorce papers.

Tuesday 3 April 2018
Episode 38

Archana sees Manav get hurt while fixing a car but before she can show affection, her class mate stops her. Manav’s loan application gets accepted but something terrible takes place.

Wednesday 4 April 2018
Episode 39

Savita delivers the divorce papers signed by Manav to Archana’s family. Manav tells Archana to see him at his home and he will reveal why he signed. Savita walks in and sees Archana.

Thursday 5 April 2018
Episode 40

Satish steps in and defends Archana from Savita’s false accusations. Archana pours her heart out to Manav in front of everyone but it ends up worse than expected. Manav warns Varsha about Ashwin.

Friday 6 April 2018
Episode 41

Varsha finds out the truth as she sees Ashwin and his wife together with her own eyes and she also discovers that Rashmi helped Ashwin from the start. Dayaram returns and it appears he is a changed man.

Saturday 7 April 2018
Episode 42

Dayaram goes to Archana’s house in his drunken state trying to change her mind about the divorce. Varsha reprimands Savita in front of everyone at the market.

Sunday 8 April 2018
Episode 43

Manav confesses to Varsha that he still loves Archana with all his heart. Satish tells Archana to go to Manav’s garage opening so that she can represent the company. Manav and Archana perform the fire ritual together.

Monday 9 April 2018
Episode 44

Varsha goes to Satish and tells him that she wants Archana and Manav back together and she will do it no matter what. Bhavna takes a marriage proposal to Sunanda and Manohar.

Tuesday 10 April 2018
Episode 45

Manjusha ambushes Varsha in the kitchen but before she can say anything Varsha tells the family about why she’s back. Dayaram tries to confince Manav to fight for Archana and prove his innocence.

Wednesday 11 April 2018
Episode 46

Archana tells Sachin and Vanita that she will be attending his engagement ceremony. Sunanda tells her family that the bond once shared between Manav’s family and them is now broken for good.

Thursday 12 April 2018
Episode 47

Dayaram takes Manav to Shankar and he strikes a deal with Shankar in order to prove Manav is innocent. Shankar traps Ajit by recording him in secret.

Friday 13 April 2018
Episode 48

The celebrations continue at Archana’s house, meanwhile the cruelty goes on on Manav’s side. Sunanda makes an announcement that Archana and Satish are getting engaged.

Saturday 14 April 2018
Episode 49

Archana reads that Manav and his family are in jail but the real question is who is responsible for it. Archana and Varsha find out who is behind it all. Manav goes to Archana’s house in search of answers.

Sunday 15 April 2018
Episode 50

Manav makes it clear to everyone that he’s cutting all ties with Archana, but Archana doesn’t give up so easily. Sachin comes home and in his drunken state he reveals that because of Archana his visa was cancelled.

Monday 16 April 2018
Episode 51

Archana and Vaishali arrive at the hospital trying to find out what had happened to Sachin, but the painful truth is everyone holds Archana responsible for what happened to Sachin.

Tuesday 17 April 2018
Episode 52

Varsha goes to Manav’s garage with the hope of making Manav forgive Archana by telling him everything. Shalini tells Manav that even though she never married Sachin, he left her with a part of him.

Wednesday 18 April 2018
Episode 53

Varsha tells Satish that the only way to help Archana and Manav reconcile is to put up a false act of them getting engaged. Mr. Girish tells Savita that the only solution to their problem is for Manav to marry Shalini.

Thursday 19 April 2018
Episode 54

Savita pays the family a sudden surprise visit to hand over a gift from Sachin before passing on. Varsha and Satish work together to prevent Archana and Manav’s divorce from being finalised.

Friday 20 April 2018
Episode 55

Vinod gives back the money Rasika was about to give him all because the three sisters worked hard and made sacrifices to help him instead. Manav discovers that the wedding necklace he gave to Archana is now in his possession.

Saturday 21 April 2018
Episode 56

It’s the day of the court hearing, but what Archana says in court leaves everyone speechless. Archana reveals that it has been proven to her that Manav was framed by Ajit after hearing the voice recording of Ajit and Shankar’s conversation.

Sunday 22 April 2018
Episode 57

Archana is faced with a tough decision, whether to leave her parents’ home and go and stay with Manav or not. Manav tells Archana that things have changed and he has decided to marry Shalini.

Monday 23 April 2018
Episode 58

Manav tells Varsha that Archana left their house, he then sets out to search for her. Manjusha tells the family that they have to choose between Archana and her for the right to stay in the house.

Tuesday 24 April 2018
Episode 59

Manjusha moves out of the house and takes Punni with her. Archana tries to convince Manjusha to come back, but instead she overhears the conversation between Rasika and Manjusha. Archana faints in the middle of the road.

Wednesday 25 April 2018
Episode 60

Archana lodges a complaint against Manjusha and this causes Vinod to disown her. Dayaram goes over to Archana’s house to explain everything that happened thus far and why it happened.

Thursday 26 April 2018
Episode 61

Shalini overhears Manav telling Tarun that he will always love Archana with all his heart no matter what. Savita convinces Manav to reassure Mr. Girish as well as Shalini by placing vermillion on her forehead in front of Archana.

Friday 27 April 2018
Episode 62

Archana tells her mother everything and this leads to Sunanda telling Rasika off. While hanging up the washing Archana falls off the second floor. In the end it’s Manav who comes to her rescue.

Saturday 28 April 2018
Episode 63

Archana has a tough time dealing with the pain and this causes Savita to help her. Manav takes Archana to the temple and then the priest tells them they cant enter unless Manav puts vermillion on Archana’s fourhead.

Sunday 29 April 2018
Episode 64

Mr. Girish comes to the house saying he wont be there for two months and he requests that the engagement should happen immediately.

Monday 30 April 2018
Episode 65

It’s Savita and Dayaram’s 30th wedding anniversary and everything goes well, until Dayaram has to take a train to the theatre and the news reports that terrorists have attacked.

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