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Sacred Relationship July Teasers 2021

Abir and Mishti get into a serious discussion about children, while Kunal takes care of Kuhu. Later, Abir is baffled by Meenakshi’s odd behaviour. Below are the Sacred Relationship July 2021 Teasers:

Starlife Sacred Relationship July 2021 Teasers

Thursday 1 July 2021

Episode 292

Mishti and Kuhu get permission from Abir to organise the doll marriage ceremony for Ketki. Later, Abir’s quest for the truth leads him to a shocking fact!

Episode 293

Varun vows to expose the truth while Abir confronts Kuhu about the letters. Later, Varun sneaks into the Raajvansh house at night.

Friday 2 July 2021

Episode 294

While Abir and Parul desperately try to fix a problem, Kunal’s sudden entry leaves the family overwhelmed. Later, Nirmala and Varun lie to Abir.

Episode 295

Varun comes up with a heinous plan to expose Mishti during a family shopping trip. When it goes awry, Abir stumbles upon a shocking truth.

Saturday 3 July 2021

Episode 296

Things get heated between Abir and Varun during a confrontation regarding Karan’s death. Later, Abir ponders over Varun’s ultimatum as the family celebrates.

Episode 297

Mishti discloses the truth about Karan’s death in front of the entire family to save Abir. Later, Nirmala puts forth a grave ultimatum before Meenakshi.

Sunday 4 July 2021

Episode 298

Meenakshi apologises to Mishti and pledges to protect her from going to jail. Later, Meenakshi and Abir find something odd in Karan’s post-mortem report.

Episode 299

Abir confronts Ketki while she makes a shocking revelation about her pregnancy. Later, Mishti puts forth an unexpected condition before Varun.

Monday 5 July 2021

Episode 300

Nirmala agrees to honour Mishti’s condition while the Raajvanshs hatch a plan. During Varun and Ketki’s Haldi ceremony, Kuhu hurls accusations at Mishti.

Episode 301

A frantic Varun searches for his missing phone while Mishti comes up with an elaborate plan to expose him. Later, she relives the tragic night at the crime scene.

Tuesday 6 July 2021

Episode 302

Abir steps in when a furious Varun assaults Mishti with a deadly intent! Later, the family returns home to celebrate their victory in high spirits.

Episode 303

Kunal gives Kuhu a surprise gift while Abir and Mishti dance together in their room. Later, Mishti notices an odd stain on the festival decorations.

Wednesday 7 July 2021

Episode 304

Abir and Mishti perform a special skit in front of the family. Kuhu is livid when she notices a strange detail on her magazine cover.

Episode 305

Abir and Kunal try to pacify Mishti and Kuhu after their fight. While Meenakshi is upset about the fiasco, Mishti and Kuhu’s fight takes a turn for the worse.

Thursday 8 July 2021

Episode 306

Abir and Kunal decide to leave the house in order to teach Kuhu and Mishti a lesson. However, Meenakshi loses her cool when she learns the truth.

Episode 307

A furious Meenakshi confronts Mishti and Kuhu as they sneak into the house. Later, a dejected Mishti breaks down, looking at Abir’s pictures.

Friday 9 July 2021

Episode 308

Kuhu and Mishti patch things up to get Abir and Kunal to return home. However, Abir suspects that this is too good to be true.

Episode 309

In a fit of rage, Meenakshi forbids Mishti and Kuhu from returning home without Abir and Kunal. Later that night, Mishti tries to sneak into the Maheshwari house.

Saturday 10 July 2021

Episode 310

A panicked Mishti calls Abir for help when Kuhu meets with a grave accident. However, Abir refuses to believe her. What will she do now?

Episode 311

Abir and Mishti get into a serious discussion about children, while Kunal takes care of Kuhu. Later, Abir is baffled by Meenakshi’s odd behaviour.

Sunday 11 July 2021

Episode 312

Abir and Mishti spend some romantic time while the families celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. Later, Jasmeet tries to instigate Kuhu against Mishti.

Episode 313

Abir and Mishti declare that they are ready to have a baby, much to the family’s excitement! However, Abir learns a shocking fact at the doctor’s office.

Monday 12 July 2021

Episode 314

Kunal gets annoyed by Kuhu’s competitiveness and berates her. Meanwhile, a distraught Mishti collapses after learning the truth about the doctor’s report.

Episode 315

Abir and the rest of the family desperately try to console Mishti as she locks herself in the room. However, Meenakshi creates a scene at the Maheshwaris.

Tuesday 13 July 2021

Episode 316

A furious Vishambar takes a stand for Mishti against Meenakshi and things get heated. Later, Abir is stunned to learn about Meenakshi’s proclamation.

Episode 317

Abir chooses to move out of his house when Vishambar commands Mishti to leave the Raajvansh household. Meanwhile, Kunal learns a shocking truth from the past.

Wednesday 14 July 2021

Episode 318

Mishti is left shocked to her core when Meenakshi tries to commit suicide. Later, Meenakshi puts forth an unthinkable request. What will Mishti do?

Episode 319

Confused about life, Abir meets Rajshri and has a profound conversation. While Kunal brushes off Kuhu’s idea, Mishti’s behaviour causes concern.

Thursday 15 July 2021

Episode 320

Abir panics when he learns of Mishti’s disappearance. As he confronts Meenakshi about it, a furious Vishambhar lands up at the Raajvansh house.

Episode 321

Abir relentlessly searches for Mishti with Kunal’s help. Later, Meenakshi’s harsh proclamation stuns everyone into silence.

Friday 16 July 2021

Episode 322

As Meenakshi’s harsh words offend Abir, he decides to leave the house with Mishti. Later, Kunal plans to bridge the gap between Meenakshi and Abir.

Episode 323

Meenakshi takes a drastic step after Abir decides to adopt a child. Later, Kunal tries to convince Abir to rethink about surrogacy.

More Teasers to be Available Soon.