Ring of Fire Zee World Full story Plot Summary, casts, teasers


Ring of Fire Zee World Full story Plot Summary, casts, teasers

Anurag, the most eligible bachelor in town is caught in the crossfire of two marriage proposal: the daring Ragini and the virtuous Shriti, Who will end up as his bride? Ring Of Fire Zee World premieres Friday 31 January and replaces Married Again 2.

Full story/Plot on Ring of Fire Zee World

Anurag Singh is an MBA graduate who has returned to his native town in Bihar after completing his studies from London. Anurag’s family arranges his wedding to law student Srishti who is a soft-spoken traditional girl. Loud-mouthed and bold, Ragini Singh has grown up spoilt and takes a liking to Anurag. On Anurag and Srishti’s wedding day, Ragini’s father forces Anurag to marry Ragini to fulfil her wishes. To save her and Anurag’s family from humiliation, Srishti marries Anurag’s younger brother Vishu who is mentally challenged.

Anurag’s mother, Revati, disapproves of Ragini’s goonish behavior and plans to separate Ragini and Anurag. Meanwhile, Vishu and Srishti strike a friendship.

A hitman tries to kill Srishti on several occasions. On their honeymoon, Vishu confronts the killer and dies after falling off a cliff. His body is never recovered. Ragini finally leaves for her father’s home, dejected by her loveless marriage with Anurag.

Vikraal, Ragini’s father, decides to get Ragini married to someone else, but a changed Anurag decides to win her over. They unite and Ragini becomes pregnant. Tensions rise between the couple when Ragini joins her father’s political work. When she has a fall and doesn’t get miscarriage the couple reconcile and decide to understand each other better and start afresh.

Baiju (Ayaz Ahmed), a goon, whom Srishti had slapped for his misbehaviour, starts chasing her and creates circumstances in which she is forced to marry him. He tortures her and sells her to a brothel till his mother tells him about Srishti saving her life. Baiju has a change of heart and develops feelings for Srishti who also gradually comes to see him as a friend.

Srishti then meets Vishu’s lookalike, DJ Shanky, who she discovers is in fact Vishu who has lost his memory. She brings him back to the Singh family where Revati wants Vishu and Srishti to reunite. Revati tries to emotionally manipulate a jealous Baiju into letting Srishti go but Srishti figures out the truth and declares her love for Baiju upsetting Vishu.

After a series of events, Baiju is implicated in a drugs case and Ragini leaves to try and prove his innocence. However, Baiju is killed and Ragini is sent to prison for his murder. The Singh family don’t believe her and when she delivers a daughter in jail, she asks the jailor to tell her daughter that her mother was innocent and to tell the Singhs that the baby was born dead. Ragini writes a letter to Srishti explaining her innocence and Baiju’s death and an angered Srishti confronts the real murderer, Vishu and kills him. She dies delivering her daughter who is taken to the Singh family.

20 Years later

The show follows the stories of Agni, Ragini and Anurag’s daughter and Sakshi, Srishti and Baiju’s daughter. While Sakshi grows up in the loving Singh family and becomes a doctor, Agni has been brought up in a foster home and becomes a police inspector.

Later they found out that sakshi is not a Doctor after all. Agni falls in love with kishan and to take revenge from agni, sakshi marries kishan . Later fall in love with him. Sakshi changes towards her sister agni and became friends. Agni and kishan were going to get married when agni found out that her sister sakshi actually falls in love with kishan and agni marries sameer brother of kishan and lives in the same house to let sakshi lives with kishan.

Ring of Fire February Teasers 2020

Brief Information and Details on Ring of Fire Zee World

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 31st January 2020
  • Total number of episodes: 482
  • Total numbers of Season: 2
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name: Agniphera
  • Tele Country: Indian

Spoiler ahead:

Still to come one RING OF FIRE. We all know Anurag is still not happy with his marriage to Ragini and her lifestyle so to make Ragini understand his lifestyle and make her realize she doesn’t match his status, Anurag decide take Ragini to Patna to attend a party.

Anurag will gift Ragini western outfit to attend a corporate party with him, just to make her understand she is not fit for him.
However, amidst the party Anurag’s friends will touch Ragini inappropriately and misbehave with her which will irk Ragini and an angry Ragini will slap one of Anurag’s friends and this will leave everyone shocked.

However, Anurag will think Ragini is showing her rowdy side to everyone so he will get angry at her and they both will have a huge fight.

Will Ragini be able to explain the situation that made her slap Anurag’s friend?

Will Anurag believe her?

Stay tune as the series is getting more intense and interesting.

Ring of Fire Main Cast, Real Name and Picture

  • Yukti Kapoor as Ragini
    Yukti Kapoor Real name Ragini Actor cast on Ring of Fire Zee world

    Yukti Kapoor as Ragini

    • Yukti Kapoor as Sub Inspector Agni Singh, Ragini and Anurag’s daughter
  • Simraan Kaur as Srishti
    Simraan Kaur Real name Srishti Actor cast on Ring of Fire Zee world

    Simraan Kaur as Srishti

    • Simraan Kaur as Dr. Sakshi, Srishti and Baiju’s daughter
  • Ankit Gera as Anurag Vidvaan Singh, Ragini’s husband

    Ankit Gera as Anurag Actor cast on Ring of Fire Zee world

    Ankit Gera as Anurag

  • Mohak Khurana as Vishesh “Vishu” Vidvaan Singh/DJ Shanky, Anurag’s brother and Srishti’s first husband
    Mohak Khurana real name Vishesh Actor cast on Ring of Fire Zee world

    Mohak Khurana as Vishesh


  • Ayaz Ahmed as Baiju Kanpuria, Srishti’s second husband
    Ayaz Ahmed real name Baiju Actor cast on Ring of Fire Zee world

    Ayaz Ahmed as Baiju Kanpuria,


  • Karan Goddwani as Kishan Thakur, Sakshi’s love interest
    Karan Goddwani Real name Kishan Actor cast on Ring of Fire Zee world

    Karan Goddwani as Kishan Thakur


  • Samridh Bawa as Advocate Sameer Thakur, Agni’s love interest
  • Divay Dhamja/Mohak Khurana as Shekhar Sharma
  • Amita Choksi as Revati, Anurag and Vishu’s mother
  • Sunil Singh as Vidvaan Singh, Anurag and Vishu’s father
  • Shalu Shreya as Divya Vidvaan Singh 
  • Ibrar Yakub as Brijbhan Singh
  • Shakti Singh as Purushottam Singh
  • Aamir Salim Khan as Parag
  • Prakash Pandit as Narad
  • Anuradha Singh as Dulaari, the Singh family’s maid
  • Amit Koushik as Vikraal Singh, Ragini’s father and a powerful local politician
  • Deepali Kamath as Mrs. Purushottam Singh
  • Ankit Bhetiwal as Mac
  • Rutpanna Aishwarya
  • Rehaan Roy as Abhimanyu
  • Jyotsna Chandola as Rajjo

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Catch the exciting new series Ring Of Fire Zee World premieres Friday 31 January on ZeeWorld DStv ch166 and GOtv ch25