Ring of Fire Wednesday Update 26 February 2020


Ring of Fire Wednesday Update 26 February 2020

Shristi takes her mother to her room and reminisces her mother forcing her to marry and accept life as it comes. She says some relationships are better forgotton, she cannot forgo her mother, so mother did her kanyadaan and should forgo her.

Surekha hugs her and says a mother sacrifices her happiness for children, how will she sacrifice her child. She knows she is going trough tough times and will pass in both personal and professional exams. Vidhvan enters and apologizes Surekha on Revati’s behalf. Surekha says Purshotam trusts him a lot and says he will take care of Shristi, if he will. He says and walks away.

Revati fumes in front of Brij that Shristi’s is so arrogant and was boasting about her daughter and degraded Vishu. Brij says he saw everything, nothing to worry, once they get Shristi’s admission card, Shristi cannot write exams and her mother’s arrogance will be destroyed. Revati gets happy.

Shristi studie for her exam. Vishu wakes up and asks her to sleep, why she is tensed. Shristi says she is anxious as it is her first exam tomorrow. Vishu says god will help her, he prayed god to help sristi and give questions which she knows answers of.

Ragini keeps kheer in front of Anurag. Anurag busy on laptop thinks why she is staring him, what is going in her mind. She thinks he should eat kheer. She stands near him, then coughs. He thinks he is not deaf. She drinks water and praises kheer. He thinks why she is praising kheer, if she mixed something, he cannot trust her. She thinks she has to feed him kheer and not trust. She switches on her favorite song Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam…and says it is a very beautiful song. He walks towards her. She closes eyes in excitement. She switches off music.


Ragini eagerly waits for Anurag to eat kheer. Anurag thinks why she is acting so restless, if she is up to something. Ragini sprays perfume and thinks it will work. She continues and Anurag continues on his laptop. She gets tired and falls asleep on sofa. She dreams about Anurag coming near her and saying he knows she did not eat anything. He feeds her kheer. She also feeds him. He asks her to be wise and prove herself in 14 days. A mosquito pesters her and she wakes up from sleep and fumes that even mosquito does not want to dream her about her mister. Drama continues. Ragini finally tells Anurag that she has kept kheer for him. He says he will not have anything and will work till morning. She feeds him kheer and asks if he liked it. He says yes and thinks if he does not eat kheer, she will
do something. She feeds whole kheer and asks if he liked her cake. He says yes and asks her to get property papers from papa in the morning as he needs to give them for surety. She asks if he will take her to Patna tomorrow. He nods yes and thinks he will trouble her so much that she will realize she is imperfect. Ragini sets alarm and sleeps happily.

In the morning, Ragini wakes up hearing bike sound and gets tensed that Anurag left. She sees him sound asleep and goes down. Revati asks Dulari to go and get Shrsti’s hall ticket and not make any blunder. Dulari walks to Vishu’s room. Ragini asks Revati if sasurji/Vidhvan left home. She says yes. Ragini says Anurag asked to get property papers from him, but he left before she could ask. She asks if she knows where papers are. Anurag comes down and yells she cannot do anything properly and continues.

Dulari on the other side searches Shristi’s hall ticket. Vishu gets up and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to wake him up. He says he sleep in tent and not in cupboard. Drama continues. She says Chutki is calling him. He goes out and comes with Chutki. Chutki asks when did she tell she called him. Shristi comes out of bathroom. Vishu says she got ready so soon. Shristi gets her hall ticket out. Dulari watches that. They all rush down hearing Anurag shouting at Ragini. Dulari silently picks hall ticket and thinks where to hide it. Vishu comes and she drops it on floor and hides it behind her. Vishu says she woke him up so early, he is going to sleep. She says okay. Ragini comes and searches her hall ticket. Dulari stands nervously. Shristi finds it on floor and picks it. Dulari walks down sadly. Revati scolds her.

Anurag calls Vidhvan and asks where are property papers. He then tells Revati it is in her cupboard and to get them. Ragini confronts that she wanted to get papers at night, but he stopped her, what is her mistake if sasurji went out early, mistakes happen, even he does mistake. She walks to her room and spoils Anurag’s pic thinking he looks bad in anger. Anurag comes in and looking at pic thinks she spoilt his pic, now he will spoil her Patna trip and trouble her so much.

Revati continues fuming. Brij enters and says not to worry, Vidhvan asked him to drop Shristi to exam hall. He has arranged people who will spoil Ragini’s exam. Revvati gets happy.

Ragini wears her goggles and jacket and looking into mirror thinks she is looking pretty now. She asks Anurag how is she looking. He walks away ignoring her. She thinks he is London return and does not know Desi style.

Shristi gets ready for exams. Vishu says even he will come with her. Brij says why will he come, Vidhvan asked to stay till Shristi finishes exam, it will take a lot of time. Shristi touches Revati’s feet to take blessings, but Revati does not bless her. She then takes Brij’s blessings. Chutki bahu feeds her sweet curd. Ragini with Anurag comes down with bags. Revati praises Ragini that she is looking very pretty. Vishu also praises her. Anurag wishes best of luck to Shristi. She says thank you. Ragini fumes. Anurag asks Brij to book a taxi as his taxi did not come.
Brij says he can come along till Hari nagar and then he will get lots of taxis for Patna. Revati asks Ragini to enjoy her trip. Brij drops them till Harinagar. Anurag wishes her all her best again. Ragini fumes. Brij leaves with Shristi.

Anurag does not find taxi and asks a passer by. Man says it is very early for taxis, so he can have tea and snacks till then. Ragini says it is very hot here. Anurag yells why did she wear leather jacket. Ragini thinks he does not know local style and people call pappu if someone wears his style. Anurag continues yelling in mind and walks leaving Ragini to pull heavy bag.

Brij drops Shristi to exam hall. She touches his feet and walks in. Her old friend Shekhar meets her and says he is exam controller here. She says she came to give exam in room #102. They both walk chatting. Brij notices them and asks peon who is room #102’s in-charge. Peon says Pandey. Shekhar walks saying same. Purshotam peeping from a room and thinks he came to bless his daughter. He sees her with Shekhar and relaxes that Shekhar will help her. Brij bribes Pandey and asks to not let Shristi not write her exam.

Anurag takes Ragini to a hotel and purposefully gets busy leaving Ragini into reception. Receptionist asks her what time she will check out. She says time in confusion. He tells in hindi when she will leave room. She says 10 a.m. and scolds why could not he speak English. He asks ID proof. She says she is giving money, why he needs ID card Anurag gives his ID and scolds Ragini not to show his dumbness here. Receptionist smirks. Ragini fumes if her mister was not present, she would have broken receptionist’s face.

Pandey reminisces Brij’s words and thinks how to stop Ragini from writing exam. He drops chit and alleges Shristi for copying. Shristi in her usual Nobita accent says it is not her chit and she is innocent. Shekhar enters and Pandey says Shristi was copying and they should not let her write exam. Shekhar asks if he saw her with chit, checks handwriting and scolds why didn’t he check handwriting before alleging her, warns he will suspend him, orders to give some extra time for wasting Shristi’s time. Shristi thanks him in Nobita’s voice.


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