Ring of Fire Wednesday Update 18 March 2020


Ring of Fire Wednesday Update 18 March 2020

Shristi reminisces Vishu crying and cannot concentrate work, so she decides to return back home. She turns and sees Purshotam and Sumer. Purshotam scolds her she is doing really wrong by sending divorce notice to Vishu and says marriage is life and she should not do anything that will insult her sasural and maika. Shekhar enters and says he is coming from Vidhvan’s family and they are fixing Vishu’s remarriage with a huge dowry, they are happy about this divorce. Purshotam says how can this be, he just spoke to Vidhvan. Shekhar says he saw it from his eyes. Purshotam gets a panic attack. Sumer holds him and asks to relax. Shekar says he will handle this issue.

Revati goes to Ragini and says she disappointed her, why did she take Vishu to meet Shristi. Ragini says she cannot see Vishu in pain Revati says she is from rich family, so she wants good for everyone, but she is Vishu’s mother and knows what is good for her, Ragini should concentrate on her relationship with Anurag. Ragini fumes. She hears Vishu telling he does not want to eat. Anurag enters and angrily pins her to wall and asks what she wants to prove, she cannot take his revenge from Vishu. Ragini says she is helping Vishu. Anurag says Vishu is his brother and he knows what to do, she should stop misusing situation. Ragini pushes him and warns him that she uses situation in her favor and not helplessness.

Ragini tells Anurag whatever he tries, she will help Vishu reunite with Shristi. Anruag shouts Vishu is his brother and he knows what to do, she should stay away from his family issues. Ragini determines to reunite Vishu with Shiristi.

Revathi and Brij carry divorce papers between land papers to take Vishu’s signatures. Revathi praises Brij’s intelligence. Brij says he is her disciple and follows her. Dulari clashes with them and papers fall down. Revathi scolds her and they all pick papers. One important paper goes missing. Vidhvan passes by and picks papers. Revathi gets tensed and prays god to make him dumb today. Vidhvan asks what papers are these. Brij says their land papers, he was filing them. Vidhvan gives papers and warns Revathi not to create any problem in his absence
and leaves. Revathi and Brij relax. They take papers to Vishu and say that Shristi is handling their land cases, so if they transfer a property in his name, he can meet Shristi often and convince her. Vishu happily signs papers. Ragini gets suspicious and spies on them. Revathi then calls Shekhar that she took Vishu’s signatures on divorce papers, he can come and take them soon. Ragini thinks Shekhar is using both Shriti and Revati, she has to closely watch is moves and punish him. She calls Narad and asks to spy Shekhar closely.

Narad follows Shekhar. He calls Ragini and asks her to come to temple right now. Ragini reaches temple and sees Shekhar speaking to lady sarpanch and telling he got her out of jail so that she can help him in his goal, she brought a good alliance for Vishu. She says her motto is to to take revenge from Vidhvan’s family. Ragini reminisces getting sarpanch caught to police earlier. Shristi calls Shekhar and asks where is he. He says working on some case and leaves asking sarpanch to wait for his call. Ragini also returns home.

Chauhan sends shagun gifts for Vishu and fixes engagement. Revati gets happy seeing so many jewelry and other gifts. Ragini notices that and thinks she will not let her break Vishu’s heart. Revathi tells Brij that they took Vishu’s signatures on divorce papers, Ragini is trying to create problem, but she knows how to handle her.

Ragini calls Narad and asks him to find out what Shekhar is up to. She goes to Vishu’s room and asks what is he doing. He says trying build something. She praises that he can create palace from khandar. He insists to call Shristi. Ragini picks her mobile. Revathi comes and asks what is happening between devar and bhabhi. Ragini says Vishu cleaned his room and brought her here to show it. Revati says it is good and asks Vishu why did not he call her or Divya to clean room. Ragini relaxes that Revati came on time, else Vishu would have forced her to call Shristi.

Shekhar tells Shristi that after she joined him, he won 2 cases. He says Revati is getting Vishu remarried and she got Vishu’s signatures on divorce papers, soon Shristi can start a new life. Shristi says she is happy that Vishu is starting a new life.

Ragini tries warn Anurag against Shekhar. He yells at her that Shekhar is Shristi’s friend, so she is trying to harm him, she should stay away from this. He continues yelling at her.

Shristi looks at Vishu’s pic and reminisces his love for her and time spent with him. Bolnamahi bolna…song..plays in the background. She cries. Payal comes and asks why she is crying. Shristi says Vishu signed divorce papers. Payal asks even if she wanted same. Shristi says however unmatched her marriage was and rift between her in-laws, Vishu always supported him. She wishes good luck for Vishu’s future. Payal hugs her and says everything will be alright.

Next morning, Revathi and Brij get tensed seeing Vidhvan reading newspaper in lawn and pray god to send him out somehow. Shristi calls Vidhvan and asks him to meet her in court. He informs Revathi and says he will be late. Revathi nods okay and thanks god. She tells Brij let us convince Vishu for engagement now.

Narad calls
Ragini and says he inquired about Shekhar and came to know that Shekhar got mukhiyayan’s bail and mukhiyayan arranged Chauhan’s daughter’s alliance, daughter is mad and very aggressive, mukhiyayan wants to take revenge from Revathi. Ragini thinks she will not let mukhiyayan ruin Vishu’s life and runs to Revathi to warn her against Chauhan’s daughter. Revathi yells she know what she is doing and not to interfere. Ragini thinks only kanoon ki devi can help now and calls Shristi, but Shristi thinks she wants her to meet Vishu again, so disconnects call. Ragini then calls Vidhvan, but he does not pick call. Divya says papa must be driving. Ragini thinks to explain Vishu and rushes towards his room.

Revathi with Brij goes to Vishu’s room and brainwashes him that got mangal dosh, so Shristi left him, and if he gets engaged again, his mangal dosh will vanish. Vishu says let me call Shristi then, without her, how will he get engaged. Revathi says she has found another girl for engagement. Vishu asks if Shristi will return after that. Revathi nervously says yes. Vishu jokes to get Dulari married to a dog to ward off her mangal dosh. Dulari yells she is fine.

Shekhar tells Shristi that he is going near Vishu’s house to meet client and will collect divorce papers. He says Vidhvan must be coming and she should attend him well. Vidhvan comes and he leaves.

Revati eagerly waits for Chauhan’s family. Chauhan’s wife and daughter come for engagement. Drama starts. Daughter picks lots of laddoos and stuffs them in mouth. Mother scold her and asks to wait till her engagement finishes.

Vidhvan thanks Shristi for reopening his land cases. He sees Ragini’s missed calls and says he needs to call. She says his work is done here and she will contact him regarding court hearing date. Ragini enters and asks them why they are not picking her calls, Revvati is getting Vishu’s second engagement. Shristi says she is happy for Vishu. Ragini says Vishu can be hapy only with her.

Vishu shouts that he does not want to marry and tells Revathi that she lied him and is very bad, he will not obey her. He sends pandit and Chauhan’s family away and says Revathi is her mother and is very dirty, he will not trust her from hereon. Whole family angrily looks at Revathi.

Shristi in Shekhar’s office fumes thinking how can Vishu’s family get him remarried forcefully. Shekhar comes. She scolds him why did not he stop Vishu’s family. Shekharsay when he went there, they had already started drama and he could not stop them. He then tells that she has moved on, so she should not bother about Vishu.

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