Ring of Fire Wednesday Update 12 February 2020


Ring of Fire Wednesday Update 12 February 2020

Ragini and Shristi serve their dishes after performing kitchen ritual. Family eats Ragini’s prepared pakodas and make weird mouths. Shristi then serves her sweet dishes. Brijbhan comments it is tasting so good after tastying bitter pakodas. Vishu insists to eat pakodas and Revati stops him. Daadi pronounces Shriti as winner and gives her gift. Shristi says if it is a gift, she will keep it.

Revati comments she is acting as if her father is a billionaire. Ragini gets jealous and says they all insulted her today and asks to compete which she does not know at all, she cannot cook and Shristi can cook, let Shristi compete in target practice and win, she does not like losing. Vishu tastes pakodas and says it is very bitter. Ragini fumes and leaves to her room. Shristi comments and Dulari scolds her.

Shristi confronts and Dulari counter-comments. Vishu says he will apologize Ragini and goes to her room. Ragini is seen fuming and commenting. He apologizes her and says he should not have commented. She says everyone apologize her due to fear, but he is the first person who apologized her with heart.

Vishu leaves. Anurag enters and sees her injured hand and gives ointment to her saying it will heal her wound. Their eyes lock. She hopes he applies it, says he did not eat anything, he should have eaten and praised her. He says he does not like lying and likes being straight forward. Ragini says she is same. Their conversation continues when Dulari enters and says she brought food for Ragini. Anurag leaves. Dulari if she was talking personally. Ragini says yes and says she is not hungry now.

Vishu goes to his room and tells Shristi that he apologized bhabi. Shristi asks him to sleep in his tent now and writes her thoughts in her laptop.

In the morning, Ragini rushes down seeing Daadi with pooja thali and thinking she should get prasad first. Shristi walks from other side. Ragini runs and touches daadi’s feet. Daadi gives her prasad first and then to Shristi. Divya takes prasad next. Dulari says Chutki has prepared breakfast. Ragini sits for breakfast. Dulari asks if she will not call Anurag. Ragini says she likes having food in room and will take food to her mister to her room. Shristi eats food. Dulari comments her husband is still sleeping and she is eating before him. Shristi says she is hungry. Daadi gives prasad and asks her to give it to Vishu as he eats her prasad first after waking up. Revati informs that village women are coming for bahus’ muh dikhayi.

Ragini goes to her room and searches Anurag. Anurag comes out wearing towel after a bath. Ragini stands shocked. Anurag turns in a shy.

Ragini enters room and sees Anurag coming out of bathroom wearing towel. She gets shy and turns. Anurag also turns back. She thinks she entered right time. He wears shirt and says he did not see her. She says even she did not see him and says she brought breakfast for him. He says he prepares breakfast himself as in London, he cannot afford maids. She says he would have taken 2-4 maids from here. He asks if she prepared breakfast. She says Chutki kaaki prepared it and fills water glass for him.

Vishu gets up and Shristi asks him to have breakfast. She says he will get prasad first. She says daadi already gave it. She gets busy in her work when Vishu starts playing after breakfast. She asks him to play silently.

Village women come for Ragini and Shristi’s muh dikhayi. Revati greets
them. They taunt she did not get new furniture from bahus. Revati says lots of furniture is still coming and she will keep it at once. She asks Dulari to call bahu’s for muh dikhayi.

Dulari calls Ragini to come down for muh dikhayi and get ready well so that women get mesmerized with her beauty, already they are praising her furniture. She gets ready. Revati goes to Shristi’s room and says she was boasting that she married for her father’s self-respect, she should come down for muh dikhayi for this house’s respect and increase Vidhvan’s respect. Shristi ignores her. Chutki kaaki then walks in. Shristi says she does not want to follow any rituals forcefully. Chutki gives her moral gyaan and takes her down.

Vidhvan’s sister insists her husband Harihar Singh that she wants to see badki bahu Ragini. He says he will take her to her brother Vidhvan’s house. She nods no. He says then he will take her to Vikral’s house. He gets call from his aide that Vikral won contract and asks aide to find some other way. On the other side, Parag asks Narad if he found out how Harihar Singh is related to Shristi. Narad says he could not findout. Vikral comes and says Harihar Singh is Anurag’s uncle and is even their relative now, he wants to send gift to him and will tell what it is later.

Ragini and Shristi sit for muh dikhayi. Sarpnach’s wife comments that Vishu got a beautiful wife and is lucky, she thought nobody would marry him. She gives money and Shristi says she needs just blessings. Dulari thinks she is acting as if she is filthy rich. They then see Ragini and comment. Ragini says she has lots of money and just needs blessings. Women yells. Anurag passes by and woman comments that he got a beautiful wife and she heard Vishu’s wife is well educated like him.

Their commenting continues. Revati asks Dulari to take both bahus to their rooms. Woman comments Vikral gave his daughter money but not sanskars. Ragini stops fuming. Revati confronts her but woman continues yelling everyone know that her family is broke and nobody respects them, so they lost sarpanch designation. Shristi confronts her and says she does not have right to insult anyone coming to their home and continues. Woman leaves with her team.

Village women come for Ragini and Shristi’s muh dikhayi. Lady sarpanch starts commenting and insulting Ragini. Revati confronts sarpanch, but she continues yelling. Shristi confronts her next and sarpanch yells at even her. Rangini scolds saparanch and warns her to be in her limits, else she will be in trouble.

Brijbhan enters and hearing about the issue warns sarpanch to be in her limits, she won with trick, his father was sarpanch for 20 years. Sarpanch continues. Ragini asks where is her gun. Other women tell they heard about Ragini’s daring attitude and take Sarpanch from there. Anurag watches everything.

Ragini goes to her room. Anurag scolds her why she insulted village women. Ragini says they insulted sasu maa and then her father, so she could not be silent. He says she knows
only to fight. She says she knows even to romance, but he is unromantic. If he orders, she will obey only him, but he has to be romantic with her.

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