Ring of Fire Update Thursday 26 November 2020


Ring of Fire Update Thursday 26 November 2020

Ring of Fire Update Thursday 26 November 2020: Vidhvan tells his mother that Purshotam’s son Sumer is coming with Shagun today. His wife hears that and gets tensed that Vikral’s son Parag is also coming. Anurag arm wrestles with his brother Vishu and sister cheers them up. Vishu says only he will win. Aunt comes and Anurag signals her. She pushes Vishu’s hand and he wins and cheers that aunt on his side, he always wins. She even if she is not with him, he will win always.

Shristi goes to market with Purshotam to get shagun sweets and buys maa Saraswaati idol. She asks Purshotom to send less sweet, but this idol for sure. He says he will send more sweets and this idol. They both reach home and Purshotam asks his wife to pack idol carefully as Shristi wants to send it with shagun sweets. Mother looks sad.

Vidhvan’s wife informs Vikranth that Parag is coming with shagun and even Purshotam is coming, so they have to stop them from colliding. He asks her not to worry.

Ragini watches WWF match on her TV excitedly. Parag enters and says he is going to Anurag’s house with shagun. She says she is happy as she wanted a life partner like Anurag. Parag says he knows, but he is not happy. She asks why. He says she will leave this house forever and he will get alone. She says Anurag will become ghar jamai instead. They walk out. Vidhvan asks his wife to pack silver Laxmi maa idol as he promised Anurag’s family that his daughter is a laxmi for him and is reason behind his wealth and fame. He asks Parag to leave soon and don’t delay in presenting shagun.

Sume reaches Anurag’s house with shagun and praises Anurag made their Zilla proud. Vidhvan’s wife tells that they will inform him about the alliance later as she did not even spoke to Anurag yet. Sumer says it is green signal from their side and will wait for their opinion. Daadi asks to bring snacks for Sume. Vidhvan’s wife thinks she has to feed these poor people now. Sumer says he will wait for their yes and leaves. Vishu gets excited seeing sweets and says he wants to distribute it in whole village and needs Anurag and babuji’s help. Anurag and Vidvhan accompany him and distribute sweets among villagers. Parag reaches next. Vikram greets him. Parag asks how does he know his name. Vikram says he is from very famous family and greets him in. He introduces Vidvhan’s wife to him. Parag greets her and gives silver Laxmi idol as shagun and rest of sweets. They start conversing. Anurag’s sister gets snacks for him. He gets mesmerized seeing her beauty and says he felt good meeting them. He asks when will Anurag come and seeing his pic says he looks very handsome and clicks pic in his mobile. Vidhvan returns and is shocked seeing a big car with armed guards. He sees Parag and asks who is he. Vikram says he is Vidhvan’s soon Parag.

Vidhvan returns home and seeing armed guards and a big SUV with Parag and asks who is he. His wife Revati and Vikranth get tensed and say he is Vikral Singh’s son. He walks in angrily. Parag leaves. Vidvhan fumes seeing shagun and asks what is all this. Revati says they brought it themselves, so she could not resist. Vidhvan continues fuming. Vikranth tries to speak, but Vidhvan scolds him and throws shagun outside. Anurag comes and asks what is happening, who threw things out. Revati says who else than his babuji. Ragini is busy with her puppets goons and manager talking about a loan defaulter when Parag sends him Anurag’s pic. She reminisces meeting him before and thinks if she had known before, she would not have misbehaved with him. She asks her manger what London return people like. He says they go to Banaras. She says she cannot become Banaras for Anurag, stops school girls and asks what foreigners like. They say their teacher tells they like Indian culture, indian clothes, bindis, bangles, etc. Ragini gets happy hearing that.

Shristi takes a widow to Purshotam’s office and tells woman’s husband did some time ago and her in-laws threw her out, so she wants to fight case against them but does not have money, so she brought her here saying her papa will fight case. Purshotam says why not and asks to send a copy of case details. Shristi says she has in her mobile and looking at Anurag’s photo smiles. Purshotam asks what happened. She says nothing and sends Anurag’s photo instead. He says she sent Anurag’s photo. She gets shy.

Vikranth fumes in his room and his wife asks to calm down. He says they were landlords of this area, but lost everything. Revati comes and tells Vidhvan is going to lawyer’s house for engagement. He asks if she did not plan anything. She says she will go and trouble lawyer and his daughter so mucht that they will cancel engagement.

Vidvhan gets disheartened in front of his mother. His mother says Revati does not think about future, so h should speak to Anrag. He goes to Anurag’s room and expresses his concern.. Anurag says he will go back to London and work. Revati enters and says she is ready for Anurag and lawyer’s daughter’s engagement. Vidhvan happily hugs Anurag. Next day, Anurag gets ready for engagement and gets Vishu ready. Vishu says if they see him, they will thin it is his engagement. Anurag smiles. Shristi and Purshotam clean house. Mother asks Shristi to stop and take rest. Shristi slips and falls. Purshotam gets concerned and asks if she is fine. Mother says Shristi needs mental treatment as she is in love now and laughs. Purshotam gets emotional that daughters have to leave house so soon. Shristi cheers him up saying she will call him so often that he will get bored. Ragini tries to wear sari unsuccessfully. Her mother enters and helps her. Mother says she is looking very beautiful. Ragini says she wants to date herself and laughs. She gets Narad’s call that he found some defaulter and leaves home. Narad and other puppets see her and says she is looking very beautiful. They all get into jeep and follow defaulter. Jeep gets punctured and defaulter escapes. She slaps driver and scolds him.

At Anurag’s house, family gets ready for Anurag and Shristi’s engagement. Daadi prays in temple. Vishu joins her. He prays god and gets temped seeing ladoo. He picks it and lamp falls down and curtain catches fire. He shouts in fear. His rushes to him and calls whole family. Family takes him to his room and gets worried. Daadi says Vishu is fine now and they should head for engagement. Vidhvan calls Purshotam and says they cannot come today as his son Vishu is not feeling well. Purshotam sasy he made arrangements, what happened there. Vidhvan says temple curtain caught fire and Vishu got afraid, he is afraid of fire. Revati takes phone and says they are coming.

Ragini returns home and sees PWD engineer discussing about tender with Vikral. He gets tensed seeing Ragini and says he brought all tender files so that she can file lowest bid. Parag says why should they file lowest bid. Ragini explains reason and Vikral scolds Parag not to use his small brain. Ragini asks engineer to leave all the files and pick time tomorrow. He says he cannot do that. She scolds and sends him.

Vikranth asks Revati why did she agree for engagement today. She says if she had postponed it later, this problem would have continued creeping, sos he thought of finishing it at once with her intelligence. Narad reaches there with gift for Anurag. Vikranth and Revati get tensed and ask what is it. Narad says Ragini’s painting for Anurag and Ragini ordered to fix it in Anurag’s room. They both take it and say they will and send Narad back. Vikrant carries painting hurriedly to hide it and get tensed seeing Vidhvan coming. Vidhvan takes an turn and does not notice him. He relaxes. They all leave for engagement next.

Ragini meets Narad again and ask if he meet Anurag and gave panting. Narad says he could not meet Anurag as he was not at home. She asks how was the house, etc., says looks like she will meet Aurag soon. Anurg passes by on his bike. She thinks she is seeing him everywhere.

Vidhvan with family reaches Purshotam’s house for engagement. Shristi comes with tea and snacks. Anurag gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Purshotam says let Anurag and Shristi speak to each other. Revati says they should perform engagement first. Shristi sits for engagement. Revati taunts Shristi’s mother that she should have dorn sari to Shristi at least on engagement. Shristi’s mother fires back that sari comes from boy’s side and she should have brought it instead. Revati fumes in anger.

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