Ring of Fire Tuesday Update 17 March 2020


Ring of Fire Tuesday Update 17 March 2020

Revati eagerly waits for pandit to send girl’s pic. Vidhvan hears beep on Revati’s phone and picks it. Revati gets tensed. Vidhvan says it is not opening and leaves keeping it back. Revati checks pic with Dulari and says girl is very beautiful and rich. Dulari says just like she wanted. Brij calls her and informs that girl’s family wants to meet them. Revati thinks she has to send Vishu out somehow before they come. Ragini takes Vishu out and asks him to convince family somehow and not let them know that they are going to meet Vishu.

Shristi in her office reminisces sending divorce papers to Vishu and thinks what his reaction must be. Shekhar comes and says Vishu tore papers, so he is going to Vidhvan’s house again. Shristi thinks about Vishu.

Vani packs her bags and tells Revati that she is going back to her house. Revati says she jut came and should stay for some more days. Vani says it her husband’s order. Dulari says her aunt does not listen to her uncle at all. Revati scolds her. Ragini comes down and says she will drop maa home with Vishu, Vishu will relax if he goes out. Revati agrees. Ragini walks with Vishu and Vani thinking Shristi should reunite with Vishu.

Shristi searches her pen and thinks she cannot concentrate now a days. Vishu enters and gives her pen. Ragini enters and says she accepted defeat so easily. Shristi asks what defeat. Ragini says she lost her family and is staying with friend, her saas hates her more and she is not valuing one she has/Vishu. Vishu says she cannot speak to Shristi like this. Ragini says she is speaking truth. Shristi asks where why did she come here. Ragini says she came here as she promised Vishu to let her meet.

Vidhvan informs Surekha and Purshotam that Shristi sent divorce papers. Surekha says how can she do this. Vidhvan says if she wants to break marriage, they should let her do that. Purshotam asks how can she break marriage and coughs. Vidhvan asks him to calm down and says they will try their

best to stop divorce.
Brij brings bride and her parents Chauhan and Seeta home for Vishu’s marriage and introduces them to Revati. Revati and Dulari’s jokergiri start. Revati hopes they leave by 4 p.m. before family returns. She sees girl’s face and gets happy. Daadi comes and asks who came. Girl’s mother Seeta asks if she is groom’s grandma. Daadi asks who are they. Brij says his friend’s family. Seeta touches Daadi’s feet and says they came with daughter’s alliance for Vishu. Daadi takes Vishu aside and says what will happen if Vishu and Vidhvan know about it. Revati says it is better Vishu separates from Shristi and get married to this girl to lead and happier life.

Vishu pleads Shristi that they took oath to be together for 7 lives, but she wants to break up in 1st life itself, she should take back her divorce papers. Shristi asks him to sit and says he his very talented and should focus on himself instead of focusing on their relationship, he will more smarter than Anurag. Anurag comes and is surprised to see Vishu. Vishu pleads him to convince Shristi as he does not want to separate from him. Anruag asks him to calm down and return home with him. Vishu says he will not and asks him to convince Shristi like he convinced bhabi. Anurag asks him to wait outside while he speaks to Shristi.

Chauhan tells Revati that he got wealth after his daughter was born. Revati says lovely then, he should send lots of wealth with his daughter. Chauhan says sure. Revati asks girl if she liked her house. Girl does not reply. She asks what she prepares. Girl does not reply even then. Chauhan hopes she does not speak, else even this alliance will break. Dulari’s jokergiri starts. Dulari scolds her and says this alliance is final. Shekhar comes and Revati thinks why did he come at this time. Shekhar thinks they are fixing Vishu’s alliance, very fast. Revati takes him aside and asks why did he come here again. He says Vishu tore divorce papers, so he brought another papers for his signatures. Revati takes papers and asks him to go as Vishu has gone out with Ragini. Shekhar thinks where he must have gone.

Anurag consoles Shristi and gives his kerchief to her, says he will not apologize for what Vishu did as himself wants to request her to change her decision. Shristi says that means even he thinks she is wrong. He says he does not know, he is just worried about his younger brother, she suffered a lot but not because of Vishu, why Vishu should suffer. He got a new hope of life after she came in his life and she should not divorce him, but if situation is evaluated according to right and wrong, she is doing right. He holds her hand and she also does same, he asks her to stop crying and it is her life and she can take decision. Shristi thanks him for understanding her. Ragini watches standing near door and thinks she knows what Shristi and Anurag are thinking, she will not let Vishu’s marriag break.

Anurag consoles Shristi holding her hand. Vishu enters and asks Shrisi why she is crying. Anurag says Shristi is tensed now, it is better he comes with him. Vishu says he will not leave his wife tensed. Ragini says she brought Devarji here and will take him along. Vishu insists Shiristi to come along. Ragini says when someone is holding salt, it is better not to show their wounds to them. Shekhar thinks if Ragini and Vishu have gone to Shristi. He calls Shristi and asks if they had come. Shristi says Vishu and Ragini had come, she will call him later. Shekhar fumes that Ragini is spoiling his plan, he is trying to separate Vishu and Shristi, but she is trying to reunite them. He will not spare Ragini and this time, her fate will not help her.

Revati asks Shekhar to tell Shristi hat she
wants to get rid of Shristi from Vishu’s life. Shekhar asks why she is dragging Shirsti in all this, he prepared papers hurriedly and soon divorce will happen. He leaves. Dulari says she feels Shekhar will benefit from Shristi’s divorce. Revati says even she feels same, but she will benefit more than him, so she is quiet. She gets SMS from Ragini that she is coming with Vishu in 30 minutes, gets tensed that she did not send Chauhan and family away. She goes back and asks Chauhan how many properties he has in their city. Chauhan says many and even in other cities. Seeta says she wants to meet Vishu before going.

Revati says he has gone out for shopping with Ragini. Chauhan says he will wait as he has a lot of spare time Revati gets tensed and asks them to have snacks and tea. Brij acts as speaking to Vishu and tells Revati that Ragini’s amma Veena is ill, so Vishu took Ragini to her parent’s house and may come late. Chauhan says they will meet Vishu some other time and gets up to leave. Vishu walks in. Revati gets tensed and asks Chauhan and family to have janmastami prasad and go. She prays god to not let Vishu come here. Vishu walks directly to his room without coming in front of Chauhan’s family. Revati relaxes. Dulari brings prasad. Chauhan’s family eats prasad and fixes alliance. Chauhan asks Brij to meet pandit and fix wedding date soon. Revati says she is more eager and wants Shanti as her bahu soon. Seeta says now Shanti is her daughter now.

Brij says he will drop them till car and get tensed seeing Vidhvan. Brij introduces Vidhvan to Chauhan and introduces Chauhan as his friend and takes him way. Vidhvan scolds Revati if she has gone mad that she is fixing Vishu’s alliance and scolds even Brij. Revati says he got Vishu married to Shristi and look what happened, Shristi slapped Vishu with divorce notice, what is wrong if she wants Vishu to be happy. Vidhvan shouts divorce has not happened it and remarriage will be a big disaster. Revati says she will do whatever is good for her son. Vidhvan shouts vinashakale viparita buddhi, Revati cannot change and he will not spare her if something happens to Vishu.

Revati asks Dulari to ge her cold water. Anurag enters and asks why baba is so angry. Revati says she called girl’s family for Vishu’s alliance. Anurag asks if she knows what will happen to Vishu, she should not do anything that will spoil this family’s happiness. Revati realizes that Ragini took Vishu to meet Shristi, she reminisces incident and fumes.

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