Ring of Fire Thursday Update 26 March 2020


Ring of Fire Thursday Update 26 March 2020

Revathi will Brij goes to Purshotam’s office and taunts that seems undeterred even after seeing his daughter’s heinous act. Purshotam asks if they came here for some work. Revathi asks him to get Vishu and Shristi’s divorce and gives her reasoning. Purshotam agrees.

Revathi asks Purshottam to fight Shristi and Vishu’s divorce case. Purshottam asks her to give 1 day to think. Revathi warns that he has to fight case and leaves. Ragini and Narad stop at dhaba and ask owner Gyanpur’s route. Owner says around 3 km from here.

Narad gives him money and is about to ask about Shekhar when Ragini sees Anurag getting out of his car and coming towards dhaba and drags Narad aside. Anurag asks owner way to Gyanpur. Owner says everyone is asking Gyanpur’s address. Anruag gets call and goes aside. Narad jokes that jijaji must be behind attack at home. Ragini scolds him. They both hide at counter. Anurag returns and asks Gyanpur’s address. Narad shows gun to owner and sends him away. Owner shows Gyanpur’s direction to Anruag. Anurag gets Shristi’s

call who says daadi is keeping shanti pooja at home and even she wants to attend, but he knows situation at home. Anurag asks not to worry. He then gets his employee’s call and leaves. Ragini and Narad enter car, Ragini says Shristi must have sent Anurag to Gyanpur.
Vishu sitting in his tent plans to build generator. Shristi looks at him. Dulari slips on screw and panics. Vishu says it is steel screw and she need not worry of infection. Dulari praises Vishu that he has become intelligent.

Ragini with Narad goes to meet inspector. Constable greets them and says he is seeing them after a long time. Narad scolds him. A bit drama continues. Inspector comes and Raginii asks him information about Shekhar. Inspector gives her file and says Shekhar’s crimes are continuing even after a murder. Ragini asks Shekhar’s address. Inspector says it is in file itself. Ragini asks to give copy of file. Inspector agrees.

Shristi goes to Ragini’s room and searches Revathi’s proof thinking Ragini is behind all the recent incidents. Shekhar calls her and asks when she is rejoining work. She says she will come tomorrow and now she is gather evidence against Ragini. Shekhar thinks his plan is going as he thought and tells his goon that soon a blast will happen. Goon asks if he wants bomb blast. Shekhar says he is still immature in crime world and cannot think like him and starts praising himself. Vishu walks into Ragini’s and thinks what she is doing in bhabhi’s room. Shristi walks out seeing him.

Daadi eagerly waits for Ragini to get pooja items and asks Divya to calls Ragini. Shristi senses opportunity and says Daadi that Ragini will be late, so she will get prepare her pooja thali. She starts preparing when Revathi enters and scolds her she cannot spoil pooja items with her dirty hands. Shristi says daadi permitted her. Revati confronts daadi. Daadi says they cannot throw pooja items now. Ragini enters and thinks Shristi has started her plan against her already.

Daadi tells Revathi that she told Ragini to bring pooja item, but she did bring yet, so Shristi prepared pooja items. Ragini enters and thinks she is helping Shristi, but Shristi is trying to harm her instead. Shristi thinks she did her job. Anurag sees Ragini and yells why did she come so early. Ragini says there was a huge traffic jam and she took short cut which turned out to be long route. Anurag as usual yells not to lie. Ragini says she is not. Vidhvan asks Aurag to stop his yelling and start pooja. Shristi thinks she got into Daadi’s good books now and soon whole family will be on her side. Daadi says let us start pooja. Revathi says Shristi will not sit in pooja. Daadi says Shristi prepared whole pooja items and she can sit in pooja. Anurag takes Shristi’s side as usual.

Daadi asks Anurag and Ragini to do pooja. Ragini says let Revathi and Vidhvan sit in pooja. Daadi says she wants new couple to perform pooja together. Ragini and Anurag sit next to each other and their nok jhok starts. Pooja finishes and Daadi asks them to do aarti. They both do aarti angrily looking at each other. Dulari and Divya do aarti next. Vishu takes thali. Shristi walks towards him. He hurriedly finishes aarti and runs. Dulari comments Shristi to do aarti alone.

Eveyone walk away. Shristi does aarti alone.
Ragini changes her sari leaving door room open. Anurag walks in. Ragini scolds him. He yells if she cannot lock door and change dress. Their nok jhok starts as usual. Ragini asks him to shitup. Anurag yells it is shutup. Ragini says same shit up. Anurag says yuck. Drama continues. They both sleep. In the morning. Anurag wakes up and walks to bathroom.

Ragini is already in bathroom and asks him to wait. He yells to go to lawn bathroom. Ragini yells if he is not ashamed to ask woman to bath in open. Anurag asks what woman qualities she has. Ragini says she is taking time to bath, that is woman’s quality. He continues yelling. She opens door wearing towel on sari. He closes eyes. She throws towel on him and forcefully opens his eyes to show that she is fully dressed. Their nok jhok continues.

At breakfast table, Revathi insists to have rava utappam and dosa and asks Ragini to prepare it. Ragini goes to kitchen and sees Shristi preparing it, thinks Revathi saw Shristi preparing dosa, so got craving. She follows Shristi and mixes ingredients. Shristi realizes she is copying her and mixes wrong ingredients. Daadi walks in and asks what is happening.

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