Ring of Fire Thursday Update 20 February 2020


Ring of Fire Thursday Update 20 February 2020

Ragini tells Parag that Shristi is his biggest problem. She says she knows how to control situation, there is no use killing her, asks him to relax. Divya brings juice for him and says aunty sent it. He gets happy seeing her, tastes juice and says it is cold, but less sugar, if she puts her finger in it, it will be sweet. Ragini asks not to pull Ragini’s legs.

Parag says she is sister’s nanad, so he can pull her legs. Dulari enters and puts her finger. Parag says he likes sweet, but not so much and asks herself to drink it. His phone rings. Mai rang sharbaton ka..tu meethe ghat ka paani..ringtone plays. He picks call and says maa had called and asked about Ragini. Ragini asks him to tell that she is fine.

Chutki bahu brings food for Vishu and sees him weak, asks reason. He says he
is fine. Ragini reminisces him fighting with goons and says he will be fine. Vishu says he will make all the electronic devices in her gifted book and will make her proud. Chutki says for that he has to eat well. Ragini makes him sit and feed him. They sleep after that. After sometime, Shristi sees Vishu shivering in his tent. She gets him up and takes him out.

Anurag takes milk for Ragini and says aunt sent. She gets happy thinking he is caring for her. She thanks him and asks if he had milk. He says yes. She asks him to sleep on sofa today as he must be tired, she will sleep on floor. He agrees thinking he cannot trust her behavior. Ragini makes bed on floor, finishes milk, and looking at him thinks he is so handsome.

He looks at her and she nervously turns. Once he is asleep, she thinks how can anyone sleep on floor, it is too hard, her mister is sleeping peacefully. She thinks of sleep next to Anurag and walks towards bed. He turns in sleep. She gets nervous and hides. She then sleeps next to him and notices her heart racing. He turns. She sleeps looking at his face and thinks sleeping on bed is very peaceful. He puts his hand on her tummy in sleep. She gets nervous. He then puts his leg on her. She silently tries to remove it unsuccessfully.

He senses it, opens eyes, sand shouts in a shock, asks what is she doing here, stay away from him. She nervously says that..He asks what she wanted to do. She says she wanted to take pillow, what was he doing, why did he put his leg and hand on her. He yells she has gone mad, if she wants to sleep on bed, he will sleep on floor. She asks him to sleep on bed and sleeps on floor. He thinks he cannot trust this girl and should be careful. She thinks why she is getting shy.

In the early morning, Ragini plays bhajan loudly and prays god. Whole family wakes up rubbing their eyes. Daadi gets happy seeing elder bahu doing pooja. Shristi wakes up and checks Vishu’s temperature and says fever is down now. She gets ready and goes down for pooja. Ragini thinks whole famil came except her mister. Dulari peeps into Vishu’s room and gets happy thinking he slept on bed with Shristi and their differences cleared. She thanks icchapurti maiya. She then peeps into Anurag’s room and gets more happy seeing even him sleeping on bed, thanks ichapurti maiya. Ragini serves aarti. Daadi suggests her to keep bhajan volume low. Anurag also joins. Dulari comments ichapurti maiya fulfilled prayers and both bahus are following their duties. Anurag stops her and yells to act mature.

Shristi goes back to room and sees Vishu shivering holding her dupatta. She checks and says he is having fever. Whole family gathers. Daadi suggest to prepare tulsi tea, fever will lessen in 2 hours. Shiristi suggests to call doc. Ragini says she already informed Narad to bring doctor. Vidhvan enters and says he would have called doctor. He tells Shristi that Purshotam had called after knowing about attack on her. Shristi asks not to tell anything about her to her family.

Parag sees Narad going hurriedly and asks reason. Narad says Ragini asked to call doc. Mom asks Parag to accompany Narad as she is worried about Ragini. Vikral comes and says Ragini is fine and asks Narad to take doc as Ragini said. He tells Parag that tender results, which Ragini had filed 1 year ago, will be out in 2-3 days and asks to come along.

Anurag gets a call from his friend who informs that he won a contract and to check mail. He gets very happy. Ragini enters and while drinking water chokes. Anurag scolds her. Narad brings doc next. He checks Vishu and gives prescription slip to Shristi. Anurag enters and asks if Vishu is fine. Doc says yes and says he gave prescription slip to his wife/Shristi. Ragini says she is his wife and Shristi is Vishu’s wife. Doc apologizes and leaves. Ragini taunts Vishu to get well soon and grow up, else people will think his wife as some other’s wife. Shristi feels bad. Ragini says she is joking.

Surekha calls Shristi, but Shristi disconnects call. She asks Purshotam to go and meet Shristi once.

Anurag tells Vidhvan that he got a contract, but company wants him to pay 1 crore as deposit. Vidhvan gets tensed. Anurag says he will manage somehow. Ragini hears that and thinks ohw much money her mister needs. Purshotam comes. Vidhvan and Anurag greet him. Ragini fumes that Anurag gets angry seeing her fame, but is befriending with Shristi’s father. Vidvhan calls Shristi down. Purshotam says Shristi that her mother is worried about her and wants to speak to her. Shristi asks Vidhvan to do her a favor, even if she dies not to inform her family. Purshotam feels sad hearing that.

Shirsti requests Vidhvan not to inform her family even if she dies. Everyone stand in a shock. Shristi tells Vidhvan that he is like her father and she gives him right to perform her last rights if she dies. Purshotam tries to speak. She warns him not to come in front of her again and leaves.

Ragini thinks good she did not study law, else she would have been like her. Vidhvan consoles Purshotam that he Shristi is angry on her, so she spoke wrongly. Purshotam says he can understand, asks him to take care of Shristi and leaves.

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