Ring of Fire Thursday Update 19 March 2020


Ring of Fire Thursday Update 19 March 2020

Anurag come to Ragini and thinks she did good work today, anyways even stopped watch shows right time 2 times in a day. Ragini thinks why did he come to her. He picks laptop
and thinks she tried to inform him, but he did not listen. He says I am sorry. She says sorry, she should write it on paper for him instead. He says he did not mean to misunderstand her. She says she is mad to try to inform him about Vishu’s second engagement. Their argument continues. Ragini confronts him nicely. He thinks whatever it is, she did good job today.

Ragini goes out and sees Vishu walking with his bag. Vishu says let him go, he does not want to stay here, all are bad people here. Ragini takes bag and says she brought Shristi to break his engagement, will he listen to her. He agrees. She explains him and promises she will not let anything wrong happen to him, he should go and sleep in his room now. He agrees and leaves.

Revati passes by and sees that. She yells at Ragini that she warned not to interfere in her issues, then why did she bring Shristi to break Vishu’s engagement. She should rule over here instead of spying, she hates Shristi, then why did she bring her back. Ragini says Vishu loves her and cannot stay with her. Revati says if he had married Chauhan’s daughter, he would have forgotten Shristi. Ragini says Chauhan’s daughter is insane and unfit for Vishu. Revati continues yelling and leaves. Ragini thinks she will make Vishu so much capable that Shristi will accept him.

Shristi reminisces Vishu pleading her not to leave him, he was doing this for her. Pooja comes and asks why she is so tensed for Vishu’s family. Shristi says Vishu is very innocent and Revati is misusing his innocence, she is feeling bad for him.

Ragini goes to Vishu’s room and sees him cleaning his room, he says he will become intelligent as she said for Shristi’s sake. Ragini says he is smart like Anurag and her papa, even he should show his intelligence. He says he does not understand. She says he should show his talent and we all do. He asks what will he do, everyone consider him as kid. She asks if he is a hid. He says he has grown up and married. She says he is experienced in machines and should help his bhaiya on site. Vishu says there will be a lot of work on site. Ragini says she will help him and he has to become self-sufficient and take his own decisions. Vishu says he will do it for Vishu. Ragini thinks she will help Vishu get Shristi back.

Shekhar hitting dart at Ragini’s pic. where did he get her pic from? Is Ragini Singh on Facebook or has insta account? He says that by destroying his plans she is now on top of his hit list . Congrats Ragini Singh , for spoiling his plan. He will play such a clever game making her as the main pawn. A pawn which will kill herself to make the king a winner. Her sasural is like Ravan’s Lanka where his Sita – Srishti is trapped. He as ram will rescue his Sita and take Agnifera with her. He swears that his plan will be so,leakproof that Ragini will never get a sniff of it. (Are we supposed to jitter)? No. I trust Ragini’s skills and narad’s help too much. With Parag ocassionally thrown in for special effects.
Singh house
Who goes to bathroom first contest takes place between Anurag and Ragini. She teases him saying in his London there is tradition of ladies first. He retorts back saying he has no time for unnecessary arguments. Moves towards bathroom. She takes his towel and throws it behind him and challenges him. Towel snatching tug of war. Anurag’s lame remarks of he doesn’t want to,stoop at her level n she says I will stoop to your level and throws rest of his clothes on the bed. He screams and tells her to go abck to her fathers house. She tells him he got her here so he has to drop her back. And tell her father that he couldn’t manage her. He tells her that she is not of his level tell that to your father. He tells her let her dream of him dropping back to her house …so go abck to sleep! she tells him that she will sleep but til she is in this house she will,give him sleepless time. He says let’s see who is more capable of harassing the other. Then she pretends that her FIL is on the door. Anurag turns to look at door she runs into the bathroom and tells him to wait for half an hour now and witness his own harassment.

Mukhiyain and Shekhar in their not so secret meeting place
Mukhiyain chides Shekhar that his plan has failed. What will he do now. He says that both his and her wish for revenge has failed. Mukhiyain says that her desire to take revenge on srishti has failed. Shekhar turns around showing his pocket knife to mukhiyain saying to leave srishti alone and only focus on destroying Singh khandaan. Mukhiyain says she can forget srishti but what about Ragini? She is a pro in such games. Don’t take her lightly. Shekhar smirks and says Ragini has been a pro as she has never faced someone like him. He will play such a game which she won’t imagine in her dreams. Mukhiyain asks about his plan. He says this is a plan not to be revealed but played. It will be such a plan which will serve her need for revenge and his goals too.

Singh house
Revati screams for breakfast as she is about to die of hunger. While dulariya is serving food Ragini walks down and calls out for devar ji. Vishu emerges wearing anurag’s business dress and bag. Revati squeals she didn’t realise tht her little son is so handsome. Divya says he looks like Ahero. Anurag thrilled praises him. Vishu tells him that he wants to assist Anurag with work on his site. He will manage workers muster, inventory or whatever he is capable of. He knows he is not as smart but he will try his best. Ragini says devar ji i know you have understood a lot about the work on site but if he still needs any help to call her. As she is more experienced than Anurag in matters of contract work. If that doesn’t work then…she lifts her hand in shooting gesture and stops. N you can make all understand by love as love has great power. Vishu says ok and asks anurag for his permission. Anurag happily says that my brother is so smart that I will definitely like him to work with me. Both hug. Family happily has breakfast.


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