Ring of Fire Sunday Update 23 February 2020


Ring of Fire Sunday Update 23 February 2020

Vidhvan and Anurag return and shout what is all this. Parag says they are partying. Anurag says it may happen in his house, not here. Parag says he came here thinking as his house, will remember next that he is a guest here, takes dancers and Narad along.

Ragini confronts and asks Anurag why did he insult her brother. Anurag yells she is not of his class and has very low thinking, etc.. Ragini reacts and hits on cool drinks bottle and it falls down. Vidhvan asks Brij to switch off lights. Vishu says he will switch off lights and walks on wet floor. He holds battery and tries to switch off fuse and gets electric shock. He shouts and collapses. Whole family gets concerned.

Vishu collapses after getting electric shock. Vidhvan asks Anurag to take him to his room. Brij calls doctor. Anurag drops Vishu on his bed and whole family asks him to open eyes. Shristi remembers papa telling to drink sugar water and runs to kitchen.

Anurag sprinkles water on Vishu’s face. He opens eyes. Shristi brings sugar water. Revati scolds Shristi why did she give electronic book to Vishu, what if something had happened to Vishu. Vidhvan asks why she is scoling bahu, he brought equipments. Ragini thinks sasuma is telling truth. Doc comes and checks Vishu and says he is fine now. If they gave anything. Revati says sugar water. Doc says they did good and asks how did this happen. Revati says some people want to make her son an engineer, looking at Shristi. Doctor writes prescription
and leaves.

Revati scolds Shristi again. Anurag asks why she is scolding Shristi, it is Ragini’s mistake and she will be punished. He drags Ragini out of house and asks to get out of his house and life. He yells that she is unfit for him and will never change. She can go and tell her father that he is not afraid of him. Ragini says she will not go like this without her mistake. She will prove she is fit for him and needs 15 days to prove herself. Anurag yells she cannot change in 15 lives. Revati and daadi say Ragini should get a chance. Anurag says she is perfect for them since day 1, but not for him. He asks everyone to walk in. Vidhvan asks Ragini to come in. She stands still. He walks in.

Parag angrily cuts log reminiscing Anurag insulting him. Narad says whatever happened was not right, he could not tolerate Ragini and Parag’s insult. Parag says he is more angry than him, if babuji will know about it, he will punish more. Veena hears that and asks what happened. He tells whole story. She says he did wrong by going there.

Dulari gets hungry and munches party food. Revati fumes and walks to Brij’s room. She tells him that they need to teach Shristi a lesson. Earlier Vidhvan was on her side, now Anurag. Brij says if they leave her like this, she will control whole house. Revati she will not let her become lawyer and will dump so much work on her that she does not study for exam. Chutki enters and takes Shristi’s side. Brij scolds to mind her business. She prays god to give good conscience to them.

Ragini wanders in balcony reminisces Anurag’s words. Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga..song..plays in the background.. Anurag sleeps on floor reminiscing Ragini sleeping on bed. Next morning, she gets up early and prays god. Chutki gives her moral gyaan to get into the good books of one she loves, she has to be confident of herself first and win their heart. Ragini thinks whatever she does, Anurag does not like. She thinks now she will correct things. She calls Narad and asks to bring a truck and laborers.

Vidhvan gets ready to go out when he sees Shristi outside his room door. Shristi says she wanted Vishu to gain knowledge, but cannot tolerate anyone blaming her. Vidhvan says she gave new life to Vishu and he is very happy, she should not bother about Revati’s words as she is worried as a mother and scolded her. She should continue taking care of Vishu. Shristi says she has exams coming. Revati enters and scolds who will do household chores. Shristi asks to tell what she has to do. Vidhvan asks Revati not to burden her with work during her exams. Revati yells she is asking her to do just household. Shristi leaves. Revati asks Vidhvan where is he going. He says to court as he had to return with Anurg yesterday.

Narad brings truck and laborers to Ragini’s house and sees Dulari there. He slips and she holds him. Romantic song plays in the background. She asks if he cannot see ground and walk. He says when she is there how can he. Revati asks why did he bring truck and laborers, if he brought something. He says Ragini asked to bring truck and laborers. Ragini comes and says she will send all her father’s given gifts and will try to mend the way he mister wants.

Ragini tells family that she called truck and laborers to send all her father’s gifts as his mister does not like them. Revati gets tensed all gifts are going back because of Anurag, asks laborers to go. Ragini says no, when her mister does not want them, why should she keep them. She asks to even get money bag. Revati says Anurag is angry seeing Vishu’s condition, no need to send gifts. Ragini says her mister liked her move. Revati says she spent money in her marriage and only some is left. Anurag asks to give money if she is asking. Brij signs Revat to keep quiet. Revati goes to Brij’s room and fumes. Dulari brings water and comments her bua will lose life if she loses money. Brij says money will come and go till Vikral’s daughter is at their home, no need to worry. Revati continues

Vishu looks at Shristi and says she is looking beautiful. Divya enters. Shristi asks what is the sound downstairs. Divya says Ragini is sending her parent’s gifts. Shristi says it is good then. She goes to bathroom to get hot water for Vishu. Chutki bahu brings food and asks Vishu how is he now. Vishu says his hand is still paining and he cannot have. Chutki asks him to tell Shristi to feed him. He asks why don’t she feed him.

Surekha looks at Shristi’s pic and reminisces time spent with her. Purshotam comes and gives her new sari. She says Shristi liked this color. He says she likes even now. She says she will gift it to Shristi and will meet her when she goes to exam.

Ragini gets all furniture loaded in truck. Brij gives her money bags. She gives them to Narad. Dulari continues pitying Revati and she fumes. Ragini reminisces Anurag telling because of her, her parents are staying in 2 different rooms. She tells Chutki she has to correct one more thing. She clears partition line made by Vidhvan. Daadi and Chuti get happy while Revati fumes. Vidhvan enters and fumes. Ragini says he drew this line as he did not her father’s gift, she sent all the gifts and realized when this whole house is hers, why should she stay in half house. Vidhan happily blesses her and walks in. Daadi and Chutki get happy. Revati fumes Vidhan’s is getting happy as whatever he likes is happening.

Shristi comes back to room and asks Vishu who brought food. Vishu says kaaki, but his hand is paining, so if she can feed him. She feeds him. He tries to feed her, she says she will have it. Chutki sees that and gets happy.

Anurag looks at Ragini’s photo and thinks she made a mistake by sending back gifts, now maa will hate her and it will be difficult for her to stay in this house for remaining 14 days. Ragini comes and asks if he is going out again. He says he could not go to Patna other day, so he is preparing. She says she will wash his clothes. He thinks it is a good change to rove that this girl is unfit for him and gives clothes. She asks if she has to wash all these. He gives more clothes and asks if she has any problem, he will wash. She says she will and asks if she liked whatever she did downstairs. He says a lot. She says thanku..He asks to read instructions written on clothes and wash them accordingly. She thinks clothes can be washed in only one way. She marks date on calendar and thinks her exams start now.

Narad returns money bags to Veena and informs her whole incident. She thinks her daughter’s fight started from today. Vikral comes and asks Narad why Ragini called him. He says she need laborers for some work, so called them from here. Vikral laughs that Vidhvan does not have good laborers, asks Narad to tell Ragini to tell if she needs permanent laborers.

Ragini goes to wash area. Dulari comes and asks if she needs help. Ragini says no and adds whole washing powder in tub. Revati sees that and fumes that she sent all gifts and is trying to become savitri. She thinks all this is because of Shristi and angrily walks towards her room Dulari’s drama starts. Raginni washes clothes beating them harshly. Revati walks into Shristi’s room and sees her studying, yells if she will spoil papers or will take care of Vishu.

Shristi says he is sleeping. Revati says Vishu does not sleep during day. Shristi says he got weak after electric shock, so is sleeping. Revati warns her to keep her studies aside and take care of Vishu for some days. She sees dirty plates and scolds to wash them. Shristi goes to wash them. Revati says there are more plates there, they don’t have servants. Shristi nods yes and leaves. Revati smirks.

Ragini washes clothes and takes them to drying area saving her legs from hot floor. She tries to hang clothes on wire. Anurag comes and praises that she washed clothes well. She gets happy.

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