Ring of Fire Sunday Update 22 March 2020


Ring of Fire Sunday Update 22 March 2020

Vidhvan agrees to check and they all head towards Poonam’s house.

Narad hides and sees Shekhar taking bath with clothes on and giving 2000 rs for a single pot of water. Ragini while driving car calls him and asks what is happening. Narad says Shekhar has gone mad, he took bath with clothes on and gave 2000 rs for single pot of water. Ragini says hei is fooling us and asks him to keep spying him. She thinks of alerting Shristi and calls her, but Shristi thinks Vishu called from Ragini’s
mobile and does not pick call. Shekhar smirks seeing Narad hiding and knocks Shristi’s door. Shristi opens door. He acts as sneezing and says it is raining at his place and not here, he is fully drenched. Shristi asksto calm down and goes to get towel. He closes door silently. Shristi gives him towel and asks to go and change. He says thank you and walks into bathroom.

Ragini’scar stop in the middle. She calls Narad and asks what is happening there. He says Shekhar went into Poonam’s house and tells her address. Ragini gets out of car and waits for taxi. Vidhvan drives car with Vishu, Revathi, and mukhyayan. Mukhyayan thinks Shekhar should be ready with his plan.

Vishu scolds why she is smirking and asks Vidhvan if she does not have any family, earlier she went to jail and once again she wants to go to jail. Vidhvan says what he can say, he just wants to clear Revathi’s doubt. Mukhyayan gives missed call to Shekhar and alerts him. Shekhar comes out draping only towel. Shristi asks him to give his wet clothes, she will clean press them. He smirks and says she is very good. He keeps his leg on her dupatta. She walks and falls with him on bed. Ragini, Vidhvan’s family, Purshotam, etc. enter and are shocked to see that.

Ragini thinks she came late and could not save Shristi. Shekhar gets up and says he slipped by mistake. Shristi says they are misunderstanding. Revathi slaps her and throws her dupatta away and asks why she is shying now, she was romancing her boyfriend, let her father see her true face. Purshotam stands dumbstruck. Vishu holds Shristi and says he prayed her, why did she betrayed him, she broke his trust, he hates her. Shekhar smirks. Vishu runs away.

Revati yells at Shristi again that she ruined both her in-laws and parent’s self-respect, she had sent divorce papers, then why did this. Ragini says Shekhar has planned all this. Revathi says Shekhar was not forcing Shristi. Ragini tries to speak again, but Revathi shuts her mouth. Shristi says they are misunderstanding her and calls papa. Mukhyayan comments that he gave too much lenience to his daughter and now she is standing with degrees.

Revathi yells that he thinks whole world is wrong but not his daughter. Mukhyayan says she cannot believe Purshotam does not know anything, Shekhar is his student, he was seeing drama keeping fire and cotton nearby. Shristi tells Purshotam that she did not do anything. Purshotam picks water pot and drops water on him saying his daughter is dead. Raginii asks him to listen to her once.

Purshotam drop water on himself and says Vidhvan and Revathi that he sacrificed his daughter today and he does not have any daughter from today. Shristi says papa.. Purshotam says spoilt his dignity. He then apologizes Vidhvan for ruining his family’s dignity. Vidhvan says it is not his mistake. He then tells Ragini that she alerted him on time, but he could not do anything. He then lashes Shekhar that he gave him good gurudakshina. He wobbles, Shristi and Shekhar hold him.

He pushes them and leaves. Revathi continues her tongue lashing. Shekhar shouts he is quiet does not mean he cannot say anything. Revathi scolds even him. Ragini says let us go now. Vidhvan and Revathi walk out. Shristi stops Ragini and alleges that her plan is succeeded in ruining her dignity. Ragini says her father and in-laws are mistaken and even she is mistaken, she can reply her right now but will wait till her misunderstanding clears. She also leaves.

Purshotam reaches home shattered. Surekha asks what happened. He says he sacrificed their daughter today and tells her whole story. Surekha says her daughter cannot do that. Purshotam says he saw it from his eyes. Surekha thinks her daughter is innocent.

Vishu returns home and panics. Revati tries to console him. He runs away. Anurag returns from work and holds him. Revati tells him whole issue. He says Shristi cannot do that. Revati says even Vidhvan was present there. Vidhvan nods yes and goes to his room.

Anurag goes to his room and thinks how can Shristi betray Vishu. Ragini enters and tells she cannot see Vishu’s condition and tells him that Shekhar had planned to ruin Shristi’s dignity and tells him whole story. Anurag as usual blames Ragini for all this, yells at her as usual and leaves. Ragini determines to prove Shristi innocent and expose Shekhar.

Shristi reminisces Revathi’s insult, Vishu’s hatred for her, her father disowning her, etc. Shekhar comes and thinks he can feel Shristi’s pain, but it was necessary for their love to blossom. He tells Shristi that her sasural people overreacted, but her father should not have blamed her, it is all because of Ragini. She asks him to go and cries. Ghootta hai dam dam…song plays in the background. Ragini on the other side reminisces Anurag blaming her. Shristi imagines Vishu and tries to touch him, but he pushes her. She collapses.

Ragini calls Narad and asks him to get Shekhar’s detailed information, she will show his place. Anurag hears that and warns her not to create more trouble. She says her mom tells not to speak when they cannot speak good, it will increase life anyways.
Anurag says it is waste talking to her. Dulari searches food on dining table and thinks family did not prepare food last night. Revathi serves food and asks family to have it. Anurag and Brij say they are not hungry. Vidhvan says they should not insult food. They all sit for breakfast. Anurag says he will meet Shristi regarding case. Revathi yells no need to meet her. Vidhvan says let him meet.

Shristi with Shekhar reaches court and hear people badmouthing about her and gossiping that Shristi is caught with Shekhar red handed last night did not wait till divorce proceeding. Shekhar smirks that he set fire and mukhyayan spread gossip well. One of them asks Shekhar when he can get his anarkali. Shekhar slaps him and warns to be in limits. People yell everyone knows about their illegal affair and they are a blot on advocate fraternity. They blame Shristi more that she ruined womanhood. Shekhar takes Shristi from there.

Ragini goes to Vishu’s room and sees him sleeping sadly. She tries to cheer him up with her talks, but he does not and says he will never forgive Shristi. She says he should not, but come down and have food. She determines to expose Shekhar and prove Shristi innocent soon.

Shekhar brainwashes Shristi against Ragini again and says he does not know how will Purshotam tolerate this issue, why society blames girl and it will not let them live in peace and remind them what they did not do. He gives her kerchief and she takes it. He continues that Ragini ruined their life. She asks what they should do now. He says let us leave Harinagar and start a new life in Delhi. They should consider this an opportunity for a better life, will she come with him. She nods yes.

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