Ring of Fire Sunday Update 15 March 2020


Ring of Fire Sunday Update 15 March 2020

Anurag goes to Shristi’s office to bring back Vishu and says he should not have come without informing family, family is waiting for him. Vishu says he will not go without Shristi. Anurag says janmastami is coming and he arranges it every year. Vishu says he becomes Krishna every year and says Shristi he will go only if she promises to become Radha tomorrow. She hesitates. Anurag requests her. She agrees. Shekhar gets jealous.

Anurag takes Vishu home and informs about Vishu’s wish. Revati fumes that she will not let Shristi back in this house. Anurag requests her. He sees Divya taking hot water to Ragini’s room and asks what is happening. Revati says Ragini fell and sprained her leg. Anurag angrily goes to Ragini and says he knows she is making drama and is fine. Revati enters.
Ragini complains that she was preparing food for him and slipped, so it is not her mistake. Revati scolds Anurag. Ragini says she needs towel. Revathi asks Anurag to help bahu.

Shristi reminisces Vishu’s request to become Radha on janmastami function. Shekhar says if she fulfills Visuhu’s illegal demands, she won’t be about to get rid of Vishu.

Divya brings food for Ragini and asks her to have it before it cools down. Once she leaves, Ragini tells Anurag that his family loves her so much. Anurag says she is well and is just acting. She stands and says she is following him. He angrily twists her hand. She sees Vidhvan and Brij passing by and acts as in pain, shouts it is huring. Vidhvan scolds Anurag how dare he is to touch his wife, he is insulting their family lineage. Ragini says she fell and sprained her leg, so she could not do Anurag’s work, but Anurag is punishing her.

Vidhvan asks her to rest until she gets well. He scolds Anurag again and leaves. Anurag shouts she used his family in her favor. Ragini say tit for tat. After sometimes, Ragini is shocked seeing Vani and nervously asks when did she come. Vani says Anurag informed that she fell and is very worried, so she came to take care of her. Anurag acts as worried and requests Vani to stay until Ragini gets well. Revati gets happy seeing Vani and praises Ragini. She says she will get a chance to serve Vani now.

Shristi is busy reading some papers. Shekhar comes with pakora and does jokergiri. She asks if he is going to Vilaspur today. He says yes, he will meet Vishu at janmastami function and asks if she is also going there. She says no and hands him papers to give it to Vishu. Shekhar reads them and looks shocked.

At Vidhvan’s house, Revati takes care of Vani well and says she has to eat something. Vani says she is fasting. Revati says that is why she brought snacks for her. Daadi asks Vani to have fruits. Dulari serves snacks and calls Revati aside and asks her to get Vani busy in her talks while will check bag and take away gun if there is any. Revati scolds her and asks to serve tea to samdhan ji. Vani says she came to serve Ragini, but they are serving her. Revati asks not to worry
about Ragini, Anurag roams around her all the time and takes care of her so well. Dulari says Ragini and Anurg are like Ram and Seeta’s Jodi. Revati then shows janmastami arrangements at home. Vani praises arrangements. Revati says Vishu becomes Krishna ji every year. Divya sees Vishu standing out nervously and asks what is he doing here. Vishu says he is waiting for Shristi.

Anurag sees Ragini coming down limping and thinks Putna already came down. Vidhvan sees her and asks why did she come down, if she needed anything, she can call anyone. Whole family gathers around her. Ragini says she wants to work as she does not want to bear Anurag’s taunts. Revati praises her and says she can prepare garland. Anurag asks Ragini she was limping from right leg yesterday, then why she is limping from left now. Vidhvan and Brij hear that. Ragini says he pushed her so roughly that even her left leg is injured and she is having pain in both legs.

Vidhvan scolds Anurag. Ragini then prepares garland. Vishu asks how is he looking. She says awesome. He says everyone say same. He eagerly looks near door. His friend asks who is his Radha this time He says his wife.

While decorating bal gopal, Dulari says she heard if they celebrate janmastami, their house will get bal gopal. Dadi says even she heard so. Dulari says that means Anurag and Ragini’s child will come. Ragini and Anurag look at each other’s face.

People gather and sing bhajans. Vishu eagerly waits for Shristi and asks Anurag to call her. Anurag tries number and says she must be on the way. Shekhar comes. Revati thinks why did he come on auspicious day. Vishu asks Shekhar where is his Shristi ji. Shekhar says she did not come and sent something to him. Anurag checks and says divorce papers. Brij sends all guests out. Vishu asks what is diver paper, if it is a gift. Revathi fumes how dare she is to walk out of house and sent divorce papers, they should have sent papers first. Vidhvan asks to keep quiet as it is a question of 2 lives. Brij silently asks Revathi to keep quiet as whatever she saw is happening. Revathi tells Vishu that Shristi has sent papers to separate from him.

Vishu asks what does it mean. Shekhar silently records video. Shekhar asks how can Shristi separate from him. Revathi asks him not to worry. Vishu says this cannot happen and says Anruag that he and Ragini fought but are together now, why Shirsti is not with him here. Anurag asks him to calm down. Vishu panics and breaks things shouting everyone want him to separate from Shristi. Daadi and Vidhvan try to calm him. He shouts he wants Shristi to be with him, he does not believe in any papers and runs away. Shekhar silently continues recording and thinks mission heart breaking is over, lets panic Vishu more.

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