Ring of Fire Monday Update 9 March 2020


Ring of Fire Monday Update 9 March 2020

Anurag gets heavily inebriated. Vikral says he should show his machoism on Ragini. He walks to Ragini and flirts with her again, asks her to wear sari like true wife. She denies. He walks back down and drinks more with Vikral.

He is about to start revealing secrets when Ragini comes down wearing red sari. Anurag thinks she is looking Ragini Anurag Singh now. Vikral asks Anurag to go and sleep and gifts his ring to him. Anurag walks with Ragini, but goes out seeing rain. He starts singing Aakhir tumhe aana hai zara der lagegi…dancing and luring Ragini. Vikral and Vani also get romantic seeing his romance. Anurag continues romancing Ragini, and Ragini continues get angry on him.

Ragini walking a drunk as a skunk staggering Anurag upstairs to her room. She is embarrassed and angry with his obnoxious state. She notices that his wet clothes need to be changed or else he will fall sick. In a highly comic sequence she tries to remove his trouser by covering him with a blanket. While she swear mentally that she was better off in her Bandookwala wali avtaar rather than being married. Anurag in his sleep apologises to Ragini for all his nastiness towards her. Ragini wonders if he means it. Then she gets a flash back of the hospital scene where she walks into a scene where anurag had touched Ragini’s shoulders to console her. She thinks that she can never trusts anurag as he is being nice in a drunken state. In the morning he wil be back to thinking about the ,kanoon

ki devi’ (srishti)
Anurag wakes up in the morning. He is about to take his blanket off and Ragini stops him. He realises that he is naked. He begins to act modest saying,’ you raped me..i m destroyed’ Ragini explains that she had to change his clothes or else he would have fallen sick. He is amused. Teases her more. She tells him she has kept his clothes in the bathroom and he should quickly freshen up.

At Mamta’s house srishti is having tea and Shekhar walks in. Two ‘upholders of morality’ type women walk in. They ask Mamta if srishti is that lawyer’s daughter married to vidwan’s son. She ran away from her house. Now is often seen with this man(meaning Shekhar). They say they are sure that there is something fishy going on. Mamta tells them that they are merely colleagues and not to think otherwise.
Vishu is combing his hair looking happy. Vidwan asks him to get ready soon. Brij offers to take Vishu to the doctor. Vidwan says as he is going to the court he will take Vishu to the doctor’s as it is on the way. Vishu (looking adorable) thinks that he is very excited as he will meet his FIL and Srishti.
Back at vikral’s anurag is ready and tells Ragini to join him to go to court as he has to submit some legal formalities regarding the contract immediately or else he might lose the contract. Ragini says she wont go with him anywhere. Anurag says he will hire Shekhar ot do his job. He is capable. Ragini gets worried that again he has begun thinking about excuses to meet the ‘qanoon ki devi’. She thinks she has to do something that will make anurag lose his contract which will make him leave for London. Anurag thinks ‘Ragini i will definitely take you back home’.
In Shekhar’s office srishti is upset about the taunts of those moralistic aunties and tells Shekhar that she would know like to be independent and stand up with her own strengths. As long as she will be seen with him the insults will not stops.

Shekhar tells her to ignore all this, focus on her work so that one day people will respect her for her work. Int he meantime a client messages Shekhar and he tells srishti to take care of the matter. As she leaves he holds up his mobile and looks at srishti’s picture saying how he would like to make her the happiest and most loved woman. Srishti comes form behind saying she returned to pick up her purse and asked him why was he talking to himself. If anybody else would have seen him they would have thought that eh has gone crazy. As srishti goes Shekhar mumbles that his love for her has driven him crazy.

Back at vikral’s house Vani is busy making a rage nets for ht Pooja at their Kothai where anurag and Ragini would be staying. Vikral walks in instructing Parag that since his Netaji is busy with damadji he should go and give na understanding to that lawyer about towing the line with them. Ragini who was standing in a corner listening to this thinks that parag and the lawyer should play the legal game in such a way that anurag us not able to complete the required formalities. This will make him lose this contract by 5 pm and then he will be able to catch the next flight to London.

Back to R+R who finally reached Shekhars office, poor Ragini’s dreams are shattered as Narad hasn’t kidnapped Shekhar yet. As they sit down, Toerag asks about Raghu’s souten, Srishti which irks Raghu.

Raghu thinks that she’ll have to do something herself now so that Rag loses his contract. Shekhar calls for one of the workers to go and make a copy, Raghu sees a chance and goes out and calls Narad. She tells them to hurry up and that theres still time to kidnap Shekhar.

Shekhar tells Toerag that it will take 2 hours for the paperwork to be completed, Chipkurag makes a reappearance and tells Raghu that he will take her shopping

Vishu and Vidhwan are also at court, Srishti’s dad asks Vishu how his healing is going and Srishti who’s listening in is happy to hear that he’s healing well. Vishu as usual is making plans to see Srishti.

N+P have finally reached Shekhars office to intimidate him. They try to kidnap him but Srishti intervenes. Parag threatens Srishti and Shekhar is giving him the evils, Shekhars hit list is getting longer by the day. Loads of blah blah happen in between meanwhile I’m falling asleep

Parag points gun Shristi and warns her to stay away from Shekhar. She says she is not afraid of him and tries to snatch gun. He pushes her down. Vishu holds her and slaps Anurag shouting how dare he is to touch his wife. Parag warns him to stay away, he does not know anything. Vishu says if he touches his wife again, he will slap him again. Parag says he is alive as his Ragini donated him blood.

Narad asks Vishu to stay away, it is not meant for made people. Vishu says he is mad. Shristi yells again. Parag points gun at her again. Shekhar frees himself and hits Parag. Parag hits him back shouting how dare he is to hit Vikral Singh’s son. Narad stops him and asks to calm down, it is court issue. Shekhar takes advantage and overpowers Parag. Parag overpowers again and points gun again.

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