Ring of Fire Monday Update 17 February 2020


Ring of Fire Monday Update 17 February 2020

Anurag drives car. Vishu asks him to open window as he does not like AC. Ragini looks at Anurag and thinks she will not do anything that will irk her mister, now it will be only love. Shrisi opens her book. Vishu praises she is studying
even here.

Ragini says her exams are nearing, so she wants to study, even he should once he returns home. Ragini thinks she will spoil Shristi’s studies and tries to switch on radio, but stops seeing Anurag looking at her.

Vishu asks Anurag to switch on radio. Anurag says when someone studies, they should not be disturbed. Anurag thinks Ragini is the worst girl he has ever seen, his mother must have planned this trip to force Ragini on him. Ragini thinks she will behave well and convince her husband. Anurag thinks he should teach her a lesson and scolds her that she wants to sit in front seat but does not want to fix seatbelt. Vishu laughs.

Parag comes to Ragini’s house and does not find anyone. He picks phone to call Divya when Dulari comes and asks how is she looking, she bought sari from the money he gave. She Ragini bhabhi and others have gone to ichapurti mandir. Revati comes and asks Dulari why did not she inform Parag has come. Divya comes and sits on sofa. Parag looks at her. Drama continues. Narad calls him and he leaves after a bit of drama.

Anurag continues driving car. Ragini stops him seeing pooja item shops and says daadi told to buy pooja items from here, else they will not get further. She buys pooja items from a shop. Shopkeeper comments and she scolds him, but changes tone seeing Anurag. Vishu buys umbrella. Ragini asks why did he buy umbrella. He says Shristi is standing under sun, so he bought it. Ragini sees Anurag under sun and buys one for him. Anurag fumes as usual. They travel again. She sees first stop and asks Anurag to stop. She sees tree and reminisces daadi asking to decorate it and then pray. She asks Shristi also to decorate tree, thinks in mind she should pray for her husband Vishu and not Anurag. She calls Anurag and tells rules. Anurag yells he came here for Daadi’s happiness and does not believe in all this, she should do whatever she wants. Ragini asks Vishu to explain her bhaiya, or at least keep daadi’s words. Vishu says bhabhi is right, daadi believes in ichapurti mandir. Anurag says he does not belive in all this and thinks Ragini has answer for any question.

Ragini, Anurag, Shristi, and Vishu walk to Ichapurti temple’s first stop. Ragini tells Anurag they should decorate tree and then wind thread around it. Anurag says he does not believe in all this, but came on Daadi’s insistence. Shristi says even she does not believe in all this, but will to make other happy. Ragini tells Vishu that his wife and her mister will not perform rituals, so she will do it alone and he can record it to show it to daadi.

 Anurag says she is big dramebaz and can do anything to prove herself. Ragini starts ritual. Anurag says he will and follows her. Ragini feels happy. Sindoor falls on her face. Anurag extends hand to clean her face. Ragini closes her eyes. Anurag shows mobile and says she clean looking in it. She wipes face sadly and then prays god to keep her united with her mister. Anurag prays god to get him rid of Ragini.

Vishu says Ragini that he took nice video of her ritual, now she should record his ritual. He holds Shristi’s hand and drags her to do ritual. Moh moh ke dhaaage..plays in the background. After rituals, Ragini forces prasad in Anurag’s mouth. A few goons remove car’s wheel bolts. After getting back into car, Anurag scolds Ragini for forcefeeding him prasad instead of giving it in hand. She says even he would have eaten it. Vishu says he liked ritual. Ragini looking at Anurag says even she enjoyed it.

Revati and Daadi discuss at home all 4 youngsters must have finished rituals peacefully. Dulari says if she had come here with her husband and went to ichapurti mandir, her husband would not have lost. Divya says she will search jijaji. Revati says Dulari always talks about herself. Their discussion continues.

Anurag continues driving car and feels it losing control. He somehow manages to stop car and holds Ragini asking to be careful. Ragini gets happy that her mister is worried about her first and not Shristi. Vishu holds Shristi and asks if she is fine. They all get out of car. Ragini checks and says someone has removed bolts from wheel. They then see a lake and start playing with water.

Anurag changes car tyre. Ragini helps him. Anurag thinks she just needs a chance to come near him. She thinks she gets a rare chance to come near him. Adha ishq adha hai, adha hojayega…song…plays in the background. Ragini extends her lips to kiss him.

He turns and asks what is she doing. She nervously says something is stuck. He thinks if something was stuck or she was trying to stick, digusting. Vishu fixes tyres alone while Shristi watches him. Ragini tries to help Anurag, but he warns her to let him do alone.

Ragini thinks he does not watch movies, so he is not romantic. She holds her pallu on his head and wipes his sweat. He asks to give towel. Shristi also picks towel and wipes Vishu’s sweat. Ragini holds umbrella on Anurag. He asks her to stand without touching him. Vishu finishes
fixing tyres first. Shristi thinks he fixed tyres before Anurag. She washes his hand. Ragini washes Anurag’s hands.

Ragini taunts Shristi if she saw her magic, her husband is coming near her. Shristi says hope the magic continues. They al sit in car. Ragini prays she should be awith Anurag forever. Anurag prays he should get rid of Ragini forever. Shristi thinks Vishhu is good in mechanical work, good she gave him book. Anurag loses car control again and takes car aside. He checks and says radio failed and water leaked. He asks villager where is ichapurti mandir. Villager says nearby. Ragini says ichapurti mata wants them to walk and go.

Parag with Narad stops at a pan shop to buy pan. Goons come and while buying pan speak over phone to lady sarpanch that he will kill Vidhvan’s sonand daughter-in-law, she should keep money ready. Parag runs behind their bike and rushes car towards ichapurti mandir to save her.

Ragini, Shristi, Anurag and Vishu continue walking road. Ragini sees sign board and drops it down to garner Anurag’s attention. She purposefully falls down and loudly asks to help her. Vishu extends hand to help, but she says her husband does not want ot help, so she will get up herself. Shristi thinks Ragini does not know that she is spoiling her situation instead. Ragini says they should divide themselves into 2 groups and search lake. Anurag says lake is somewhere around. Shristi says they should search lake. They walk in opposite direction. Ragini continues her drama trying to garner Anurag’s attention. Shristi and Vishu find lake. Vishu runs towards lake to get water. They both then play in water while picking water and see goons walking towards them. Boss says they will kill these 2 first and then other 2 first. Shristi asks why they are troubling them. Goon says they want to send her in peace.

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