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Ring of Fire June Teasers 2021

Revati wakes up and discloses Sanjay’s truth. Feeling guilty for having misunderstood his family all his life, Sameer asks for forgiveness. Read Ring of Fire June 2021 Teasers:

Zee World Ring of Fire June 2021 Teasers Season Finale

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Episode 222

Kishan gets an electric shock when he goes to check the electricity board, but Sakshi reaches there in time and saves him. While trying to revive Kishan, she in a state of panic confesses her love and Agni witnesses everything.

Episode 223

Agni Bears the Family’s Anger while Kishan is heartbroken.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Season Finale!

Kishan insists that Sameer and Agni perform the prayer ceremony. Revati wakes up and discloses Sanjay’s truth. Feeling guilty for having misunderstood his family all his life, Sameer asks for forgiveness.



Ring Of Fire Story

MBA graduate Anurag Singh returns to his native town Bihar after completing studentship in London. His family arranges his wedding to the soft-spoken traditional law student Srishti.

Loud-mouthed, bold and spoilt, Ragini Singh likes Anurag. On his wedding day her father Vikraal forces Anurag to marry her. To save Anurag’s family from humiliation Srishti marries his mentally disabled younger brother Vishvesh.

Anurag’s mother Revati disapproves of Ragini’s goonish behavior and plans to separate them. Vishvesh and Srishti strike a friendship. A hitman tries to kill Srishti. Vishesh confronts him and dies after falling off a cliff.

The police fail to find Vishvesh’s body. Dejected by her loveless marriage, Ragini leaves Anurag. Vikraal searches a second husband for her. Now changed, Anurag decides to win her over. They unite and Ragini gets pregnant.

Tensions arise between Ragini and Anurag when she joins Vikraal’s political work. Later the matter is sorted out. Baiju Kanpuria, a goon starts chasing Srishti and creates circumstances in which she is forced to marry him.

Baiju tortures Srishti and sells her to a brothel till his mother tells him about Srishti saving her life. He reforms and develops feelings for Srishti who also becomes a friend of him.

Srishti learns that Vishvesh is alive and has lost his memory. She brings him back. Revati wants them to reunite ans tries to emotionally manipulate Baiju into letting Srishti, who figures out the truth and declares her love for him.

Baiju is implicated in a drug case. Ragini tries to prove his innocence. Vishvesh secretly kills Baiju. Ragini is sent to prison for his murder. The Singh family don’t believe her. She delivers a daughter named Agni in jail and asks one of the jailors to tell Agni that she was innocent.

Ragini writes a letter to Srishti explaining her innocence and Baiju’s death. Angered, Srishti confronts Vishvesh and kills him. She dies delivering her and Baiju’s daughter Sakshi who is taken to the Singh family.

Twenty years later
Sakshi has grown up in Anurag’s family and become a doctor. Agni is brought up in a foster home and works as a police inspector. Sakshi is later revealed to be not a doctor.

Agni falls in love with Kishan Thakur, but he marries Sakshi, who later develops feelings for him, too. Sakshi and Agni become friends. Agni marries Kishan’s brother Sameer and they all live happily ever after.

Yukti Kapoor[9] as Ragini Anurag Singh (2017–18)/Agni Sameer Thakur (2018–19)
Simaran Kaur as Srishti Vishvesh Singh (2017–18)/ Sakshi Kishan Thakur(2018–19)
Ankit Gera[10] as Anurag Singh (2017–18)
Mohak Khurana[11] as Vishvesh Singh (2017–18)/Shekhar Sharma (2018)[12]
Ayaz Ahmed[13] as Baiju Kanpuria (2018) [14]
Karan Goddwani[15] as Kishan Thakur (2018–19)
Samridh Bawa[16] as Lawyer Sameer Thakur (2018–19)[17]
Divay Dhamja[18] as Shekhar Sharma (2017)
Amita Choksi[19] as Revati Vidvaan Singh (2017–19)
Sunil Singh[20] as Vidvaan Singh (2017–18)
Shalu Shreya[21] as Divya Singh (2017–18)
Ibrar Yakub[22] as Brijbhan Singh (2017–18)
Shakti Singh[23] as Purushottam Singh (2017–18)
Aamir S Khan[24] as Parag
Prakash Pandit as Narad
Vishesh Sagar as Baiju
Anuradha Singh as Dulaari (2017–18)
Amit Koushik[25] as Vikraal Singh (2017–18)
Deepali Kamath as Sonali Purushottam Singh (2017–18)
Ankit Bhetiwal[26] as Mac
Rutpanna Aishwarya
Rehaan Roy as Abhimanyu
Jyotsna Chandola as Rajjo

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