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Ring of Fire January Teasers 2021

Ragini’s mother makes preperations for the prayers that is to begin and she asks Ragini to get ready as after the prayers, she will be going back to Anurag’s house. Meanwhile, Shekhar tries to create further distance between Shrishti and Vishu.  Below are the Ring of Fire January 2021 Teasers:

Zee World Ring of Fire January 2021 Teasers

Friday 1 January 2021

Episode 38

Ragini makes it clear to Anurag that she will not be going out with him and Abhi starts to blackmail her, forcing her to eventually succumb to his wishes. Later, Anurag gets romantic with Ragini in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Shrishti and her boss go out for a meal.

Saturday 2 January 2021

Episode 39

Ragini brings Anurag, who is completely drunk, into the room. After putting him to bed, she decides to change his clothes. Ragini gives orders to kidnap Shekhar as she believes that Shekhar, who is a lawyer, is not a righteous man.

Sunday 3 January 2021

Episode 40

Parag points his gun at Shekhar and Shrishti intervenes to try and stop Parag. As Parag pushes Shrishti away, Vishu arrives and slaps Parag, which infuriates him. Anurag’s mother-in-law tells him that he and Ragini have to attend the ‘naag pooja’ the next day in the Shiva temple. Learning about this, Shekhar plans to harm Anurag and Ragini, but Shristi informs Shekhar that she will be visiting the Shiva temple also. What will be Shekhar’s next step now?

Monday 4 January 2021

Episode 41

Shekhar gives a contract to certain goons to kill Anurag and Ragini. At the same time, Sindura has her own plan up her sleeve to torture Suman, who is busy in her prayers. Ragini notices her father Vikral scolding her brother Parag as Parag’s action had forced Shekhar to file a case against Vikral.

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Episode 42

Anurag informs Ragini of his desire to be like her father but Ragini only stays silent as she never wanted her husband to be a gangster like her father and instead wanted him to be an educated scholar.

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Episode 43

Shekhar arrives at Vikral’s home and claims that he is not the one who is adamant on dragging Vikral to the court. Ragini’s mother makes preperations for the prayers that is to begin and she asks Ragini to get ready as after the prayers, she will be going back to Anurag’s house. Meanwhile, Shekhar tries to create further distance between Shrishti and Vishu.

Thursday 7 January 2021

Episode 44

Anurag returns home with Ragini and his family members welcome the couple. Next day, Divya and Dulaari tie ‘rakhi’ to Vishu and Anurag. In the between the celebration, Anurag informs everyone that he has not accepted Ragini as his wife yet.

Friday 8 January 2021

Episode 45

Vidvaan tells Anurag that Shristi will be handling their legal matters from now onwards. Shekhar visits the Singhs to get Gayatridevi’s signature on some documents. He shows his admiration for Shristi to make Vishu jealous. Vishu meets with Ragini and bares his heart to her.

Saturday 9 January 2021

Episode 46

Ragini’s plan to use her fake injury to teach Anurag a lesson backfires as Anurag brings Veena to stay at the Singh house. Shrishti gives Shekhar the divorce notice to hand to Vishu.

Sunday 10 January 2021

Episode 47

Revati and Brijban conspire to get Vishu remarried. They talk to the priest about finding an illiterate but wealthy girl for Vishu. Ragini overhears them and decides to do something to stop them. While Ragini gives Shristi a piece of her mind, Vishu pleads with Shristi to change her decision.

Monday 11 January 2021

Episode 48

Purushottam and Sumer meet Shristi at her office and question her decision. Purushottam suffers a stroke upon from Shekhar that the Singh family has decided to get Vishu married again. Revati and Brijban attach the divorce paper in the land agreement file and take Vishu’s signature on the divorce paper.

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Episode 49

Revati, Brijban and Dulaari trick Vishu and try to get him engaged to Shanti. Shristi, Vidvaan and Ragini reach the Singh mansion in time and put a stop to it. Shristi and Vidvaan reprimand Revati and Ragini expose the Chauhan family to be conspiring with Nimki Devi.

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Episode 50

Under Ragini’s guidance, Vishu dons formal clothes and accompanies Anurag to the construction sight. Ragini meets up with Shekhar and confronts him about his conspiracy with Nimki Devi. Shristi looks for Ragini and misunderstands that she is there to fix things between her and Vishu.

Thursday 14 January 2021

Episode 51

Shristi’s friend Poonam sets out for her hometown as her father had an accident. Ragini and Vishu then return home, only to find Shekhar and Vidvaan waiting for them at the house. Ragini phones Purushottam and convinces him to visit his daughter.

Nimki Devi visits the Singh family and makes some vile allegations against Shristi and Shekhar. Revati takes the bait and decides to check up on Shristi. She announces that if Shrsiti turns out to be innocent, then she will bring her back into the house else they are cutting all ties with her.

Friday 15 January 2021

Episode 52

A devastated Vishu bans everyone from taking Shristi’s name ever again and throws things around in anger. An unaware Anurag returns home and calms Vishu down. Ragini informs him about Shekhar’s plan. Anurag ends up blaming Ragini for keeping the truth from him and accuses her of plotting against Shristi.

Saturday 16 January 2021

Episode 53

Shristi uses her knowledge of the law and puts everyone in their place. Vishu refuses to stay in the same room with Shristi and moves his tent to the living room. Ragini, bound by her promise to Anurag, is unable to help Shristi. Afterwards, Shristi comes to Ragini’s room and reveals her real intention behind returning.

Sunday 17 January 2021

Episode 54

She tells him that they are responsible for Shristi’s current condition. Nimki Devi comes to the Singh house and makes crass remarks about the family. An enraged Revati tells Shristi she will get Vishu remarried soon, but Shristi remains calm and threatens her with the law.

Monday 18 January 2021

Episode 55

Anurag receives parcel while Shristi gets an anonymous phone call stating the package contains a bomb. Shristi pushes the package out of Anurag’s hand, but it turns out to be just a toy. Ragini deducts someone is trying to scare them. Both Ragini and Shirsit suspect the other of being involved.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Episode 56

To humiliate Shristi, Revati asks Ragini to prepare the same for her. Ragini tries to copy Shristi, but the latter catches up to her antics.

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Episode 57

Anurag finds Shristi in despair and tries to find out the reason. Instead of telling the truth, Shristi asks him to be her character witness in court. When Anurag returns to the room, he confronts Ragini for signing the petition against Shristi.

Thursday 21 January 2021

Episode 58

Next day, Gayatridevi asks Ragini to help her with the Navratri ‘puja’. Ragini texts Parag saying that she won’t be able to join him in searching Shekhar’s house. Meanwhile, Shekhar becomes more and more obsessive towards Shristi.

Friday 22 January 2021

Episode 59

Shristi answers back by reading aloud her own approved petition against her in-laws. Shristi asks her technology expert friend to trace the phone number of the person who is behind Poonam’s father’s accident.

Saturday 23 January 2021

Episode 60

Ragini and Anurag’s relationship further deteriorates, and Ragini starts to regret marrying Anurag. Shekhar tricks Anurag into leaving Vishu alone in the office. He first kidnaps Vishu and then phones Anurag, lying to him that he ran into Vishu on the streets.

Sunday 24 January 2021

Episode 61

Purushottam slaps Shekhar for betraying his trust and thanks Ragini for bringing the truth out into the open. Shristi also apologises to Ragini for not believing in her. Ragini then tells Anurag that she is freeing him of his entire marital obligation. As she starts to walk away, Shekhar gets hold of the gun and fire at her.

Monday 25 January 2021

Episode 62

Anurag regains consciousness and calls out to Ragini. However, when the family reaches Anurag, they realize that Anurag has lost his memory. Ragini spends all her time serving Anurag at the hospital. Later, Shrishti decides to leave Vishu’s house now that she has cleared herself of the false allegations.

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Episode 63

Ragini continues with her lies to Anurag, who has lost his memory, and by doing so, she finds herself in many uncomfortable situations. Later, in her hatred towards Shrishti, Anurag’s mother arranges for a sage’s welcome into the house. The sage claims that by getting Vishu and Shrishti to stay far from each other. Next day, the contractors arrive to shut the contract that they have with Anurag and his construction company.


Wednesday 27 January 2021

Episode 64

Vishu comes up with a plan and blindfolds himself so that he can follow the sage’s orders and at the same time be with Shrishti. Shrishti tells Revati that they should put aside their differences and focus on treating Anurag first as they are currently only harming him more.

Thursday 28 January 2021

Episode 65

Anurag questions Shrishti about the reason for such hatred that his family has towards her. Shrishti, however, begins laughing and diverts the topic by lying to him.

Friday 29 January 2021

Episode 66

Later, The family is surprised to hear Anurag expressing his hatred towards his mother. Ragini threatens the Union leader, who is proving to be a hinderance in Anurag’s construction business.

Saturday 30 January 2021

Episode 67

At the dining table, Anurag’s mother hands over the responsibility of cleaning the house to Ragini and Shrishti.

Sunday 31 January 2021

Episode 68

Shrishti’s brother saves Shrsithi from a massive fire accident that Dulari had planned. Anurag and Ragini challenge each other to a cracker bursting competition.

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