Ring of Fire Friday Update 6 March 2020


Ring of Fire Friday Update 6 March 2020

Shristi prays god to cure Vishu soon. Vidvhan enters with Revati and Divya and asks Shristi how is Vishu now. Revati starts yelling at Shristi that she will take her son’s life and to get out of here. Vidhvan asks her to stop yelling. Anurag comes back and says she is scolding a woman who saved Vishu’s life.

Ragini takes Parag home. Vani asks Parag how he got injured. He says he was riding bike imaging Salman Khan and slipped. Vani scolds him. She sees bandage on Ragini’s hand and asks what happened to her. Ragini thinks she informs her that Vishu is injured, she will go to hospital, so she should not tell her truth. She tells that she donated blood to a needy person. Vani says she did good.

Vidhvan and family waits outside ICU. Nurse says Vishu is awake now. They all rush in, but Revati stops Shristi. Vishu asks where is Shristi. Vidhvan calls Shristi in. Vishu asks Shristi to sit near him. Revati angrily gives her way. Vishu tells Shristi that he protected her dignity as promised. Nurse asks everyone to go out and only one person stay at night. Vishu says Shrhisti will stay.

Anruag asks everyone to leave while he stays with Vishu. Shekhar rushes in and asks Shristi if she is fine. She says yes, but Vishu got injured protecting her and tells him whole story crying. He consoles her and she leans on his shoulders. Vishu asks nurse where is Shristi. Nurse says she left. Vishu rushes out removing his IV lines calling Shristi. Shristi hears him and rushes to him. He asks not to go away from him. Anurag and Shristi get him back to bed and Shristi feeds him soup.

Anurag brings Vishu’s belongings to Vishu’s hospital room and says his beard has grown long, he will shave it. Vishu says he will shave himself and walks to washroom. Revati brings food and feeds Vishu. BVishu takes spoon and feeds it to Shristi. Revati gets angry. Shristi walks aside reminiscing Vishu’s words that if he grows up, Shirsti will be with forever. Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi hairan hoon mai…song…plays in the background. Shristi and Anurag take care of Vishu. Vishu sleeps holding Shiristi’s hand. Song continues in the background and Vishu sleeps. Shristi sees her pic in Vishu’s book.

Shristi walks out of Vishu’s hospital room reminiscing Vishu risking his life for her. Anurag comes and asks her to rest as she is tired. Shristi says she wants Vishu to get well

soon as he got injured because of her. Anurag cheers her up and she smiles, feeling cold. Anurag removes his jacket and dorns it on her signalling her to smile. Ragini comes holding bouquet and chocs for Vishu and is gets angry seeing this. She throws bouquet and chocs, walks to Shristi and snatches jacket and slaps her, says Sasuma is right about her, she wants to strangulate her. Anurag shouts Ragini… She comes out of her imagination when Shristi asks when did she come. Ragini says she comes at wrong time always, she came now to meet Vishu. She walks into Vishu’s room and gives him gifts. He says these are his favorite chocs and asks to take selfie with them all. She says she will not with everyone, but will with him once he gets well.
Next morning, doc discharges Vishu. Anurag takes Vishu home with Shristi. Revati greets Vishu, but gets angry seeing him holding Shristi. Vishu insists Shristi to along. She asks him to go, she will get medical file and medicines. Vishu walks in and Shristi walks out. Revati taunts Shristi that she got conscious now. Dulari comments and Revati continues. Shristi says she can apologize Revati even if it is not her mistake, but she will not tolerate if Revati tries to harm her self dignity. Revati snatches file and medicine and walks in angrily.

Ragini angrily holds gun to shoot at empty bottle, but then remembers promising Anurg that she will not shoot first. She fumes that she cannot tell babuji that she left Anurag, but once Anurag goes back to London, she will.

Divya takes Vishu to his room and asks how is the decoration she did. He says it is nice. Anruag asks to sleep on bed and not tent. Vishu says Shristi will sleep her. Revati says she ran away and was just acting. Vishu says he will bring Shristi back. Anruag stops him and asks him to relax, else Shristi will not come, he will take her to Shristi later.

Shristi returns back to work. Shekhar says good she came back. Shristi asks if he wants to hire another assistant. He says he cannot see her sad, so he will take her out for dinner and she deserves it. She thanks him.

Anurag gets a call from London employee that he has to join job in 2 days, else he will consider another candidate. Anurag agrees and thinks he has to leave for London tomorrow itself. Revati hears that.

Brij shows wheat grains to Vidhvan and says he will sow these in land and it will give double yield. Vidhvan says it is good. Anurag comes down and asks Revati to pack his sweaters and clothes as he is going back to London. Vidhvan says he got a contract here, then why he is going. He says his project did not work and he got a better offer from London. Revati says he should inform his wife before taking such a big decision. Anurag says when she left, she did not take his permission. Vidhvan says Revati is right, he should inform his wife as he is not alone now.

Ragini folds her clothes thinking being in her in-law’s house, she learnt a lot. She keeps clothes in cupboard and her wedding red chunri falls on her. She gets emotional seeing it and tries to remove it. Anurag comes and says
let it be. She says he did not look at her at all when she wore it for him. He says he will correct his mistake and dorns her chunri back and gets closer to her. She says misterji and realizes it is her imagination.

Anurag while packing his bags looks at Ragini’s marked dates on calendar and reminisces Ragini. He calls her. She thins why misterji is calling and picks call. He says he is going to London tomorrow. She says she gave him all her love and there is nothing left, she will not stop him and it is better if he goes.

She disconnects call and thinks she will not stop him. Vikral enters asks whom she will not stop. She says some civil worker. He says he saw her target practice and she has lost her grace. She says she was trying something different and will not disappoint him next. He praises her and gives gun.

Divya gets food for Vishu. Vishu takes phone from her and calls Shristi. Shristi is busy with client. Shekhar picks call and disconnects call thinking it is better if Shristi stays away from her in-laws.

Revati brings Anurag’s sweaters and asks if he called Ragini. He says he did on her and papa’s insistence, but Ragini is so arrogant, he does not care what she thinks now. She thinks he did not call her, else she would have stopped him from going to London.

She calls Ragini and says Anurag is going to London. Ragini says she knows and says she does not mind if he goes. Revati tries to speak, but Ragini disconnects call.

Revati over phone informs Ragini that Anurag is going to London.

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