Ring of Fire Friday Update 13 March 2020


Ring of Fire Friday Update 13 March 2020

Shekhar touches Vikral’s feet and greets him. He says his son and daughter met him already in court. Parag fumes that he would have killed him that day, now he will kill him for sure.

Vikral stops him and says Shekhar that he got his notice, what he wants now. Shekhar says he came to know who he is, so he is taking back case. Ragini asks when he had to take case back, why did he file it then. Shekhar says it is Shristi who is adamant to file case against Vikrall, he explained her a lot, but she does not want to back off, she is a new lawyer and is flying high. He apologizes Vikral and leaves.

Ragini fumes that she will finish Shristi today and rushes to her room to get gun. Anurag stops her and says they will fight with Shristii in court. Ragini asks if his love for Shiristi is stopping
her. He shouts what is she telling. She says because of Shristi, she left his house, now she will not stop. Vikral hears their conversation. Anurag says why is she stretching issue. Ragini says because of his love for Shristi, she left his house, mangalsutra and Sindhoor.

Vikral angrily rushes to his room and picks gun to shoot Anurag. Vani stops him and says he did kanyadan and if he will kill his damad. Vikral says he betrayed Ragini and is acting here. Vani says Anurag is repenting for his mistake and is trying his best to convince Ragini to return home. She asks him not to break his daughter’s marriage. He calms down.

Shristi serves bitter gourd juice to Purshotam and he drinks it silently. Surekha says when she used to give him bitter gourd juice, he used to make drama and now drinking silently. Vishu calls Shristi. She flips mobile and goes out. Purshotam picks call. Vishu asks why is he having Shristi’s mobile. Purshotam says Shristi is also here as he is ill, but better than before. Vishu says he is Shristi’s husband and she did not inform him. Purshotam says she came here just last night. Vishu asks if he can come there to see him. He says he can anytime. Shristi hears that and sys him that she came out of this relationship and he should not force her, else she will go back. Vishu informs Vidhvan that Purshotam is ill, so he wants to go and see him and asks Vidhvan to take him there.

Vikral calls Ragini and Anurag and says Vani wants to keep satyanarayan pooja and he wants them to perform it. Ragini says it is his house, so he and amma should. Vikral stops her and says his decision is final and tells Ragini that without nok jhok, couple cannot stay together. He gives some moral gyaan.

Vishu with Vidhvan reaches Purshotam’s house. Purshotam greets them. Vishu says he brought tender coconut. Surekha says even Shekhar brought it and serves shekhar’s tender coconut. Purshotam says he wil have it later. Vidhvan asks him not to get up from bed until he gets well. Purshotam says he is right, so Shekhar will handle his cases. Vishu says Shristi will handle their cases. Vidhvan says Vishu is right. Shekhar says Shristi knows family well and can handle case well. He thinks god is on his side.

Anurag packs Ragini’s bags and says after pooja, Vikral will send her with him. She says she will not go. He says he apologized her 1000 times and changed himself for her, but she is still adamant. Ragini says babuji will not send her away. Anurag if he does not send her back, then he will go out of this house then.

Vani arranges satyanarayan pooja. Parag asks if she has to do pooja in each new house. Vani says yes. Ragini comes out of her room. Vani asks her to get ready for pooja soon, Anurag told he will take her home after pooja. Ragini thinks she will inform babuji about Anurag’s mistakes and will not go back to Anurag’s house. Vikral comes and tells Anurag that he wants to gift him a gun and says gun dealers are coming and he can select his gun. Vikral’s rival hires goons to kill Vikral and sends them as gun dealer.

Shristi studies Vidhvan’s case. Shekhar says she is doing good job. Vishu calls her. She tries to pick, but Shekhar stops her and says if she entertains Vishu like this, it is difficult for her to break relationship with him. Shristi says he is right and disconnects call.

asks Narad to ask Pandit to tell pandit that it is not important for beti and damad to perform satyanarayan pooja. Narad asks why. Ragini says it is her life and death question. Narad says he will convince pandit then. Anurag hears her conversation and thinks he will take her home at any cost today. Divya calls him and asks when will he come home. He says he will with bhabhi tonight.

Vikral calls Anurag out and introduces him to gun dealers and asks to him to select his gun. Parag says dealer used to send some Raghu, who are they. They say Raghu is ill, so they came. They pick loaded gun and think if they pull trigger, Vikral will be finished. Servant calls Vikral and he goes aside. Goon silently points gun at Vikral. Anurag asks why is he pointing gun at sasurji. He nervously says no…

Vikral checks gun and goes aside to speak to someone. Goon says he is going to bathroom and silently waits to shoot Vikral. Anurag asks another goon to show gun. Goon shows gun. Anurag points gun at him. Goon gets tensed. Another goon is about to shoot Vikral when servant stands in front. Once servant leaves, goon thinks he will send Vikral to hell for sure. Narad brings pandit. Parag points gun and asks why did he come late. Pandit gets tensed. Parag takes him to pooja venue. Goon is about to shoot Vikral when Parag clashes with him with sweet boxes and scolds him. Vikral sees gun and asks if he came to show gun or shoot and takes gun from him.

Anurag shows gun to Pandit and says he knows Narad has bribed him to lie, but he will tell beti and damad should sit in pooja. He shows gun and warns to be careful. Pandit prays god to show him way. Anurag then sees goon holding gun and asks why he is holding it as if he will shoot someone. Vikral comes and asks Anurag if he chose gun. Anurag shows pistol and says he selected this small one. Vikral says his and Ragini’s choices are same. Pandit asks Vikral who will sit for pooja. Vikral says beti and damad. Ragini fumes why did pandit change. Goon asks Vikral to test guns first and then do pooja. Vikral asks Anurag to test gun. Goon gets irritated and points gun at Vikral and shouts he is finished now and shoots him. Ragini shouts babuji.

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