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Ring of Fire April Teasers 2021

On the first night of their marriage, Shrishti gets the shock of her life when Baiju refuses to bless her and reveals his true colours to her. Read Ring of Fire April 2021 Teasers.

Zee World Ring of Fire April 2021 Teasers

Thursday 1 April 2021

Episode 132

A man covered by a blanket sneaks into Vidvan Singh’s house and kidnaps Shrishti. Vidvaan Singh believes that Baiju would be the perfect man to guard Shrishti’s life.  Anurag instructs the workers to decorate Ragini’s house properly for her wedding ceremony, confusing her. Suddenly, few muscular men walk in the house. Abhimanyu enters Ragini’s room, she pushes him on the bed mistaking him for Anurag.

Episode 133

Meanwhile, Shrishti’s bodyguard inspects everyone carefully when they arrive at her house. While Abhimanyu and Rajini choose sarees for the engagement, Anurag purposely passes comments and mocks her. Meanwhile, Srishti realises that Divya had added chilli powder in Baiju’s food and asks her to show him some respect.

Friday 2 April 2021

Episode 134

An overly vigilant and paranoid Baiju wakes Shrishti up multiple times to ensure her safety. Shrishti has an awkward encounter with Baiju before she is shocked to see him wearing Vishu’s clothes and questions him. Later, a monk performs a ritual and asks Vidvaan and Revati to sprinkle holy water in the house to bring them good fortune. However, Revati suffers a fall as she tries to get up.

Episode 135

Anurag is successful in entering Ragini’s room under the disguise of a make-up woman. But he gets caught as he touches her because she knew his touch. Despite being beaten up by Shrishti, Baiju manages to bring a smile to her face with his antics.  Meanwhile, in cahoots with Parag, Anurag decides to kidnap Abhimanyu instead of Ragini and devises a plan for it.

Saturday 3 April 2021

Episode 136

Anurag watches while Abhimanyu and Ragini exchange engagement rings with a sad look on his face. Later, when the organisers of the engagement party ask him to pay them, a distraught Anurag fights them and tells them to go away. Abhimanyu then arrives at the scene and writes them a cheque, asking Anurag to calm himself and move on. As Baiju backs Shristi up, they start being catty by raising questions about her character

Episode 137

Despite being asked to leave by Vikral Singh, Anurag ends up attending Ragini’s Haldi ceremony. Shrishti arrives at a ceremony to bless a pregnant woman. But she is insulted by other women as she is a widow. Later, Ragini gets shocked when her driver reveals his face.

Sunday 4 April 2021

Episode 138

After talking to a heartbroken Anurag over the phone, Revathi feels worried. He later imagines Ragini marrying Abhimanyu and feels terrible. Leaving the wedding, Ragini rushes to Anurag’s side. They run into Revati and Shristhi, who are searching for them. Revati proceeds to tell them all about her efforts to drive a wedge in their relationship and begs them to forgive her.

Episode 139

The next day, as the family is gathered for prayer, Revati asks Srishti to get a chain from the locker. Soon they hear her scream and rush towards the room. They are all shocked at what they see. Anurag and Ragini inform their family that they have filed a report with the police as they could not find Baiju. Suddenly, some policemen enter with Baiju and a bag of money that they confiscated from him, after which Dulari makes a shocking revelation.

Monday 5 April 2021

Episode 140

Shrishti finds out that Payal has decided to leave her parents’ house, which leaves her startled. Anurag and his family watch Shrishti being arrested by the police on the television. She is asked insensitive questions by the media and is taken away to the police station. Later, at the station, the policemen misbehave with Shrishti and Baiju, mistaking her for a prostitute.

Episode 141

A furious Ragini threatens her neighbours with dire consequences if they do anything to harm Shrishti. The next day, at the panchayat meeting,  the sarpanch listens to the villagers’ accusations against Shrishti and delivers his final verdict. After hearing the panchayat’s decision, a furious Vidvaan refuses to heed their orders.

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Episode 142

Enraged by his behaviour, the sarpanch removes the entire family from the community and asks them to leave town. Ragini supports Baiju’s decision of marrying Shrishti.

Episode 143

Shrishti recollects Baiju’s sacrifices for her and agrees to marry him. Shrishti and Baiju proceed to their ‘haldi’ ceremony. Later, on the first night of their marriage, Shrishti gets the shock of her life when Baiju refuses to bless her and reveals his true colours to her.

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Episode 144

She is shocked when she comes to know that Baiju has now been given Vishu’s share of the property. Baiju then forces her to eat and warns her that if she doesn’t listen to him, her family will face the consequences. Baiju forces Shrishti to wear bangles of a smaller size, injuring her hands in the process. Ragini then gets a call from Anurag, asking her to get ready and meet him for a surprise that he has planned.

Episode 145

Baiju continues to mistreat Shrishti at home by threatening to harm her mother. At night, Baiju tries to force Shrishti to make physical contact with him. Baiju tries to convince Revati in order to let him stay in the house. Later, when Ragini is with the family members, she sees Chitra approaching and fears that Anurag will find out the truth.

Thursday 8 April 2021

Episode 146

Shrishti realises that Baiju has some sinister plan to ill-treat her and braces herself to face it. Meanwhile, Anurag wonders why Ragini had lied to him about her friend’s accident. Shrishti becomes scared when Baiju and Vajanti take her to a shady part of the town.

Episode 147

Vajanti then presents her to Chanda, who praises Shrishti’s beauty. Ragini’s behaviour convinces Anurag that she is hiding something and he decides to find the truth. Shrishti is forced to dance as everyone throws money at her.

Friday 9 April 2021

Episode 148

Anurag, hiding behind the door, watches Ragini feed Abhimanyu as tears roll down his eyes. Shristi  tries to call someone at Vidvaan’s house. Anurag, on the other hand, eventually breaks his silence and questions Ragini over her secret meeting with Abhimanyu. Vajanti falls down and suffers an asthma attack. Shrishti, who is about to run away, has a change of mind.

Episode 149

Meanwhile, at Ragini’s place, everyone gets ecstatic as they learn that she is pregnant. When Baiju approaches Chandabai and pays her money in order to release Shrishti, she refuses to let her go. He then is determined to rescue Shrishti. Anurag and Ragini, discuss plans for their unborn child and spend some pleasant moments together. Later, Chandabai conducts an auction to sell Shrishti.

Please note that Ring of Fire episodes will now air from Mondays to Fridays only. No more weekends.

Monday 12 April 2021

Episode 150

Chandabai realises that Baiju has escaped with Shrishti by deceiving her with fake currency notes. When Ragini and Anurag go to visit Abhimanyu, they find him gone but discover a letter for them left by him. Ragini surprises Shrishti with the news of her pregnancy which makes her really happy. Anurag, on the other hand, is unable to hide his concern for Revati when Dulaari accidentally spills hot tea on her.

Episode 151

At the party, Rocky has something unpleasant planned for Divya. When Divya realises that Baiju saved her life, she apologises to him, as earlier she behaved rudely with him. Shrishti is not able to believe that Baiju is a changed man now, she tries to question him about his sudden change of heart. Dulaari gets to have a look at the name tattooed on Shrishti’s arm, although she makes up some excuse, Dulaari doesn’t believe her.

Tuesday 13 April 2021

Episode 152

Ragini becomes griefsticken when her father (Vikral) meets with an accident. Baiju and Shrishti check in at a hotel after arriving in Mumbai. In order to kill Vikral Singh, his party members send two goons to the hospital.

Episode 153

Baiju tries to impress Shrishti and also express his love for her.

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Episode 154

Shrishti gets a shock on seeing that the disc jockey looks exactly like her deceased husband, Vishu. She then takes Baiju’s help to find Vishu’s lookalike. Meanwhile, Ragini and Anurag convince Parag to carry forward his father’s legacy and win the elections.  Ragini gets angry at her father’s colleagues as they refuse to appoint Parag their leader.

Episode 155

Shrishti excitedly hugs DJ Shanky thinking he is Vishu. But he shoves her aside and leaves. Baiju walks in with Shanky’s driver and makes a shocking revelation. Baiju is glad to see the happiness that Shrishti experiences when she is finally sure that Shanky is actually Vishu. Meanwhile, when Ragini returns to Anurag’s house with her father, everybody is shocked to see the change that has come over her personality.

Thursday 15 April 2021

 Episode 156

Shrishti informs the family about Vishu’s memory loss and narrates the story of how he survived. Baiju faces a tough time in the family, trying to keep his composure calm and normal. He is troubled to see the attention that Shrishti has been giving Vishu. At the same time, Shrishti is confused about her feelings for Vishu and Baiju.

Episode 157

On seeing Anurag’s efforts, Ragini is pleased and praises him.

Friday 16 April 2021

Episode 158

Vishu’s birthday celebrations get underway with much fervour as Parag and Divya put on a dance performance. Vishu, meanwhile, is shocked to find out about Shrishti and Baiju’s marriage. He taunts the whole family for breaking his trust and decides to leave the house.

Episode 159

Ragini gets upset that her child might turn up ignorant like her, as she herself is uneducated. Revathi tells Dulari that she wishes to bring Shrishti and Vishu back together. On Revathi’s advice, Shrishti prepares breakfast for Vishu and spends time with him. Afterwards, Revathi tricks Shrishti and Vishu in order to make Baiju jealous.

Monday 19 April 2021

Episode 160

Anurag is worried about Ragini as he feels she is too much involved with aspects relating to violence. Ragini gets a chance to speak with Baiju and he reveals to her the depth of his love for Shrishti. The moment Shrishti enters Vishu’s room, she feels dizzy and faints. Dulaari and Revati enter Vishu’s room and put Shrishti on the bed.

Episode 161

Anurag, however, blames Ragini and her father for the hospital incident which leads to a huge fight between Ragini, Anurag and Shrishti. Anurag and Ragini face a rough patch in their relationship. Later, Baiju brings in Shrishti’s health report and when he reads it out loud, everyone in the family is shocked.

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Episode 162

Shrishti tries to explain that the pregnancy reports are false and that she is not pregnant. Ragini believes Shrishti but the family members do not pay attention to her. Shrishti understands that Baiju no longer trusts her and is convinced about being pregnant.

Episode 163

While Vishu tries to figure out a way to console a broken Shrishti, Revati gives him a suggestion. Later, Ragini eavesdrops on Anurag seeking legal advice to keep his child away from Vikral Singh.

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Episode 164

Baiju catches Revathi when she is handing the bribe money to the doctor and shames her. He tells her that he is going to reveal her conspiracy to the whole family.

Episode 165

Ragini destroys her books and informs Anurag that she will leave after giving birth to his child. Later, a girl enters Shrishti’s house looking for Baiju. He introduces her as Damini, his ex-fiance. Shrishti feels jealous over Baiju’s affection for her.

Thursday 22 April 2021

Episode 166

Ragini, on the other hand, tries to pacify Shristi’s fears and helps her to find the truth about Damini. Incidentally, Ragini meets with an accident. Later, Anurag and Ragini resolve their differences as he applies sindoor on her forehead.

Episode 167

Baiju and Damini reach the temple where Shrishti has made arrangements to get them married. Vishu learns about Shrishti and Baiju’s relationship and is taken aback.

Friday 23 April 2021

Episode 168

Ragini receives a call from the car mechanic, who gives her an important information about her father’s accident. Ragini and Anurag tease Shrishti and Baiju about their chemistry. Later, someone tries to push Ragini’s father down from the stairs but Anurag comes to his rescue on time.

Episode 169

Vishu has an emotional breakdown and decides to come to terms with reality. At the market, a few goons start bullying Shrishti which makes Baiju lose his temper and he threatens them. Everyone looks shocked when Vikral Singh is suddenly attacked.

Monday 26 April 2021

Episode 170

Ragini and Anurag install spy cameras all over the house as they suspect that something odd is going on. Following that, Vishu conspires to create differences between Shristi and Baiju and therefore commits a heinous act. Ragini goes through the CCTV footage of the house she sees that Vishu made the video and confronts him.

Episode 171

In the pretext of sending Baiju to get flowers for Shrishti, Vishu kidnaps him. Ragini is shocked to find another attempt to kill her father in the middle of the night. When Anurag tries to access the footage from the spy cameras, he comes across a shocking discovery. On the other hand, Vishu battles with jealousy over Baiju and Shrishti’s intimacy.

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Episode 172

Shrishti assures Ragini that she hasn’t hidden anything from her.

Episode 173

After a series of unfortunate incidents, Ragini and Anurag get suspicious that someone from the family is trying to create chaos. Later, when Shristi and Baiju share some romantic moments, Vishu intervenes. Vishu gets irritated as he is not able to hurt Vikral Singh due to everyone’s presence.

Wednesday 28 April 2021

Episode 174

Late at night, Vishu mixes poison in Ragini’s juice, which she is supposed to serve to her father. Baiju gets a gift for Shrishti, along with a note asking her to come to the park. Unknown to her, Vishu sneaks into her room and sees the gift. He then hatches a plan to create misunderstandings between the couple.

Episode 175

During the puja, Baiju tries to mend his differences with Shrishti but ignores him. Shrishti receives a message on her mobile from Baiju stating that she must marry Abhisuchi. Later, Vishu is shocked to see his entire family learn about his confession. Shrishti and Ragini reveal how they had planned the entire drama to catch Vishu red-handed.

Thursday 29 April 2021

Episode 176

A vengeful Vishu plans to kill Ragini’s father by making Baiju give him the wrong tablets, but gets shocked on learning that Baiju has taken the tablets for Shrishti. Ragini and Shrishti share the excitement of Shrishti’s pregnancy. While everyone in the family congratulates the couple, Vishu is aflame with anger to such an extent that he inflicts injuries on himself.

Episode 177

A man claiming to be a doctor arrives and Vishu takes him to see Vikraal. The doctor threatens to expose Vishu if he doesn’t receive his payment. Vishu reveals his real identity and motive to the doctor and kills him. Later, Vishu confesses to Vikraal about planning his accident to avoid being exposed.

Friday 30 April 2021

Episode 178

Vishu plans to kill Vikraal before he can recover fully. Meanwhile, Srishti suspects that her accident was actually a conspiracy. Vikraal lets Ragini know that Vishu had killed the doctor.

Episode 179

Tiwari tries to attack Ragini, but Vishu comes to her rescue. Vishu manipulates Ragini and Srishti into believing he is innocent. The family members refuse to believe the allegations laid by a dying Tiwari upon Baiju. The police conduct an investigation into the case and interrogate everyone.

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Ring Of Fire Story

MBA graduate Anurag Singh returns to his native town Bihar after completing studentship in London. His family arranges his wedding to the soft-spoken traditional law student Srishti.

Loud-mouthed, bold and spoilt, Ragini Singh likes Anurag. On his wedding day her father Vikraal forces Anurag to marry her. To save Anurag’s family from humiliation Srishti marries his mentally disabled younger brother Vishvesh.

Anurag’s mother Revati disapproves of Ragini’s goonish behavior and plans to separate them. Vishvesh and Srishti strike a friendship. A hitman tries to kill Srishti. Vishesh confronts him and dies after falling off a cliff.

The police fail to find Vishvesh’s body. Dejected by her loveless marriage, Ragini leaves Anurag. Vikraal searches a second husband for her. Now changed, Anurag decides to win her over. They unite and Ragini gets pregnant.

Tensions arise between Ragini and Anurag when she joins Vikraal’s political work. Later the matter is sorted out. Baiju Kanpuria, a goon starts chasing Srishti and creates circumstances in which she is forced to marry him.

Baiju tortures Srishti and sells her to a brothel till his mother tells him about Srishti saving her life. He reforms and develops feelings for Srishti who also becomes a friend of him.

Srishti learns that Vishvesh is alive and has lost his memory. She brings him back. Revati wants them to reunite ans tries to emotionally manipulate Baiju into letting Srishti, who figures out the truth and declares her love for him.

Baiju is implicated in a drug case. Ragini tries to prove his innocence. Vishvesh secretly kills Baiju. Ragini is sent to prison for his murder. The Singh family don’t believe her. She delivers a daughter named Agni in jail and asks one of the jailors to tell Agni that she was innocent.

Ragini writes a letter to Srishti explaining her innocence and Baiju’s death. Angered, Srishti confronts Vishvesh and kills him. She dies delivering her and Baiju’s daughter Sakshi who is taken to the Singh family.

Twenty years later
Sakshi has grown up in Anurag’s family and become a doctor. Agni is brought up in a foster home and works as a police inspector. Sakshi is later revealed to be not a doctor.

Agni falls in love with Kishan Thakur, but he marries Sakshi, who later develops feelings for him, too. Sakshi and Agni become friends. Agni marries Kishan’s brother Sameer and they all live happily ever after.

Yukti Kapoor[9] as Ragini Anurag Singh (2017–18)/Agni Sameer Thakur (2018–19)
Simaran Kaur as Srishti Vishvesh Singh (2017–18)/ Sakshi Kishan Thakur(2018–19)
Ankit Gera[10] as Anurag Singh (2017–18)
Mohak Khurana[11] as Vishvesh Singh (2017–18)/Shekhar Sharma (2018)[12]
Ayaz Ahmed[13] as Baiju Kanpuria (2018) [14]
Karan Goddwani[15] as Kishan Thakur (2018–19)
Samridh Bawa[16] as Lawyer Sameer Thakur (2018–19)[17]
Divay Dhamja[18] as Shekhar Sharma (2017)
Amita Choksi[19] as Revati Vidvaan Singh (2017–19)
Sunil Singh[20] as Vidvaan Singh (2017–18)
Shalu Shreya[21] as Divya Singh (2017–18)
Ibrar Yakub[22] as Brijbhan Singh (2017–18)
Shakti Singh[23] as Purushottam Singh (2017–18)
Aamir S Khan[24] as Parag
Prakash Pandit as Narad
Vishesh Sagar as Baiju
Anuradha Singh as Dulaari (2017–18)
Amit Koushik[25] as Vikraal Singh (2017–18)
Deepali Kamath as Sonali Purushottam Singh (2017–18)
Ankit Bhetiwal[26] as Mac
Rutpanna Aishwarya
Rehaan Roy as Abhimanyu
Jyotsna Chandola as Rajjo