Reason Why Ishaan, Samrat Had To Die And Urmi Was Replaced


Reason Why Ishaan, Samrat Had To Die And Urmi Was Replaced


Like we told you earlier Vibhav Roy, Neha Marda and Mohit Malik have quit the show cos the script post leap didn’t exactly suit their tastes and they had some good offers. So here’s how their respective characters will come to an end in Doli Armaano ki.

Urmi: A clause in her contract that permits her to take four days off every month, at a stretch has been overlooked for long. As a result, the actress hasn’t been able to visit her husband Ayushman Agarwal, who is based out of Patna. Says a source,” Neha’s contract was to be renewed in November. Her only demand was a few days off every month so that she can travel to Patna. However, the production house has failed to comply with it every time, citing telecast issues. Her in-laws are considered enough and Ayushman flies down to be with her. But even then, her hectic schedule doesn’t allow her to spend time with him. According to reports, since Neha didn’t want to continue with the show, hence she put in her papers and the makers roped in another actress post the leap in her place. So what happened to Urmi? Well Samrat (Mohit Malik) will try to kill her off by burning her. But Ishaan (Vibhav Roy) will come to her rescue and save her. Post the leap, Urmi will have a plastic surgery and the new character will be played by Manasi Salvi.

Ishaan: Vibhav Roy apparently didn’t wish to play father to a 20 plus Shaurya and hence put down his papers. Ishaan will run in to save Urmi from the fire. During the rescue mission, Ishaan will fall victim to the fire and breath his last breath.

Samrat: Mohit Malik has been singed up for Jhalak Dikhhla jaa 8. Initially, Mohit was supposed to act as his son in a positive role, but the actor refused the offer and decided to completely bow out.

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