Reason Why Fans Love Abhi and Pragya of Twist of fate Zeeworld


Reason Why Fans Love Abhi and Pragya of Twist of fate Zeeworld

5 Reason Why Fans Love Abhi and Pragya of Twist of fate Zeeworld

We love the series because of the dramatic events and unexpected twist.

Twist of fate series is being stretched like elastic for months now. However, people seem to be enjoying the show despite the drag, However, something that keeps them totally glued to this series is Abhi and Pragya the dramatic couple no wonder the fans love them and they are one the reason people are still watching Twist of fate.

Here are the reasons fans are in love with Abhi and Pragya.


When it comes to Abhi and Pragya, both are ready to sacrifice whatever it takes just to make any of their family member happy. In the series, Abhi has to obey all his grandmother request. He loves his grandmother so much that he can do anything for her, while Pragya got married to Abhi for the sake of her mother’s health and also to protect her sister Bulbul.

Never-ending  cute fights


We always see them having fights between them because they love to argue with each other over everything.

Fans love Abhi and Pragya in this avatar simply because their fights are just so cute. they always lead to creating a romantic scene, that can make the audience blush, Each time they fight they come more close to each other.

Intense chemistry

Amazing chemistry between Abhi and Pragya.


It’s very important to have a great bond between a couple and similarly, Abhi and Pragya on the show imply a great bond between them. They both look cute together. Wherever destiny leads them in the show, their chemistry remains untouched.

They both support each other in difficult paths

Remember how Abhi stood for Pragya family when they were about to demolish their marriage hall? Pragya too saved Abhi many times. For instance, she took the blame for his hit and run drunk driving accident and she got his guitar repaired at the last moment which Tanu destroyed purposely.

Their Strange Relationship

The show has always shown them having hatred against each other. But now the path is turning from hate to love.  They always end up falling for each other no matter what. Abhi and Pragya always belonged to two different worlds but their bond brought them together and that’s what changed their life. This transformation from hate to love is something which the fans adore the most.

We just hope the producer of the series will unite these two lovebirds soon and move the series forward from there on. What do you think?

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