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Rajjo Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Cast and Teasers


Rajjo Starlife Full Story, Plot Summary, Cast and Teasers

Rajjo Starlife is an athletically-gifted girl from a village, encounters Arjun, a rich but angry man, when he saves her life during a calamity. Together they navigate the fallout and societal boundaries that try to divide them.

The new promo opens up new chapters of Rajjo’s life. As she gets detachment from her mother and later on discovers about her mother is an athlete too as she finds the lost medal of her mother. Further to this, she takes her way to the city to achieve the unfulfilled dream of her mother and then the academy accepts her after seeing her talent. She meets someone who gives her an opportunity but she doesn’t know that this is the same person because of whom her mother’s dream was incomplete. However, it will be interesting to watch how Rajjo is on her mission to fulfill her mother’s incomplete dream to discover the truth.

Rajjo Starlife Cast

Rajjo Starlife Cast 

Brief Information and Details on Rajjo Starlife Series

  • Genre: Romance
  • First Episode: 4 May 2023
  • Total number of episodes: 190
  • Total numbers of Season: One
  • Channel: Starlife Africa
  • Original name: Rajjo 
  • Last Episode: Nil

Casts Of Rajjo Starlife

  • Celesti Bairagey as Rajjo Thakur (née Dhaki) – An aspiring athlete; Manorama and Pushkar’s daughter; Kalindi, Niharika and Bunty’s half-sister; Mukund, Sagar and Pankhuri’s cousin; Vicky’s ex-fiancé; Arjun’s wife
  • Rajveer Singh as Arjun Singh Thakur – A fertilizer businessman; Madhumalti and Pratap’s younger son; Chirag’s younger brother; Mukund, Rocky, Sagar and Pankhuri’s cousin; Urvashi’s ex-fiancé; Rajjo’s husband
  • Gungun Uprari as Manorama “Manno” Dhaki – A former athlete; Pushkar’s ex-lover; Rajjo’s mother
  • Pakkhi Hegde as Madhumalti Pratap Thakur – Pratap’s wife; Chirag and Arjun’s mother; Rocky’s aunt; Siya’s grandmother
  • Surjit Saha as Bunty Chaudhary – Kavita and Pushkar’s son; Kalindi and Niharika’s brother; Rajjo’s half-brother; Mukund, Sagar and Pankhudi’s cousin
  • Siddharth Vasudev as Pushkar Chaudhary – Jhilmil’s elder brother; Manorama’s ex-lover; Kavita’s husband; Kalindi, Niharika, Bunty and Rajjo’s father; Siya’s grandfather
  • Kajal Sharma as Niharika Chaudhary – Pushkar and Kavita’s younger daughter; Kalindi and Bunty’s sister; Rajjo’s half-sister
  • Avinash Sahijwani as Pratap Singh Thakur – Keshav’s elder son; Kartik’s brother; Madhumalti’s husband; Chirag and Arjun’s father; Siya’s grandfather
  • Jaya Binju as Kavita Chaudhary – Pushkar’s wife; Kalindi, Niharika and Bunty’s mother; Rajjo’s step-mother; Siya’s grandmother