Radha Mohan Wednesday Update 28 February 2024


Radha Mohan Wednesday Update 28 February 2024

Mohan says he would have to bear this marriage for the next six months, Radha asks what was the respect that he gave her, by standing in front of the entire family and even protecting her from Bhushan uncle asking if it was all done forcefully. Damini exclaims Mohan should say yes since for Radha his love is the biggest and if he refuses then she will surely break emotionally. Radha demands Mohan to say what was it for him either the drama for her, Damini exclaims Mohan should say yes when he gets a call from Gungun, Radha snatches the phone when Mohan asks why is she doing this, Radha explains that Gungun would be able to understand if there is something wrong. Radha answers the call of Gungun, Damini asks if Gungun also had to call at this moment when Kaveri says she is a barrier in their plan.

Gungun asks Radha why was she not answering her call, Radha replies she is fine and with Mohan so they both are going to come back together, Radha says she will herself help Gungun with her homework after coming back. Gungun gets excited and says she will inform everyone.


Kaveri informs Damini that Radha is coming back home so what if she manages to correct all of the mis understandings, Radha questions why Mohan is not answering the question which she asked him, Mohan says because he does not believe anything she is saying, Radha replies just like he refused to believe Tulsi, Kaveri exclaims that now Radha has gone in the right direction. Radha informs when she was coming to the office he said he is worried that what happened with Tulsi might happen once again, she says it is indeed happening but not because of the office but because of him. Radha says he did not lose Tulsi because she used to come to the office but because he did not trust her, Radha mentions that he is also refusing to trust her revealing that she might suffer the same fate, explaining that she will also live her entire life like this however he is not going to understand anything. Radha requests Mohan to see around him just once mentioning everything is the same as before, because Damini is still playing the clever games with them while the only difference is that she is standing in place of Tulsi, and just like Tulsi is not with him then it is possible even she might not be with him tomorrow. Parthap is smiling.
Damini exclaims Mohan should not listen to Radha because then her plan would fail before starting, she instructs Mohan should not listen to her. Mohan asks what did Radha think that he will get emotional hearing the name of Tulsi, he asks her to come back home when Radha replies she will indeed come back because her daughter is waiting for her but not with someone like him who does not even trust her, she explains if suspicion comes between the trust then they tend to fear that it might break. Mohan says she can do whatever she likes, as he has already started to get a headache from hearing her lecture, he leaves saying she can come back whenever she desires.

Radha sees her bag so goes to pick it up before slowly walking out of the office while crying. Kaveri smiles mentioning she is enjoying a lot because this film has all the family masala, Damini mentions it even has a sad ending which she would enjoy a lot. Kaveri explains that it had a sad ending since the hero left the heroine. Damini mentions the film has not ended so she informs Parthap to hit Radha with the car advising it should look like an accident, Parthap demands money when Damini offers to give him so much money that he would not have to work for the rest of his life, Parthap agrees explaining he has to avenge for what happened in the past. Damini thinks Tulsi would finally get a second partner as Mohan is going to lose his second wife in the same place where he lost his first wife, and he will break down emotionally just like the last time, and he stopped going to the office but this time he might not even come out of his room, so the secret in the office would stay there while Gungun will start hating Mohan after losing both of his mothers, she is going to support Mohan when he will break down after which he would not have any other choice but to love her, she says that their love story is going to start this time.

Radha wonders what sort of a person is he, since he always tends to find mistakes in everything that she does while he believes everything that Damini says, Radha prays to Mata Rani to give Mohan some sense as she is fighting for him but what would happen when she is not with him. Radha thinks she has to reach back home as Gungun is waiting for her.

Parthap is sitting in the car with his accomplice while Radha is standing right in front of them, Parthap thinks how her death is written by his hands so he instructs his accomplice to hit Radha with the car, they start driving towards Radha who is walking, she exclaims he first comes to save her but then even says a lot of things to her, she while crying he should not have come while after that acts as if he is a hero of a film. Damini instructs Parthap to end her life quickly, Kaveri suggests he should hit her twice or thrice if she does not die the first time, Parthap orders his accomplice to drive a bit fast.

Radha is still walking not realizing that she is about to be hit by a car, Parthap instructs his accomplice to turn the car and they drive off.

Radha is shocked seeing Mohan sitting in the car, Damini wonders why did Mohan come back, kaveri says everything is going to be lost even after making such an extensive plan but they will not achieve anything.

Radha is standing when she questions if Mohan was planning to kill her, he says he would have indeed killed her as everyone thinks he feels happy while trying to kill his wife. Mohan opening the door instructs Radha to sit in the car but she refuses to sit, Radha mentions he should not blame himself for what he has not done. Mohan says she has started giving lectures once again, Radha informs that wherever she goes her lectures would also come, she questions why did he come back when he said she is just someone whom he is forced to bear, and if she does not stay with him then all the problems in his life would be sorted, Radha questions then why is he staying with her.

Mohan walking to Radha pulls her close to him, she starts hurting but keeps staring Mohan, who says she is right as he does not love her and she forcefully entered his life while he does not care if she stays or leaves. He informs but Gungun cares and if she is her mother then he is also her father, while now Gungun is waiting for them both, her Radha and Mohan. He forces Radha to sit in the car before driving away with her.

Mohan is really furious, thinking when Radha said he lost Tulsi because he refused to trust her and just like Tulsi is not with him today, it is possible she might also not stay with him tomorrow. Radha asked him why is he staying with her when he thinks she is the problem in his life. Mohan suddenly starts to make really sharp turns due to which Radha asks what is he doing since she is getting scared, he angrily starts hitting the car when Radha requests him to stop.

Damini getting furious breaks the phone, kaveri informs that their plans donot work so she must do something to accomplish it, Damini informs she has found a plan informing a mouse just needs a small hole to break through a mountain, she explains the mis understanding which has created today between the relation of Radha and Mohan will intensify a lot, she informs Mohan was not able to understand when Radha informed him that she is standing in the same place where Tulsi was standing all those years ago, Damini vows to create so much problems in their relation that it would be forced to break after which even the Bihari jee of Radha will not be able to protect her. Damini is furious. Radha and Mohan both are sitting in the car.