Radha Mohan Sunday Update 7 April 2024


Radha Mohan Sunday Update 7 April 2024

Mohan is shocked while reading the letter, Tulsi says she has not written the letters and he must believe in Radha, Kadambari asks him what is written in them as the police are taking Radha away, Ketki also asks Mohan to at least say something but he instead sits on the step without saying anything, Damini thinks she must control herself because Mohan has to take care of himself.

Radha while in the jeep is calling Mohan to protect her since she cannot harm Tulsi bt he does not stp her, Kadambari sits beside Mohan asking him what has happened, Ketki comes telling Gungun might be mistaken since Radha can never do anything of the sort, Dadi also says that he knows Radha can never do anything wrong, Ramaveshwar mentions he knows Radha is innocent since she cannot kill anyone so he requests Mohan to do something. Tulsi while crying pleads with Mohan to save Radha. Ketki asks him to at least say something while even Kadambari questions what is written in the letters but Mohan does not say utter even a single word, he instead gets up and walks away from everyone and goes towards his room, Kadambari calls him from behind however he does not even turn back, Tulsi asks Mohan to listen to kadambari and protect Radha since she has not done anything wrong. Mohan closes the door of the room.


Damini thinks now Mohan will only think what she tells about Radha, she is glad for using Gungun to play this game. Kadambari holding her hand apologizes to the guests mentioning they all must leave since there is not going to be any pooja in this house. Kadambari is really worried.

The constables are pushing Radha when she asks what has she done since she has never committed any crime, Radha yells at the Inspector saying she ahs not done anything wrong but the Inspector slaps her saying she does not want any drama so they keep pulling Radha.

Mohan sitting beside the door is crying thinking how he had fallen in love with Radha and she was always there to support him, she is the one who advised that he must move on in his life in order to forget his past, she said she cannot leave the person whom she loves and showed complete confidence in each and every decision that he would make, she assured she is never going to leave him, Mohan is really emotional thinking how Radha pleaded with him saying she did not kill Tulsi. He is not able to stop crying and gets really tensed.

The Inspector asks Radha to change her clothes, she asks how can she wear the white saree on the function of Tej but the Inspector angrily slaps Radha, asking if she would like to suffer even more beating or change her clothes, Radha starts crying when the Inspector instructs her to go in the corner.

Kadambari turns to Gungun asking how can she place such a big blame on her Ramaaa when she is her mother, Gungun refuses saying she is not her mother but the killer of her real mother, Kadambari is shocked along with the rest of the family, Damini thinks Gungun should tell everyone how wrong she used to think of Radha who is the killer of her real mother, Gungun says they all are not able to trust her so must read the letters which were written by her real mother, Damini is confident as Gungun hands Ketki, Ajeet and even Vishwaniyat the letters, Damini thinks they all should read how their favorite Radha broke their trust since Tulsi herself is going to tell them that what Radha has done with her.

Kadambari reads that she really loves Mohan and even his family loves them, ever since they found out she is pregnant everyone is really caring for them, she even have her the name of Gungun, Tulsi requests them to not believe whatever is written in the letters, Ketki reads that she is going to tell Gungun what she has never told anyone, but she is scared of someone who seems very innocent but is actually cunning, and wants to remain by Mohan, Ketki blame that it is Damini hearing which she gets worried, Gungun asks Ketki to read ahead and she reads that the girl comes with her Grandmother, from Barsana and is always roaming around Mohan, and when Tulsi tried to stop her she tried to kill her. she managed to protect herself but is sure that Radha would surely achieve her goals, Damini starts smiling. Ketki reads she has never told anyone because they would think she is mad since the girl is thirteen or fourteen years old, she tells Gungun that the girl is very dangerous while Damini loves him but this girl is obsessed with her father so she is afraid of this girl. Kadambari is not able to believe what she is hearing, Ketki lets go of the letters.

Radha finally comes out after changing the saree and wearing the white one. The inspector asks her to even take out all the jewelry, Radha tires to plead that she could not have killed anyone and they are mistaken, the inspector says this is what each and every criminal says after being caught, she asks Radha to take out all of her jewelry which she slowly places on the table. Radha even removes the nose pin when the Inspector asks her to remove the Mangal Sutur, hearing which Radha refuses saying she cannot remove it since it belongs to her husband, the Inspector tries to reach for it but Radha stops her hand, the Inspector is not able to remove it when Radha says she told them that she would not remove it, they both start struggling and after a while the Inspector slaps Radha, she however is not able to pull the Mangal Sutur from the neck of Radha, Inspector says she is very stubborn so asks the constable for the stick with which she starts beating Radha, who keeps crying but is not able to protect herself, but she keeps holding the Mangal Sutur saying he would not remove the Mangal Sutur even if the Inspector takes her life, the inspector says she is very stubborn so asks the other constable to take Radha to the lockup.

Ajeet reads the letter in which it says that Radha did not stop following her even when she came to the house of her mother btu Radha still did not stop following her and she saw her standing in front of the house so she managed to send Radha away but she left after threatening to marry Mohan, Damini acts as if she is shocked. Vishwaniyat reads the letter in which it says that she sees Radha so gets worried that Radha might harm her, she even tried to file the complaint against Radha but the police Inspector did not believe her since Radha is only thirteen or fourteen years old. Kadambari finally opens the box, she reads that Tulsi mentioned today she gave birth to Gungun and decided to call her father and end all of her quarrels with Mohan but she saw Radha staring at Gungun like she will surely kill her, she is sure that Radha will come back and harm them. Tulsi tries to plead with them saying they all know Radha and she can never do anything of the sort, she says Ajeet considers Radha as his sister so should know this is all wrong. Ketki takes out the other letter, she starts reading that she saw Radha with the Mashal outside the house and Radha wants to harm them both and she is only worried for the safety of Gungun, she just wants Mohan to come and take her since she feels this might be her last letter and if Gungun finds them after her death then should know that Radha is the one who killed her. Damini thinks that the poison which she has injected in her life is going to ruin her relation with not only Gungun or Mohan but the entire family as they are going to become her enemy.