Radha Mohan Saturday Update 2 March 2024


Radha Mohan Saturday Update 2 March 2024

Mohan staring at the photo of Tulsi recalls when he told Ketki how they always keep blaming Damini without any proof, and he even said she and Ajeet can go to the house of her in laws but he will not hear anything against Damini. Mohan mentions Ketki came to take with him but he took out all of his anger on her, he wonders what is happening to him since he gets frustrated with his own family. Tulsi exclaims she knows he would realize his mistakes very soon, she just prays that the truth which Radha wants to reveal should come in front of him very soon.

Radha from the office calls Mohan, he answers the phone asking who is there on the call, Radha while crying is not able to say anything at first, Mohan angrily tries to end the call but she requests him to not do it, he says they should learn from her how to stalk someone as she is not even letting him take a breath, Radha replies they do not leave those whom they love, Radha mentions she knows he will not answer her call from Gayatri jee, so she used this phone. Mohan inquires why did she call him, she explains that today is a very important meeting which she must attend so she just requests him to give her his blessing, Mohan mentions he will only curse her today so it is better that he does not say anything, he ends the phone when Radha mentions he could have caused her but did not say anything which is a blessing for her. Radha mentions she knows he really cares for her even when he is angry, Radha wipes off the tears, Kadambari walking sees her so asks her to come as it is time for the meeting, Radha agrees to follow her.


Radha while getting ready to leave notices Damini packing her bag, she thinks before Damini manages to end all the proof in her cabin, she must find out the truth about them and even understand who is helping her.

Mohan is in his room when Kaveri comes to the door, she enters the room and notices he is very tensed so asks the reason, Mohan replies he is fine when she mentions he cannot lie to her, explaining just as she has seen Damini since her childhood then also knows him. She explains that she can see how many tears are behind his smile, mentioning that Damini is tensed and even he is worried, she explains he knows how the condition of Damini is as she has also become very quiet. Mohan assures nothing would happen to Damini, Kaveri asks if she can say something so mentions they both know her daughter has spent her entire life loving him and she has never thought about anyone else but what did she get in return, she is wondering if Damini is in such a condition because all of these events and she might lose her mental strength. Kaveri explains they both have always had a relation of smile so she is requesting him as a mother to accept her daughter, she says he can kill her if she has made any mistake, but she requests him to stand by her daughter if she is proven innocent. Kaveri explains because if she breaks this time then no one would be able to help her, she starts crying when Mohan requests her to stop crying, assuring nothing will happen to Damini as she should not have tears in her eyes and she always looks good doing such pranks, he requests her to never break in front of him, mentioning that nothing is going to happen to Damini, he explains he is always going to be on her side, Kaveri asks if he is going to promise her, she rases his hand forward when Mohan after thinking for a moment holds it, swearing like a son so Kaveri blesses him before smiling.

Nikhil is giving the presentation that they should also include some new books which is the best solution for them, Kadambari notices Damini is not well so asks the reason, Damini mentions she is not well when Kadambari replies they can even see this presentation some other time but Damini replies is very important, Radha looking at the time wonders why has Damini not done anything till now, she suddenly starts acting as if she is going to vomit before running out of the conference room saying they should finish the meeting. Radha thinks she is surely acting, so stands up when Kadambari asks what has happened to her, Radha explains Damini might need her help so she is going to help her, Radha leaves to find Damini but does not see her in the cabin, Radha is shocked to see that Damini is not present ad even her bag is missing, she wonders where did Damini go.

Damini slowly opens the window and secretly walks out of it, she manages to get out from it.
Radha notices Damini leaves from the window with the bag still in her band, Radha is following Damini who exclaims she ahs to take care of these proofs and does not have a lot of time, Radha is still following her when Damini notices, but she keeps walking and so Radha is also following her. Radha hides behind a car and sees that Damini is checking the bag, she manages to get very close to her. The car suddenly drives away leaving Radha exposed, she gets very tensed so gest up and is standing behind Damini but she leaves without looking at her, Radha keeps following her but is stunned wondering where did Damini go all of a sudden. Radha after walking some steps ahead realizes that the door is open, she gets furious so walks to the gate which she opens and enters into the room. Radha slowly walks through the plastic entrance e where she sees another room, Radha wonders why did Damini go in there and what is this place, she slowly starts walking towards the strange door which she opens, Radha after entering n it wonders why is it so cold, she sees a black bag placed on the floor which she goes to check and then finds the bag with the envelope, Radha realizes it is her bag, she wonders why is Damini trying to hide it, Radha is shocked hearing a sound, Damini comes in front of the door, explaining that so everyone feels that she has herself gone somewhere, she recalls how she took out the bag of Radha and placed it in the plastic bag. Damini says she thought she is very clever and she will not know that Radha is trying to hear her conversation. Damini exclaimed she managed to bring back her phone to life but no one is going to bring Radha back to life. Damini mentions Radha was only able to keep and eye on her because she allowed it, Damini exclaims she wanted her to follow so purposefully dropped the vase and then ran away into her cabin, thinking that Radha surely started following her.

Radha asks what benefit does she have in it and why did she give the letter, Damini says because she was interested to find out in whose name is the number registered, Radha is shocked to see that the number is in the name of Mohan jee. Damini replies that the same Mohan who is blamed for murdering his wife, she asks what is Radha going to do and tell everyone that the person who sent those texts to Mohan all these years ago is actually Mohan, Radha questions what sort of a women is she because she is trapping Mohan when he is fighting with all his family. Damini says that Radha is the one trying to trap Mohan when she has kept the proof hidden for so many years, Radha questions what does Damini desire, she replies Radha has a very small brain but so many questions, Damini explains Radha will get a lot of time to relax where she is standing to the extent that after a while her heart and brain will stop working. Damini says Bye to Radha mentioning that she must not meet her after today.