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Radha Mohan May Teasers 2023

Mohan takes the responsibility of Radha’s marriage. Below are Zeeworld Radha Mohan May 2023 Teasers.

Zeeworld Radha Mohan May 2023 Teasers

Monday 1 May 2023

Episode 24

Damini executes her ploy against Radha. Mohan slaps Rahul for misbehaving with Radha. Damini executes her plan and proves that Radha is a thief in front of everyone.

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Episode 25

Rahul tries to oust Radha from the house, but Mohan comes and supports her. Mohan brings Radha home; Tulsi returns too.

Wednesday 3 May 2023

Episode 26

Mohan feeds Radha with his hand. Radha expresses her distress to Mohan, who later discusses Damini’s behaviour towards Radha with Kadambari.

Thursday 4 May  2023

Episode 27

Mohan apologises to Radha. Mohan gets Radha to sit with him for breakfast and Damini gets angry at her humiliation. Mohan asks Damini to apologise to Radha.

Friday 5 May 2023

Episode 28

Radha takes food for Damini, who thinks of a plan to get rid of Radha. Damini works on her plan against Radha, who falls unconscious. Gungun looks for Radha, but Damini hides her.

Saturday 6 May 2023

Episode 29

Mohan and Gungun pray to God for Radha. The tempo of carpets catches fire, and Gungun sees Radha in it. Mohan tries to save Radha, but Damini intervenes and saves Radha. Damini and Kaveri save themselves from being exposed.

Sunday 7  May 2023

Episode 30

Ketki confronts Damini about the incident with Radha and Kadambari overhears everything. As planned, a disguised Kaveri beats Radha. Mohan saves Radha but Kaveri runs away.

Monday 8 May 2023

Episode 31

Radha’s father Rameshwar and grandmother suffer backlashes from the people. The grandmother tries to take Radha back and Mohan tries to stop Radha. Damini is happy thinking about the next plan.

Tuesday 9 May 2023

Episode 32

Radha’s grandmother decides to get her married. Mohan opposes Dadi’s decision to get Radha married, but Radha agrees to the marriage. Kadambari gets upset with Mohan due to his behaviour.

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Episode 33

Kaveri is scared to hear Mohan’s words. Mohan and Gungun listen to Dadi and find something wrong. They accompany Dadi and Radha to the bazaar to foil Dadi’s plan. Radha meets a boy there.

Thursday 11 May  2023

Episode 34

Damini decides to finalise Radha and Hriday’s alliance by any means. Malishka gives sleeping pills to Balwinder. Later, Malishka discusses her plan with Kiran but hears footsteps outside their door.

Friday 12 May 2023

Episode 35

Lata questions Mohan’s actions and Radha gives a reply. Radha and Hriday’s alliance gets finalised, but this upsets Mohan and Radha. Mohan saves Radha from a fall, but the bracelet gifted by Lata breaks.

Saturday 13 May 2023

Episode 36

Mohan takes the responsibility of Radha’s marriage. Dadi gets upset with Radha over Mohan.

Sunday 14  May 2023

Episode 37

Gungun suspects Hriday’s behaviour and asks Mohan to follow him. Radha tells Kadambari the promises she had made to herself. It is later revealed that Damini has brought Hriday.

Monday 15 May 2023

Episode 38

Mohan gets angry and breaks the flute. Radha is shocked to see blood stains on Hriday’s chain. Hriday takes Radha to a secluded place, where Radha panics. However, Mohan manages to get to Radha.

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Episode 39

Hriday decides to kill Gungun after seeing her search his bag. Hriday proves himself innocent. Mohan yells at Gungun and pretends to beat her. Radha shouts at Mohan.

Wednesday 17 May 2023

Episode 40

Hriday’s evil intentions come to the fore. Mohan gets upset as Damini badmouths Radha. Radha apologises to Mohan, but he asks her to leave the room. She then vows to seek Mohan’s forgiveness.

Thursday 18 May  2023

Episode 41

At the temple, Radha begins her resolution, and Hriday executes his dangerous plan. Mohan visits the temple and Hriday’s plan is foiled. Mohan lifts Radha in his arms and helps her fulfil her resolution. Damini tries unsuccessfully to threaten Ketki.

Friday 19 May 2023

Episode 42

Hriday refuses to marry Radha and explains the reason behind it. Damini slaps Hriday. Later, Hriday calls Radha to the outhouse.

Saturday 20 May 2023

Episode 43

Kadambari takes a decision and gets Mohan to swear that he will not hinder Radha’s marriage. Mohan helps Radha dress up for it. Gungun tries to lock Hriday in a room. Mohan inadvertently puts the engagement ring on Radha’s finger.

Sunday 21  May 2023

Episode 44

Damini tries to take off Radha’s ring forcefully. Damini sees Hriday’s photo in the newspaper. Radha makes a video call to Mohan. On the day of ‘Mehndi’, even Radha sees the newspaper with Hriday’s photo.

Monday 22 May 2023

Episode 45

Radha and the rest of the family worry about Gungun. Hriday throws Gungun into a deep pit. Rahul tells everyone about Gungun’s location.

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Episode 46

Tulsi is terrified to learn that Gungun is trapped in a borewell pit. Damini gets angry over Hriday’s wrongdoings. Shekhar calls the rescue team to save Gungun, but a problem arises.

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Episode 47

The plan to get Gungun out is devised, but the doctor shares a worrying fact. When Gungun faints, Radha suggests Mohan a way that brings her back to her senses. Radha delivers food to Gungun in the pit. Later, a problem arises in the mission to save Gungun.

Thursday 25 May  2023

Episode 48

Hriday blackmails Damini. Gungun starts to sink deeper into the pit. Everyone tries to save her together.

Friday 26 May 2023

Episode 49

The rope slips through Gungun’s hands. Hriday tells Damini how dangerous he is and what his real motive is.

Saturday 27 May 2023

Episode 50

To save Gungun, Radha jumps into the pit tying a rope, and Mohan catches the rope in time. Hriday asks Damini to pay him double amount and pretends to be upset in front of everyone. Radha asks Mohan to trust Hriday.

Sunday 28  May 2023

Episode 51

Gungun comes out of the pit, but Radha falls into the pit as the rope breaks. Mohan fights with Lord Krishna to save Radha and takes away Goddess Radha’s idol from his idol.

Monday 29 May 2023

Episode 52

Mohan reaches the pit where Radha is stuck.

Tuesday 30 May 2023

Episode 53

Radha and Mohan come out of the pit safely. Mohan scolds Radha due to his concern and hugs her in front of everyone. Dadi learns Hriday’s reality.

Wednesday 31 May 2023

Episode 54

Radha decides not to marry Hriday. Gungun tells Mohan about Hriday’s wrongdoings and Radha too learns about his actions. Lata enters the house with the intention of stealing but the family gets her arrested.