Radha Mohan February Teasers 2024


Radha Mohan February Teasers 2024

Kadambari asks Radha the reason behind killing Bhushan, and Radha exposes Bhushan’s truth. Coming up on Zeeworld Radha Mohan February 2024 Teasers;

Zeeworld Radha Mohan February 2024 Teasers

Thursday 1 February 2024

Episode 18

Damini and Kaveri get scared seeing this. Damini executes the plan to kill Radha and send Kadambari to jail. Radha steals the keys from Kadambari and later suspects Damini and Kaveri.

Friday 2 February 2024

Episode 19

Radha attends the puja. Tulsi teaches Kaveri a lesson for tampering with Radha’s anklets causing them to break during her performance. Later, Radha overhears Kaveri.

Saturday 3 February 2024

Episode 20

Kadambari decides to taste the ‘kheer’ herself. Radha fails to prove Damini wrong owing to her helplessness. However, she is scared as Radha asks her to prove herself innocent by having the ‘kheer’.

Sunday 4 February 2024

Episode 21

Radha is criticised as she doesn’t fall ill, but her condition starts deteriorating. Radha vomits blood, and Mohan and the family take her to the hospital. Gungun scolds Damini and the family. Mohan tells Damini and Kaveri that he will not spare them if anything happens to Radha.

Monday 5 February 2024

Episode 22

The police arrest Kadambari and it is revealed that Damini is behind everything. Mohan gives Radha’s responsibility to Gungun and goes to bail Kadambari out. Later, he takes Damini and Kaveri away. Kadambari warns Damini.

Tuesday 6 February 2024

Episode 23

Mohan questions Damini in jail about her wrongdoings. Radha suspects that Damini is plotting something. Kadambari decides not to bring Damini back to the house. Radha promises Gungun to always be with her.

Wednesday 7 February 2024

Episode 24

Mohan asks Radha to withdraw the complaint against Damini. Radha refuses to withdraw the complaint. She even agrees to leave the house at Kadambari’s request. Mohan beats himself with a belt, and Radha agrees to withdraw the complaint against Damini.

Thursday 8 February 2024

Episode 25

Damini talks about leaving and Mohan reveals his decision. Radha refuses to leave the house. Mohan ousts Radha from the house, but Kadambari’s brother Bhushan brings her back. Bhushan supports Radha and lashes out at Mohan and the family.

Friday 9 February 2024

Episode 26

After Mohan quits his stubbornness, Radha goes to talk to Bhushan. Radha finds Ketki’s behaviour strange. Bhushan’s behaviour discomforts Radha. She later punishes Bhushan as his reality comes to the fore.

Saturday 10 February 2024

Episode 27

Damini suspects Bhushan again. Bhushan continues his wrongdoings during breakfast and Radha imagines slapping him. Radha pushes him when he gives her the bracelet, which shocks everyone.

Sunday 11 February 2024

Episode 28

Kadambari asks Radha the reason behind killing Bhushan, and Radha exposes Bhushan’s truth. Kadambari defends Bhushan and even Ketki hides the truth. Radha slaps Damini after hearing her accusation.

Monday 12 February 2024

Episode 29

Kadambari asks Radha to apologise to Bhushan. Damini and Kaveri team up with Bhushan. At Kadambari’s request, Radha does not tell anything to Mohan. Tulsi apprises Radha of Damini’s plan.

Tuesday 13 February 2024

Episode 30

Damini and Kaveri execute their plan against Radha. Radha looks for some papers and Bhushan tries to render her unconscious. Mohan panics as the fire alarm of the house rings and embraces Radha after finding her safe.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Episode 31

On the day of Holi, Bhushan, Damini and Kaveri execute the plan against Radha. Bhushan executes his plan to embarrass Radha. However, Mohan helps Radha and takes care of her with love. Radha takes a decision for Gungun.

Thursday 15 February 2024

Episode 32

Mohan realises Radha’s point and supports her. Kadambari stops Mohan and accuses Radha of breaking the family. Later, even Ketki reveals Bhushan’s reality to everyone.

Friday 16 February 2024

Episode 33

Mohan apologises to Radha. Damini adds bhang to the ‘thandai’, and everyone behaves strangely after drinking it. Mohan takes Radha to a room and Damini tries to stop him.

Saturday 17 February 2024

Episode 34

Damini too consumes bhang. Mohan wonders what happened between him and Radha the previous night. Kadambari scolds Damini, who lashes out at Mohan for getting close to Radha.

Sunday 18 February 2024

Episode 35

Damini tells Kaveri about her plans for Radha. Later, Radha gets ready to go to office, but Damini puts forth a few conditions in front of her.

Monday 19 February 2024

Episode 36

Mohan messes up in getting Gungun ready. Tulsi is unable to enter Damini’s cabin and suspects that some secret is hidden there. Damini asks the staff to harass Radha.

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Episode 37

Gungun and Mohan talk about Radha. The staff executes the plan against Radha. Everyone laughs at Radha when she falls. Tulsi saves Radha from getting hurt. Mohan is worried about Radha.

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Episode 38

Radha tries to enter Damini’s cabin to find out the secret hidden inside, and Damini insults her. Kadambari scolds Damini. Radha feels sad about the incidents in the office.

Thursday 22 February 2024

Episode 39

Radha asks Mohan to narrate his and Tulsi’s love story. Mohan marries Tulsi, leaving Damini heartbroken. Damini pretends to be good in front of Mohan, but Tulsi suspects Damini. Mohan stops Tulsi from leaving the house and learns of her pregnancy.

Friday 23 February 2024

Episode 40

Gungun tells Radha about Miss Rosie and Mohan’s friendship, which makes Radha jealous.Tulsi tells Radha that the secret behind the former’s death is in the cabin and that Guru Maa is helping Kaveri and Damini. Radha tries to check Mohan’s phone.

Saturday 24 February 2024

Episode 41

Damini gets upset when her ploy gets foiled, and creates a ruckus in the house. Mohan asks Radha not to go to the office. However, he lets Radha go when she creates a ruckus but later misses her. The masked man in the office sends an envelope to Radha.

Sunday 25 February 2024

Episode 42

Radha tries to escape Damini’s henchmen and calls Mohan. Mohan goes to take Radha to office. Tulsi does not go along after listening to Damini. Radha tries to hide from the goons in the office and Damini helps them.

Monday 26 February 2024

Episode 43

Gungun scolds Damini. Tulsi tries to find out about Radha’s location from Damini. Radha gets into a banter with Mohan. Mohan beats up the goons and asks for the person who had hired them.

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Episode 44

Kadambari suspects Damini and Kaveri and warns them. Radha tells Mohan that he didn’t trust Tulsi about Damini and that he is doing the same with her today. Damini asks her henchmen to kill Radha. However, Mohan saves Radha’s life.

Wednesday 28 February 2024

Episode 45

As soon as Radha comes home, Kadambari questions her about going missing. Radha tries to know about a phone number from Ketki. Mohan thinks about Radha’s words and Radha comes to him.

Thursday 29 February 2024

Episode 46

Mohan lashes out at Radha for her accusations against Damini. Radha feels saddened when Mohan tells her that he regrets marrying her. Kaveri pacifies an infuriated Damini and plans to kill Radha. Meanwhile, the masked man eavesdrops on them.

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Radha Mohan Upcoming Episodes 

Radha says if Damini feels she has to learn English to be worthy for this office, then she is wrong and Damini must not forget that she runs a Hindi based publication so should learn Hindi, and it should be a matter of feeling proud since they are a Hindi majority country. Kadambari starts clapping for Radha, so everyone present in the conference room is also forced to clap for her, Kadambari wishes her for doing a good job. Radha looking at the slide exclaims she will only read it when Damini writes it in Hindi. Damini is shocked hearing it, Radha replies because she lives in a country where the majority of people speak Hindi so she is also going to work in this same language whether it is her home or office.

Mohan is tense walking with Gungun and asks what did she do that he had to come here, he says she should have herself handled the situation and questions why is she smiling. Gungun sitting beside keeps smiling when Mohan exclaims he is already very scared so why is she smiling, Tulsi exclaims that where Gungun should have been scared then her father is scared. Gungun explains that her Grand father told her that Mohan gets really scared after hearing about the school. Mohan informs that whenever he used to get beaten during his school days then her grandfather would only stand in the corner and look at him. Gungun assures that the children are not beaten in this school, Mohan is glad when Gungun says that she mentioned children are not beaten and if they make any mistake then Miss Rozy beats the parents of the children and is very strict, Mohan gets scared.

Radha informs she has proved she is worthy of this office and if both Damini and Kadambari do not have any problem then she has a suggestion for them. Damini says she has just joined the office two days ago and is already giving suggestions so is she not saying too much. Kadambari asks her to relax explaining that the intelligence cannot be proven with the extent of their job as Radha has proven today, she is more intellectual then ninety percent of the employees in this office. Kadambari turning to Radha asks what suggestion does she have, Radha explains she found out from Gayatri that ninety three percent of their publication is in Hindi, so she feels they should know Hindi and it can be just the basic otherwise it would be as if they are cheating with their clients. Kadambari agrees with Radha hearing which everyone is stunned. Kadambari standing up says that in the next three months every one of them would learn Hindi after which they all would have a Hindi exam which Radha will conduct. Kadambari instructs them all to start the preparation for it. Kadambari tells Radha that she would teach her Hindi in the house and that too secretly, Radha agrees with a smile when Kadambari leaves however Damini furiously stares at her before leaving.

Mohan sitting on the couch wonders where Radha as she should have come today, he thinks it is his fault as he agreed to let her go to office and even supported her, he wonders what would he be able to do alone. The peon coming mentions that the Mam has called him inside, Mohan asks if she is furious, the peon replies she is indeed angry when Mohan prays to Bihari jee that he should protect him. Gungun pushes Mohan who asks why is she pushing him. Mohan is stunned standing in front of the office when the teacher asks him to come inside.

Mohan enters the cabin with Gungun, the mam turns to Mohan and is left stunned, she keeps staring at him which even causes the files to fall from his hand. Gungun feels a bit weird with the way she is staring at Mohan so gets a bit angry and she also greets her mam. Miss Rozy greets Mohan as Mr Trivedi explaining that the principal wanted to meet him regarding some problems associated with Gungun but since the Principal is busy then she is going to talk with him. Mohan starts smiling and pushes Gungun away when Miss Rozy asks him to sit down.

Radha comes to her desk when Gayatri comes to her asking if they both should go and have lunch, Radha thinks everyone has gone to have lunch so this is the best time to search the cabin of Damini, she informs Gayatri that she is not hungry. Radha walks to the cabin of Damini thinking what has she done, she vows to find out that secret that is in her cabin. Radha slowly opens the door of the cabin, quickly closing the door behind her she starts searching the files for any proof however Radha is not able to find anything btu she keeps on searching.
Mohan sitting in front of Miss Rozy introduces himself as Mohan Trivedi, she also shakes his hand and inquires if he is the father of Gungun mentioning it does not seem like that, as she felt a film start was entering in the cabin. Mohan explains he is even a rockstar and morning star, he says that she is just like a rose, as she is very beautiful and sweet. Gungun gets furious with Mohan so calls him. Tulsi also explains she is not that beautiful.
Mohan mentions she should have told him earlier that they hire models in her school as he himself would have taken the admission. Miss Rozy says she had to talk a lot with him but feels they should first talk about the matter for which she called him here, she goes to the desk and calls someone asking them to send the students inside, Mohan is shocked hearing it.

Radha is still searching the cabin of Damini but is tensed as she is not able to find anything, she however continues searching for it and is walking towards the rug. Thinking she was not able to find anything like that here, and wonders why was Tulsi not able to enter the cabin however she is sure there is something hidden here but wonders where is it hidden, she is about to walk onto the rub but her feet get strangled in it due to which she falls, she is not able to understand anything when Damini opens the door, thinking that Radha would surely become suspicious if she sees what is under the carpet. Radha starts correcting the rug when Damini stops her, she herself corrects it saying Radha has even started spying in the office when she warned her to not enter without permission. Damini exclaims she was really praised for her Hindi speech but does she remember what Maa said that she would be thrown out if she tried to enter. Radha gets really scared thinking about it when Damini turns to see Kadambari instructing the workers, she requests Kadambari to come as she has to talk about something important, Kadambari sees Radha standing there so gets really worried.

Miss Rozy once again sits in front of Mohan when all of the other students enter the cabin, Mohan after greeting them exclaims he knows what would have happened because Gungun has beaten them and he assures that he will keep Gungun in check. Miss Rozy says it is nothing like that but al these students are being negatively influenced by her, Mohan requests Miss Rozy to not use such big words as in their school days they would eat the lunch of other students while get in a fight but nothing like this ever happened.

Damini warns Radha to celebrate her last day in this office, Kadambari entering the cabin questions what happened when Damini says that Radha entered the cabin without her permission, Kadambari walking to Radha asks if this is true, she is about to explain herself when Damini says she herself said that she would fire Radha if she enters the cabin without her permission. Kadambari instructs Damini to relax questioning why did she have to make such a mistake when everything was going very smoothly but now she would have to fire her from the office.
Radha is about to inform Kadambari, Damini says she herself said that if Radha enters her cabin or any part of the office then she would be ousted, Kadambari says that there are a lot of secret documents and files which are not told to the junior staff, Damini agrees mentioning rules are for everyone. Radha replies even though she came to fulfill her responsibilities according to the rules. Kadambari does not understand when Radha reveals the peon is on leave so Damini asked her to do his work, hearing this Kadambari is shocked when Radha explains she was just doing her work and saw that this office is also very dirty, she picks the broom explaining she thought she would clean it and the peon also does not take permission from anyone. Radha thinks how she hid the broom thinking if Damini catches her then it would protect her. Radha apologizes to Kadambari explaining that had she known the peon would be only leave then she would have come before everyone else.


Mohan angrily asks the teacher to tell him what has happened, he however thinks he must be polite with her since she is the teacher of Gungun, Mohan says that he is even fine if she doensot say anything to him, and she can tell him about herself, Miss Rozy is shocked when he says he meant her students and what has Gungun done. Miss Rozy reveals that Gungun gave the presentation on her mother in the first round and then in the second round she was asked to give a speech on her father meaning him after which all the students want to be like him. Mohan starts smiling praising himself explaining wherever he goes people tend to love him and they even pray before him like if he is Bhagwan. Tulsi also gets frustrated when Miss Rozy keeps smiling so even Gungun calls him Mohan but then realizes she is in school and so calls him as papa, Miss Rozy asks Gungun to once again repeat the speech which she presented, Mohan asks what is she saying as he does not want to hear the praise in front of everyone but Miss Rozy says it is really important, so she asks Gungun to give the speech.

Kadambari turning to Damini asks if she asked Radha to work in place of the peon. Damini tries to explain herself, but Radha reveals she even made the tea and coffee for everyone while even cleaned the utensils, Kadambari is stunned when Radha reveals she even gave a suggestion that they should purchase a good quality washing soap this time. Kadambari questions Damini what sort of behavior is this, Radha reveals it is nothing to be worried about as she came here to work, Kadambari informs that there are different employees in each of the department so there is no need for Radha to do this work, she asks her to go and pack her belongings. Radha leaves after staring at Damini who is frustrated.

Gungun starts giving the speech explaining it is on the best person of her life meaning her father who can make everyone smile in case of a problem. Mohan exclaims that he is just a caring and nice person. Gungun mentions her father does not do any work and is very lazy, he tends to wake up and sleep at his own time of choosing however he has a lot of money even when he does not work but has a lot of money. Gungun mentions that words such as laziness are wrong in the dictionary, but they are good in the life of her father. She further says that her Grandmother and Radha go to the office and do all the work but her father just keeps on staying home, so this is why she likes to be as her father. Gungun ends her speech when all of the other students also desire to be like him, Mohan signals them to not talk at all. Miss Rozy asks if he understood what she meant by negative influence.

Kadambari questions Damini what is this behavior as she made her the peon, Damini replies she thought Radha does all the work in their home so would also do it in the office, Kadambari says that someone who does the work at home is a loving wife but in the office is a maid, warning Damini should not have made such a big mistake however she accepts she made the mistake by not telling the employees that Radha is the wife of Mohan. She further explains Radha is not only the owner of this office but the entire business revealing she even has a higher position then even her because all this belongs to the mother of Mohan, and after the death of Tulsi it all belongs to Radha. Damini tries to explain she is the wife of Mohan for just six months, Kadambari warns her to not be foolish saying Damini tried to oust Radha by humiliating her but she was not able to do anything as Radha has always given her a befitting reply. Kadambari explains Damini has lost her position in the house and if she keeps behaving like this then it might also happen in the office. Kadambari informs that Damini keeps talking about the six months relation but what if it becomes a relation for the entire life due to Damini’s behavior.

Miss Rozy informs Mohan she has no choice but to suspend Gungun, Mohan starts requesting her to not take such a harsh step as his entire family is really intelligent and no one beside him, his father an Grandfather have ever been suspended. Mohan kneels in front of her calling her as Rozy, she starts imagining as if he is proposing her while sitting on hiss knees, Miss Rozy says yes when Tulsi warns her to behave. Mohan gets excited exclaiming that this means she would not suspend Gungun, Miss Rozy how can she not accept his desires hearing which Mohan is stunned when she informs it is the duty of teachers to fulfill the request of the parents. Miss Rozy asks all the students to go back to their class.

Mohan requests Miss Rozy to stop Gungun. She is sitting in front of him asks if he is that lazy, he says he is a very busy person as he tends to work out and then go to work in the office after which he gets really tired. Miss Rozy says this is why she wondered how someone who is so smart and dashing like him could be so lazy. Gungun asks Miss Rozy if she is not suspended when Miss Rozy it is because of her father Mohan. Miss Rozy asks him to come whenever he likes since they tend to have Parents teacher meetings. Gungun, getting frustrated, asks if they can leave when he says that she has just made them all very proud. Mohan offers they can take a selfie, Gungun also tries to get between them, but Mohan pushes her away, Gungun thinks that she has to tell Radha about what happened in the school today. Gungun requests Mohan to come with her when he says that she tends to make them do whatever she desires.

Gungun enters the house with Mohan and rushes to hug Radha, Kadambari gets shocked asking if Mohan went to pick Gungun from school, she says that he came because Miss Rozy asked him to come, Radha gets shocked asking what did Gungun do in the school. Kadambari also asks him when he reveals that Gungun gave a speech on him in the competition, he starts explaining all those things that Gungun said about him in that speech hearing which Kadambari is shocked along with everyone else, he explains she even said that he does not even go to office due to which now Radha has decided to go in his place.

Mohan exclaims that Gungun had only thought to humiliate her father. Gungun smiles staring at Radha who thinks how she asked her for her help. Mohan wonders how did Gungun learn all these things when Radha replies she would have learned it from him because they tend to understand what they hear and witness in the house, she asks what was wrong in the speech of Gungun. Mohan questions why is she supporting her when Radha replies she cannot tell Gungun to lie and if he wants her to not say anything about him in the future then has to prove that he is neither lazy nor running from working, so if he has to prove it then needs to go to the office hearing this Damini along with the entire Trivedi family is shocked. Mohan is staring at Radha.
Radha mentions if Mohan desires Gungun to not talk about him like this then he would have to prove he is neither lazy nor worth less but for this to happen he must go to office. Damini along with the entire family are shocked when Kaveri whispers to Damini how this is the plan of Gungun and Radha to send Mohan to office. Damini suggests Mohan should come to office if this is what Radha and Gungun desire as they both have been trying for so long and now even Gungun has written a speech. Mohan looking at Radha remembers when she said the only way to forget his past is if he once again starts going to the office. Mohan blames both Radha and Gungun for making this plan when he questions if Radha did all this just to humiliate him, Damini starts smiling, Tulsi says Radha should refuse otherwise Mohan would get really angry.


Radha says she will not lie to him and accepts she has done it all but not to make him feel ashamed, however, just to make sure he starts going to office, even Gungun would like it and even the entire family. Mohan gets furious asking if she knows what she ahs done, he explains he was really humiliated in the school and does she feel he is not hurt, explaining her entire school thinks he is lazy, explaining that a father is the hero in the eyes of his children but she made him into a lazy and worthless person. Radha gets really tensed, he asks her what image has been left and will Gungun respect him. Mohan explains he told her why does he not come to office, and if she cannot understand it then there is no need to enter into his life. Mohan angrily leaves, Damini smiles exclaiming that the arrow which she shot in the morning, has hit her mark as she will cause differences between Radha and Mohan just as she used to do between Tulsi and Mohan, so Radha is also going to suffer the same fate as Tulsi.

Mohan is furiously entering the room when Radha requests him to forgive her she keeps apologizing however he locks the room, Radha and Gungun both wonder what are they going to do, Radha thinks she has hurt his feelings but would have to do something to make it up to him. Radha slides a letter from under the door asking him to see it, Mohan after picking the letter furiously goes to lie down on the bed, Radha and Gungun both secretly enter through the window and then play a song, Gungun climbs from under the bed apologizing to him, but he turns away however Radha stands from the other side, they both keep dancing while Mohan angrily keeps sitting on the bed. Radha and Gungun are dancing trying to make him smile and force him to sit on the couch but he does not respond at all, Ketki and Ajeet also start dancing with them while Mohan is still sitting and tries to leave through the door however he is not open it because Tulsi has closed it so Mohan is forced to return, he is stuck between them as they keep trying their best to cheer him, he still keeps trying to leave when Gungun pulls him back, and they start dancing again while he is standing between them, Mohan then signals Ketki to leave before coming to Ajeet, he then pulls both Radha and Gungun from their hair which he ties together, he pushes them on the couch and himself starts dancing, they both get scared of him.