Radha Mohan April Teasers 2023

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Radha Mohan April Teasers 2023

Tulsi says that she will not let Mohan and Damini get married. Read Zeeworld Radha Mohan April 2023 Teasers:

Zeeworld Radha Mohan April 2023 Teasers

Friday 16 April 2023

Episode 9

Radha celebrates Tulsi’s birthday with her. Damini’s attempt to hold Tulsi’s spirit captive is foiled because of Radha. Later, Radha plants a holy basil in the house and a ruckus ensues. Mohan tries to uproot the plant, but Gungun intervenes.

Saturday 17 April 2023

Episode 10

Radha accidentally breaks Mohan’s phone. Gungun refuses to go to school because of the competition. Damini takes the responsibility of convincing her and asks Radha for help. Gungun sabotages her plan.

Sunday 18  April 2023

Episode 11

Radha asks Mohan to take Gungun to school but Gungun breaks Mohan’s heart. Radha gives Mohan his phone after repairing it. He thanks Damini when Gungun wins the competition. Damini invites her friend to dinner and her mischievous son locks Gungun in a chest.

Monday 19 April 2023

Episode 12

Gungun tells everyone the truth and Mohan supports Gungun. Damini asks Mohan to go on a picnic with her and Gungun. She shares her dangerous plan with her mother. Radha persuades Gungun for a picnic.

Tuesday 20 April 2023

Episode 13

Mohan is saddened to learn of Gungun’s actions and shares his grief with Radha. Damini’s goons abduct Radha and Mohan saves Radha by thrashing the goons. At home, Damini is terrified of being exposed. Radha helps an injured Mohan but he faints.

Wednesday 21 April 2023

Episode 14

Mohan regains consciousness and goes to talk to Gungun, but Damini stops him by repeating Radha’s words. Gungun decides to leave the house due to Damini’s threat. Mohan thanks Radha. Damini is shocked to see them together. Gungun tricks Radha, who puts a few conditions in front of her.

Thursday 22 April  2023

Episode 15

Gungun apologises to Radha. Damini deliberately makes Gungun cry. Gungun tells everyone about this, but nobody believes her. Later, Gungun swears on Tulsi and reveals it all to Radha.

Friday 23 April 2023

Episode 16

Mohan is happy to see Radha teach a lesson to Gungun. Gungun vows to take revenge on Damini. Later, Damini sees Mohan teaching English to Radha. Gungun’s health deteriorates due to the food prepared by Damini.

Saturday 24 April 2023

Episode 17

Mohan lashes out at Damini for her negligence and decides against marrying her. Tulsi’s spirit reveals that she did not commit suicide. Damini and her mother almost leave the house. However, Gungun comes and tells everyone the truth.

Sunday 25  April 2023

Episode 18

Mohan decides to marry Damini. Tulsi says that she will not let Mohan and Damini get married. Mohan’s decision upsets Gungun. Damini is told by a sage that she cannot marry Mohan.

Monday 26 April 2023

Episode 19

Mohan arrives to talk to Gungun.

Tuesday 27 April 2023

Episode 20

Radha goes to remove Tulsi’s photo from Mohan’s room. Dami I lies to Mohan, leaving Radha shocked. In a fit of rage, Mohan buries Tulsi’s belongings. Later, Mohan saves Radha from falling off the stairs.

Wednesday 28 April 2023

Episode 21

Damini decides to observe a fast of ‘Hariyali Teej’ for Mohan. Damini meets Guru Maa. She later tells her mother about the remedy given by Guru Maa.

Thursday 29 April  2023

Episode 22

Mohan’s name is written on Radha’s palm with mehndi. Damini deliberately tries to break Radha’s fast.

Friday 30  April 2023

Episode 23

Damini and Kaveri execute their plan against Tulsi’s spirit and Radha. Damini looks for Tulsi’s vermilion on the pretext of making Radha clean Mohan’s room.

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