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Promised Love April Teasers 2021

Adil reveals that he is Azaan’s step-brother and that he has evil intentions towards him and his family. And the first target in his quest for vengeance- Noor! What does Adil have planned? Coming up on Promised Love April 2021 Teasers.

Glow Tv Promised Love April 2021 Teasers 

Thursday 1 April 2021

Episode 78

Shayra confronts Azaan and Noor demanding answers as Ghazala Begum attempts to poison her mind against Noor. Azaan explains what happened in detail to Shaya in the hopes of convincing her of their innocence.

Episode 79

As Razia Begum chooses Shahir as the prospective groom for Noor and introduces him to the family, Noor loses her cool and confronts Razia Begum for her choice without informing her. In the process of consoling Noor, Shayra slips off the stairs when Noor pushes her away unintentionally.

Friday 2 April 2021

Episode 80

A furious Azaan chides Noor but Razia Begum intervenes and supports her against Azaan. An argument soon erupts between Razia Begum and Azaan. Will Noor be held responsible for the rift between mother and son?

Episode 81

Ghazala Begum tries finding Alladin with Shayra who has a hunch about where he might be. When they finally reach Alladin’s mobile location, Shayra is shocked to find him dead and Ghazala Begum begs her to keep this a secret.

Monday 5 April 2021

Episode 82

While Shayra remains disturbed about Alladin’s accidental death, Surayya reveals that she is aware of Shayra and Ghazala Begum’s involvement in it. She threatens to reveal the truth to the police and demands the title of Bahu Begum of Bhopal and the family heirloom.

Episode 83

Noticing Shayra’s disturbed temperament, Azaan decides to surprise her with a romantic date. Meanwhile, Ghazala Begum makes some shocking revelations about her evil plan to sow seeds of conflict within the Mirza household.

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Episode 84

After Razia Begum signs the papers to transfer the title of Bahu Begum to Shayra, Ghazala Begum announces her devious plan. But Shayra is not shocked by the revelation and instead outsmarts her by reading her plan beforehand.

Episode 85

After Ghazala Begum’s plan is revealed by Shayra, Azaan gets extremely angry and disappointed. Razia Begum decides to throw Ghazala Begum, Surayya and Asgar out of the Mirza Mansion and, threatens them with dire consequences.

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Episode 86

A miscalculation of dates leads to a clash between Noor and a young man named Adil who, too has arrived at the same orphanage to feed the kids.

Episode 87

Adil surprises everyone as he arrives at the Mirza Mansion, despite declining the invitation earlier. He also notices that his portfolio is among the guys whom Noor has rejected for marriage and pulls her leg for the same.

Thursday 8 April 2021

Episode 88

Noor is charmed with Adil’s thoughtful gestures towards her and is left shocked when he reveals that he has come to win her heart. Meanwhile, Shayra notices the growing bond between Noor and Adil and suggests an alliance between the two to Razia Begum.

Episode 89

The Mirza mansion is abuzz when an alliance comes in for Noor. However, upon interaction, the prospective groom’s parents humiliate Noor for being a maidservant’s daughter, leaving Razia Begum furious! Adil notices this and chides the guests for being narrow-minded and speaks in favour of Noor.

Friday 9 April 2021

Episode 90

Shayra goes to meet Adil where he proposes his possible alliance with Noor and makes an impression on the former with his sweet talks. But things turn ugly, when an explosion occurs at Adil’s place, leaving him gravely wounded and homeless. Thus, Shayra decides to bring him to the Mirza mansion, as he has nowhere else to go.

Episode 91

Adil reveals that he is Azaan’s step-brother and that he has evil intentions towards him and his family. And the first target in his quest for vengeance- Noor! What does Adil have planned?

Monday 12 April 2021

Episode 92

Adil creates a setting where he plans on getting Azaan electrocuted using a live wire! Manipulating the family to act according to his plans, Adil sets his sinister plan in motion.

Episode 93

Adil connivingly reminds Noor about her love for Azaan, which send her on an emotional trip down memory lane, making her realize her that her childhood friendship with Azaan was nothing but love! Furthermore, a devastated Noor resolves not to come in between Shayra and Azaan’s marriage and requests Adil to keep her secret to himself.

Tuesday 13 April 2021

Episode 94

To weaken the bond between Shayra and Azaan, Adil doctors a situation and portrays that he is getting closer to Shayra before Azaan! How will Azaan react to seeing his Shayra in Adil’s embrace?

Episode 95

Adil’s devious plan succeeds as he leads Azaan into thinking that he has a secret affair with Shayra. As a part of the plan, Adil even confesses to Shayra that he loves her, when he actually refers the confession to Noor. Upset on finding out, Azaan feels betrayed and heartbroken.

Wednesday 14 April 2021

Episode 96

Azaan is heartbroken as he is not able to process the fact that there is something between Shayra and Adil. Thus, he decides to confront Shayra and clear everything with her, but just then Adil throws a dart at Azaan, making him unconscious.

Episode 97

Azaan finally wakes up, but Adil is fully prepared and creates even more scenarios to trick him into believing that he and Shayra are having an affair.

Thursday 15 April 2021

Episode 98

While Razia begum gets suspicious of Azaan’s changing temperament, she consoles a distraught Shayra about the same. Meanwhile, Adil forecasts an explosion in the Mirza mansion!

Episode 99

Razia Begum is left shocked when a frustrated Noor reveals that she loves Azaan.

Friday 16 April 2021

Episode 100

Keeping up with his intention to tarnish Mirza family’s reputation, Adil advances his plan to the next step. Over a telephonic conversation, he orders to make his video with Shayra viral! However, Noor overhears his conversation and decides to stand as a wall against him to defend the family!

Episode 101

When Azaan catches Adil and Shayra amid their romantic rendezvous, he is infuriated and starts raining blows on Adil. However, Shayra intervenes and defends Adil.

Monday 19 April 2021

Episode 102

A dejected Azaan attempts to set himself on fire along with Shayra’s belongings leaving Razia Begum shell-shocked! She asks Shayra to stay away from Azaan and leave the house immediately.

Episode 103

Adil threatens to murder Azaan unless Shayra agrees to team up with him. To protect Azaan, she gives in to his blackmail and joins forces with him.

Tuesday 20 April 2021

Episode 104

As Azaan receives his divorce papers from Shayra, he panics and proposes Noor to marry him. Meanwhile, Shayra sets herself free and sends her current location to Noor.

Episode 105

When Adil switches the CCTV feed to Noor’s room, he sees a woman having a veil enter and being referred to as Noor.

Wednesday 21 April 2021

Episode 106

While Shayra Is In Danger Upon learning the truth from Noor, Azaan is left heartbroken and feeling as if everyone is deserting him.  Meanwhile, Adil is furious with Shayra and puts a noose around her neck and toys with her life by making her stand on a stool and shooting at its leg making Shayra hang in the balance. Shayra faints by choking and falls on the ground with the fan she was hanging from.

Episode 107

Adil tells Shayra that Azaan is marrying Noor soon and there is nothing that Shayra can do about it. Noor tells the truth but no evidence to back it up. Later Noor decides that Shayra deserves the benefit of the doubt and goes to tell the entire truth about cameras to Azaan and Razia.

Thursday 22 April 2021

Episode 108

Azaan rushes to the place mentioned by Noor as he thinks that his mother is kidnapped. Upon arrival, he finds Adil in the same spot as the latter has kept Shayra captive there.

Episode 109

Despite getting caught by Adil, Shayra fights back fiercely and successfully escapes from his clutches. Meanwhile, Azaan and Noor’s wedding rituals ensues. Will Shayra be able to stop the wedding before it is too late?

Friday 23 April 2021

Episode 110

Seeing that the inspector is about to reveal the perpetrator behind the recent happenings in the house, a confident Noor expects Adil’s name to surface as the mastermind. But she gets a shock of a lifetime when the police inspector prefers the charges on her, leading to her arrest!

Episode 111

Noor shows her determination and smartness to save Shayra along with saving Begum Mahal and its members. She distracts the fake inspector planted by Adil and leaves to find and help Shayra.

Monday 26 April 2021

Episode 112

The story takes a 5 years leap. It is Razia’s birthday, but she is bedridden and is in a coma state. Azaan and others wish her, and Khalid arrives with Rubina. The house is being auctioned on the same day and the royal family has gone completely broke.

Episode 113

The Begum Mansion is sold to a bidder with a bid of 1000 crore plus when Azaan is attacked by protestors and investors asking for their money. When Dilruba is tending to Azaan’s injuries, he sees Noor exit from a car and she asks to stop the bidding because she is half owner of the property and asks to buy the Begum Mansion for 1500 crore.

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Episode 114

Noor demands Azaan and the other family members to treat her like the owner of the house as she has rightfully bought it. She also disciplines Rubina to stay in her lane. What is Noor’s actual intention behind all her actions?

Episode 115

fter Noor and Khalid run into each other and are seen talking by Rubina, she starts getting suspicious about something fishy between them. Azaan is trying to get a job and gets one as a performing artist in a club. He plays the guitar and sings some songs while thinking of Shayra.

Wednesday 28 April 2021

Episode 116

Noor wakes up hearing the sound of rats and jumps out of the window of her room in fear and runs into Azaan. She hugs him and climbs on top of him and asks him if he brought rats and yells to get rid of them.

Episode 117

Rubina continues to remain jealous of Noor and her ease in talking with Khalid. Noor threatens to throw Rubina out of the house when Rubina apologizes and begs to be allowed to stay there. What is Noor’s plan?

Thursday 29 April 2021

Episode 118

Rubina goes to Azaan after his bath and tells her that Noor had sprinkled itching powder in his clothes that forced him to take the bath.

Episode 119

Azaan mixes a laxative in the kheer in order to teach Noor a lesson. But he is left shocked when the police arrive at Begum Mahal on Noor’s complaint. Shockingly, Noor shows the police the video footage of Azaan mixing the laxative!

Friday 30 April 2021

Episode 120

Noor, in a desperate attempt to find out how Azaan makes his money, follows him into a club! As Noor gets harrased by a guy in the bar, she loses Azaan from her sight.

Episode 121

A furious Noor is determined to tell Razia Begum the truth that Azaan has been hiding things from her for the past five years. She drags Razia Begum out of her room, and shows her the reality of the empty Begum Mahal and tells her that Shayra has left to never come back.

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