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Park Road Secret The Promise Zee World Tv

Park Road Secret The Promise Zee World Tv

It is confirmed from a news article that Kiran Singhani died 7 years ago…the same day when the accident on Park Road happened!

No one knows the exact cause of Kiran Singhania’s death…..although it seems strange, because Bani would have been around 15 or 16 years old then and it is highly unlikely that an intelligent girl like her would be clueless about her Mother’s death.

But leaving that fact aside, I think that Park Road is surely connected to Kiran Singhania’s death! Wonder what on earth was she doing in Mumbai at that time!

Bani remembers vaguely about her Mother’s death and in of the episodes tells Pia and Rano that their Father had done his best to save their Mother and she did not die of negligence.

I know it is futile compounding theory after theory, but as we are getting closer, I think the following could be somewhat close to what happened.

Kiran must have come to Mumbai for some work, probably to meet someone, maybe Jai himself and then an accident would have happened, seriously injuring her. The Mechanic would have been the witness and Jai and Roshni would have given him lots of money to keep shut.

Jai would have somehow managed to transport Kiran back to Mount Abu, where she would have died. Either Nishikant would have come to know of the real cause of her death or Jai would have blurted out the truth to her in desperation and given him loads of money to keep quiet.

Nishikant would have been tempted and taken the money, but the guilt of selling out on the death of his wife would have continued haunting him for the rest of his life. Nishikant would have made Jai promise that if something happens to him, he would take care of his three daughters, which Jai eventually did!

But if the above is the case, then how come;

The date 29th June, 7 years back does not register anything in Bani’s mind? Bani would have been 15 – 16 years old at that time, an age where you can more than make-out what is happening around you!

Secondly, when the three sisters came to Mumbai, Jai’s reaction was pretty normal, especially when he speaks to Aditya regarding them. The only time he looked worried was when Tony hands over the letter written by Nishikant to Jai when the three sisters come to his house! Strange…If Jai had indeed kept such a huge guilt in his heart, why absolutely no signs of recognition or terror?

One reasoning could be that Nishikant would have withheld the exact reason for Kiran Singhania’s death from his children and hence Bani is not sure how her Mother died…..all she knew was that she was hospitalized and her Father took care of her till the last minute she breathed!

Whatever is the case, I think it is too coincidental that Kiran Singhania died 7 years back and the Park Road accident too happened at the same time!

Poor Bani, if this is true, then she would find it impossible to forgive Jai….even though he wasn’t at the wheels, Roshni was….but he was an equal partner in the crime!

What do you guys feel?