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Once There Was A King February Teasers 2022

Badi Raani Maa confronts Indravadhan decides to kill him. Below are Zeeworld Once There Was A King February 2022 Teasers:

Zeeworld Once There Was A King February 2022 Teasers

Tuesday 1 February 2022

Episode 48

Avdesh tells Indravadhan that he had promised Gayatri to return everything back to Indravadhan, if she accepts to become his queen. Sartaj blackmails Raj Mata claiming to leak some secrets about her.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

Episode 49

Raj Mata changes her mind and for her well being, offers the kingdom near mount Abu to Avdesh. Avdesh begins to plan against Ranaji. It is also learnt that the woman who pretended to be Sulakshana developed a grudge against Indravadhan.

Thursday 3 February 2022

Episode 50

Indravadhan learns that Raj Mata has cancelled an event that is to be held at the Raj Mahal. Avdesh wants to know about the secret Raj Mata is hiding from Indravadhan. He meets Sartaj and gambles with him in order to learn Raj Mata’s secret.

Friday 4 February 2022

Episode 51

Survi and Kartik disguise themselves and reach Raj Mahal. They decide to marry each other but before that they decide to find a way out of the Raj Mahal. Chandravadhan announces the commencement of the royal celebrations for the new year. As the function begins, Rajmata notices Sartaj.

Saturday 5 February 2022

Episode 52

Rageshwari does not rest until Indravadhan allows her to announce the punishment for Sartaj. Raj Mata instructs the prison guard to not allow Indravadhan meet the prisoner under any condition. Later, Gayatri receives a note from Sartaj which asks her to meet him in privacy.

Sunday 6 February 2022

Episode 53

Raj Mata expresses her immense love for Indravadhan and seeing this Gayatri thinks that Sartaj is only trying to trap her. Gayatri visits Raj Mata’s court and finds the locket that Sartaj was talking about. She opens the locket and finds Sartaj’s name imprinted in it.

Monday 7 February 2022

Episode 54

Sartaj demanded for money each year if Raj Mata wished that Indravadhan’s reality did not come in front of the world. Gayatri recalls her last conversation with Rana Indravadhan sitting in the temple. A frightened Sartaj reveals to Badi Raani Maa that he is Indravadhan’s father.

Tuesday 8 February 2022

Episode 55

Badi Raani Maa manipulates Gayatri and creates a scene in which Gayatri gets trapped in. When Sartaj leaves the walls of the palace, he meets Badi Raani Maa, who commandes him not to return to Ameerkot. Later, Indravadhan learns about Sartaj’s escape and asks his men who has was involved in helping Sartaj escape.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

Episode 56

Rageshwari is certain that Maharani is responsible for Avdesh’ death. Indravadhan and Gayatri are shocked to see Rageshwari with a box of ‘sindoor’ and remain in the dark about the reason behind this ploy. Rajmata wonders how the bullet meant for Sartaj had hit Avdesh and she decides to get the answers from Sartaj himself.

Thursday 10 February 2022

Episode 57

Rana ji announces that he will marry Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari makes a shocking decision.

Friday 11 February 2022

Episode 58

Gayatri meets Rageshwari and claims that her game is up. She decides to inform Indravadhan of Rajeshwari’s truth and is certain that she will stop her marriage with Indravadhan. Gayatri goes to find the bullet that had hit Avdesh and she searches the place where Avdesh was burnt.

Saturday 12 February 2022

Episode 59

Indravadhan gets furious and orders Gayatri to be part of the ceremony. The celebrations begin and as the women of the kingdom engage the festivities, Gayatri enters Rageshwari’s chamber to search for the bullet. The ‘haldi’ ritual is ruined when the entire bowl of ‘haldi’ falls on Indravadhan and Gayatri.

Sunday 13 February 2022

Episode 60

Soon the rituals begin and Indravadhan arrives at the stage followed by Rageshwari. Will Gayatri manage to stop this wedding before it gets too late? Later, when Gayatri tries to prove her point to Indravadhan, she is shocked to find that the bullet has been exchanged. Rageshwari takes away all the jewellery that Gayatri is wearing to symbolise her marriage.

Monday 14 February 2022

Episode 61

Gayatri feels disheartened but pleadges to defeat Rageshwari and burn a lamp after each of her wins against her. Maharani Maa taunts Rageshwari for failing to make use of the first night with Indravadhan. Chandravadhan and his wife are surprised to learn of Maharani Maa’s involvement in the chaos caused in the kingdom.

Tuesday 15 February 2022

Episode 62

Gayatri prays earnestly at the temple and finally makes her way out of it. Seeing Gayatri, the priest tells her that since she has brought the flower to the ritual, it is now her right to fulfil the rituals along with Indravadhan.

Wednesday 16 February 2022

Episode 63

Gayatri reaches on time to ruin Badi Rani Maa’s plan of ruining the food. Badi Rani Maa brainwashes the villagers who have lost their family, against Gayatri and they all start to throw stones at Gayatri and unitedly go against her.

Thursday 17 February 2022

Episode 64

Rageshwari informs Badi Raani Maa that Indravadhan and Gayatri would be spending their first night together.

Friday 18 February 2022

Episode 65

Not Available.

Saturday 19 Februry 2022

Episode 66

Raj Mata plans to send the members of Raj Mahal on a trip while Indravadhan and Gayatri would stay back at the fort and escape to Darjeeling in everybody’s absence.

Sunday 20 February 2022

Episode 67

Raj Mata’s chariot halts down and she learns that Rageshari is not travelling with them and has stayed back at Ameerkot.

Monday 21 February 2022

Episode 68

Not Available.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Episode 69

Badi Raani Maa confronts Indravadhan decides to kill him.

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Episode 70

Indravadhan tells Raj Mata that he remembers Gayatri betraying him.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Episode 71

Gayatri gets suspicious of Badi Raani Maa. Meanwhile, Kuwar Singh’s son meets Lakhan and talks about the love he has for his wife. Gayatri ask Indravadhan as to why he hates her.

Friday 25 February 2022

Episode 72

Gayatri accepts the deal from Laksyaraj. Gayatri decides to check who else is involved with Rageshwari as her partner in crime. Will Gayatri be able to find Badi Raani Maa?

Saturday 26 February 2022

Episode 73

Lakhan postpones the task given by Kuwar Singh and Lakshyaraj is impressed to learn how Gayatri is fulfilling her promise. Gayatri asks Indravadhan why does he want to hide the things that he likes.

Sunday 27 February 2022

Episode 74

Seeing Gayatri’s confidence, Indravadhan decides to give her a chance. Meanwhile, Badi Raani Maa and Kuwar Singh discuss their plan of getting a heir to their kingdom. At the same time, Rageshwari shows up in the scene and warns Badi Raani Maa saying that the first heir to this kingdom would be born from her.

Monday 28 February 2022

Episode 75

Rageshwari meets Indravadhan and tells him that it is their first Holi after their wedding and they should celebrate it grandly. Badi Raani Maa assures Kokila that indeed Kuwar Singh would replace Indravadhan. Indravadhan begins searching for Gayatri but does not find her anywhere near.

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