November Teasers on The Promise 2018 Ztv serial

November Teasers on The Promise 2018 Ztv serial

Highlight on November Teasers on The Promise

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Thursday 1  November 2018

The police praises Pronita for her hardwork and Jai feels guilty for blaming her. Jigyasa and Pronita celebrate their victory while Meera watches as Krishna slips away from her hands.

Friday 2 November 2018
With the help of Pronita, Jigyasa manages to get into the Walia Mansion and she is overwhelmed with emotions as she visits each and every rooms in the house. Jai realizes her presence in the house and gets tensed. Will he ever understand Jigyasa’s love for him?
Saturday 3 November 2018
Ganga and Rishi always seems to be against one another but will this bring them closer? Pronita continues to taunt Meera and it seems Meera has a new plan up her sleeve. What could it be?
Sunday 4 November 2018
Ganga is falling for Pritish but she doesn’t understand her feelings yet. Pronita and Jigyasa implement their plan to stop Meera from performing in the ceremony.
Monday 5 November 2018
The Mitals’ come visiting so they fix a wedding date for Ganga and Pritish. However, the news of Jai’s past marriage might ruin the happiness Gangaa has been waiting for.
Tuesday 6 November 2018
It turns out that Meera is working with the Mitals to deceive Gangaa. Pronita overhears this and decides to save her daughter from Meera at all costs.
Wednesday 7 November 2018
Meera continues to blackmail Jai with the threats of the Mitals. Pronita’s plans to expose Pritish and his family backfires on her as Meera outsmarts her in the game.
Thursday 8 November 2018
The mehendi ceremony begins with the family in a celebration mood except Jai. Ganga feels bad for Rishi when Pritish insults him. Jigyasa gives Pronita a clue on how to expose the Mitals.

Friday 9 November 2018

Once again, Pritish somehow saves himself when he gets caught by Ganga. Meera sees Shonali with Pritish and realizes that he is losing focus.
Saturday 10 November 2018
Meera gets worried when everyone leaves for Mount Abu. Pronita seems to have played smart this time as she scares Meera with Bani’s ghost. Rishi and Shonali continue to turn Ganga and Pritish against each other.
Sunday 11 November 2018
Meera receives a gift that reminds her of Bani’s death and this scares her so much. Pritish keeps falling into Pronita’s trap and he makes a decision to secretly marry Shonali.
Monday 12 November 2018
Pritish lies to Ganga about where is heading and Rishi supports him just to get him to make the big mistake that will separate Ganga from him for good. Pronita’s plans to expose Pritish might just end up failing again..
Tuesday 13 November 2018
Meera outsmarts Pronita once more leaving her hopeless but Jigyasa gives her courage and stands by her.
Wednesday 14 November 2018
Pronita stands strong and determined to save her daughter from Meera’s wrath so she formulates a full proof plan. This time around, the Mitals true nature are revealed to everyone.
Thursday 15 November 2018
Ganga is devastated on learning the truth so Rishi makes an unexpected decision which would involve them being together for life. Will Ganga agree to this?

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November Teasers on The Promise