November Highlight on My Golden home

November 2018 Monthly Highlight on My Golden home

1) Yashodara locks Pratibha up in the store room. Abha feels that the only choice she has to save Swarn Bhavan is to turn up to Sidharth for help. The doctor reveals a bad news about Sania’s condition.

2) Jagmohan feels Pratibha is somewhere in the house and walks towards the store room. Sanskar and Abha goes to fetch Siddharth but he is highly drunk. What will they do now?
3) Sania is distraught at the loss of her child. Sidharth makes his entry to Swarn Bhavan and Yashodara is shell shocked to see him.
4) Yashodara begins to suspect Abha and Siddharth but will she find out the truth?
5) Pratibha is saved by someone she thinks to be her son. Jagmohan gets an heart attack on listening to Pratibha’s words. Dushyant uses his cunning ways to trick Siddharth.
6) Abha keeps on facing problems due to Sidharth’s drinking nature. Vimal suspects something wrong with Karan.
7) Abha hears someone on Siddharth’s phone calling him Ranchod. Yashodara decides to end Pratibha’s life for good.
8) Sania is sad and Kanika is upset so Raghav tries to cheer everyone up. Pratibha stuns the family when she speaks in Yashodara’s favour.
9) Yashodara continues to blackmail Pratibha and she asks her to get Karan’s signature on the property papers.
10) Yashodara feels humiliated when Abha asks her to vacate Jagmohan’s room and live in the store room. Thakur wonder the sudden change behind Karan’s behaviour.
11) Abha manages to save herself in a sticky situation but more problems arises for her when a woman claiming to know Sidharth arrives.
12) Yashodara is determined to know who Karishma is so she ransacks her belongings. Malini comes to the mansion and demands to see Geetanjali.
13) Shelly catches Karishma and Siddharth hugging each other. Siddharth is finding it hard to continue pretending as Karan.
14) Yashodara formulates a plan to expose Abha and Siddharth. However, she is outsmarted in her own game.
15) Karishma sees Siddharth with Abha and misunderstands then. Unknown to her, Veer is falling over heels for her. Abha recieves a call stating that Karan is alive. Could this be true?