Never Say Goodbye Thursday Update 30th June 2022


Never Say Goodbye Thursday Update 30th June 2022

Suman acting to do dhyaan and talking to tantric lady. She says Vividha and Atharv came in front of each other, whatever Vividha has seen and understood, she will not try to meet Atharv, her pain and sorrow will do my work, that will keep her away. The lady says yes, you think so, but remember accidents happen when people are not alert. Suman says Maha Amavasya is close, till then all ways of their meeting will end, I will do some arrangements. She gets some powder and adds in milk. She says now Vividha will be busy here, and Atharv will be lost there. She smiles.

Atharv asks Guddi what is she making in food. She says just 2 mins. Servant says this box was fallen outside. Atharv checks the gift. He sees musical dancing dolls. Guddi thinks of Vividha. She says leave it, have food. He asks did Madhav’s mummy got this. She recalls seeing Vividha and diverts him. He says I think maybe she got this. She says leave it. He says no, let this be with me please.

Its night, Atharv sees Vividha’s gift and gets up from bed. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…….. He gets some flashes and hears Vividha’s name. He says what’s in this name, why do I think of this. He recalls Madhav’s words and says why does his mum’s thought pull me, I did not meet her till now.

He goes out of room. He sees someone’s shadow. He enters a room and Vividha’s drawings fall down. He hears anklet sound and turns to see. Some girl is shown standing in darkness. Its morning, Ravish begins his regular work of filling milk cans and watering the cows. Vividha looks on and thinks Ravish is right, why should I care, I have a good loving family and loving son.

Vividha asks Sujata to have tea. Uma signs Sujata to ask. Sujata asks about the trip. Vividha recalls Atharv. She says I met Raghav and his wife Gargi, they are good people, I gave them gift. Sujata says you wanted to see if something wrong is there. Vividha says no, it was just my fears, Madhav was afraid to get away from us.

She asks Madhav to drive cycle slowly. Suman comes. Madhav sees Suman and falls down from cycle. Everyone call out Madhav and rush to him. Ravish says its not a problem to fall in life, its problem to not get up after falling, Madhav is my son. He will get up. He calls out Madhav. Everyone ask Madhav to get up.

They get shocked seeing foam expelling from his mouth. Suman thinks now I don’t try to worry, Vividha will be trapped in Madhav’s worry. It will be very late till Vividha comes out of this matter.

Guddi comes to Atharv and sees the drawings on floor. She says its your workout time. He asks do you know this face. She recalls Suman’s words and denies. He asks her to see carefully, does Madhav’s mum look like this by chance. She says I don’t know her, what’s this issue, have milkshake. He refuses and says I won’t die if I don’t drink shake for a day, think again, did you see her. She says no. He says you dropped Madhav and met his mom, maybe she is that lady. She says I went for some time, I could not see her well, you were unconscious and I had to take you to doctor. She argues. He says such face troubles me every night, I heard a sound yesterday, someone’s name, Vividha. She gets shocked.

He says Madhav said his mum’s name is Vividha, maybe its coincidence. She thinks where did Suman go. She asks what do you mean, stranger kid came and you think you have relation with his mum, do you want me to help you in this. She acts to have pain. He asks are you fine. She says such things happen in this time. He says sorry. She says no need of sorry, I m your wife, how will I feel if my husband talks of some lady, your dreams have no connection with real life, its not reality, trust me. He says no, its not my heart’s illusion.

Ravish and Vividha getting Madhav to hospital. Vividha says someone has fed something to Madhav. He asks what are you saying. She says he was playing well, how did this happen. He says relax, we don’t have such beliefs, don’t let this pressure get on you. Vividha says I know it. Nurse asks them to get toys for Madhav, he will feel good when he gets conscious. Vividha says he did not get conscious till now and worries. Ravish says I will get toys. She says no, I will get and goes.

Sujata says we should go hospital, they did not come till now. Vividha comes. Uma asks how is Madhav. Dadi says what did doctor say. Vividha gets Madhav’s toys and feels sad. She thinks of him. She gets a thread on his bag. She see some powder in the glass and smells it. She recalls Madhav’s reaction on seeing Suman. She sees Madhav’s drawings.

Uma and Sujata come there. Vividha says where is Suman. Uma says Suman went to do puja for Madhav, why. Vividha leaves. Uma, sujata and Dadi go with her. Ravish asks what happened. Vividha says you were saying about logic, see this, where am I wrong, this glass has something, I told you someone did something on Madhav, see this black thread on his school bag, see this black powder in milk glass, someone did black magic on my son. He asks do you know what you are saying, who will do this. She says I know who is doing this. He asks who, and why.

She says there is just one person behind this, that’s your mum. They all get shocked. He asks what’s this madness. She says try to understand. He asks her to rest. She stops him. She says you won’t go without listening to me. Dadi says try to understand Ravish. Vividha says Dadi, don’t talk in between, its about my son’s life. Ravish asks do you have proof, did you see Suman trying black thread, or adding black powder in glass, its chocolate, Madhav likes it. She asks why does Madhav not like Suman, even when she gets toys for him, there would be some reason for this. He says you are saying nonsense. She says no, why did Ramanand ji leave seeing Suman, why did he warn me to get saved by Suman, whenever she comes home, Madhav falls ill.

She says Madhav said he has seen Suman at Delhi house, why did he not take anyone’s name, he is sleepwalking since Suman came home, she is your mum, but I know she is doing all this. Ravish shouts enough, I know you are worried for Madhav, it does not mean I will agree to your nonsense, do you have proof against Suman. Madhav asks for Vividha. Nurse calls them to meet Madhav. They rush and meet Madhav.

Madhav says mumma cries a lot. Vividha says you scare mumma. Ravish asks what happened to Madhav. Doctor asks can I talk to you in private. Ravish asks him to come. Madhav asks for his toys. Dadi gives him toys. Doctor talks to Ravish, Vividha, Sujata and Uma. He says we have to do some tests to confirm, if we see symptoms, its uncommon disease, its genetic, I know its hard to hear this, but its my duty to say truth, Madhav has a dangerous disease symptoms, which makes person lose immunity. They get shocked.

Vividha asks will he get fine. Doctor says its complicated, you can go to big cities for treatment, we want kid’s father’s DNA sample also. Sujata says Ravish is here, do any test you want. Vividha looks at Ravish. Sujata asks Ravish to go for tests, we should know is Madhav fine. Ravish and Vividha worry.

Suman meets Atharv. She says my work ended soon, so I came back, now everything will be fine. Everyone at home see Madhav playing. Sujata says you did not say anything all these years, our Madhav is my Atharv’s son. Uma says you have hidden such big thing from us, why. Dadi says Madhav is Atharv’s son…. Sujata asks Ravish did you know this. Ravish says yes, I got to know this on marriage day. FB shows Ravish coming to Vividha. He compliments her. She asks do you want to say something. He says we have seen a lot in last few months, if I did any mistake, I m sorry, I can’t think to hurt you intentionally, you are going to start new life, I want to give you best wishes, I want you and Atharv stay together always. O re piya…..plays……..


She says I told you, I will always be your friend, how did our ways get different, I just had Guddi, now she is no more, you are my best friend, our relation is not breaking, its getting more stronger. He makes her wear the bridal dupatta and says come. She gets dizzy. Ravish holds her. He asks are you fine, will you sit. She says no, I m fine, don’t know why is this happening since morning, I had food. FB ends. Everyone look at Ravish.