Never Say Goodbye Sunday Update 24th July 2022

Dadi saying we will serve this birthday boy well. Madhav talks to them. They all smile. Ravish says Madhav made the family work today. Sujata misses Uma on this occasion. Vividha says she was going to come, but she got some work. Guddi sees Ravish icing the cake. Guddi asks shall we go out today. Madhav says yes. Dadi says we will go, its been long we went out together. Guddi says I will book tickets. Ravish says I m busy, you all go, take Vividha along. He goes. Guddi asks why was Ravish talking so rude. Vividha says he was talking normal, he would be busy. Guddi goes. Vividha says Guddi got upset. Atharv says its drama, proposal fun gets double. Dadi says yes, I will be seeing Ravish and Guddi’s happiness when Ravish proposes Guddi.

Madhav cuts the birthday cake. Everyone wish him happy birthday and give gifts. Madhav checks gifts. Vividha asks him to see gifts later. He says please show me this gift. She opens the gift and sees a doll. Atharv asks why are you upset. Guddi says I m enjoying party. He asks her to say, what’s the matter. She says you know you and Vividha have seen a lot in few years, I also went through a lot, what shall I explain Ravish, I know everything went wrong, Ravish is coming close to me, but then I feel he is like he does not know me, I don’t know what’s going on.

He says mind and heart should not have conflicts, sometimes we don’t expect things and it happens, just listen to your heart, time will take its decision on own. Vividha checks the note, from K. She recalls Kangana talking to some K. Atharv comes and asks her to come, Ravish is going to propose Guddi. Vividha says that man has sent this doll, he knows its our lost child’s birthday today. He asks what are you saying, maybe someone gave this gift to Madhav. She says no, see this. He sees the note from K. She says this K is the man who has stolen my child, I know he did all this, I will not leave him, find him, do anything. He says you are mistaken, K sign can be any brand symbol, we can’t link this to it, that man took our child 6 years before, Ravish used army sources, we could not find anything, our search is going on, we can’t link to same thing, its Madhav’s birthday, Guddi is your sister, don’t you wish to become part of her happiness, stop thinking this, come.

Ravish gets a cake for Guddi and asks her to taste it, Vividha made it. She says I don’t want to have it. Ravish stops her and asks her to have cake. She eats cake. She gets surprised seeing the ring in it. Everyone smile. Ravish apologizes for his behavior and says I wanted to surprise you. Atharv says he is ring, I m the witness. Ravish promises Guddi that he will never make her upset in life, he will take care of her happiness, we have seen a lot and learnt much from life, I respect you a lot, I want to see you happy, I want us to start a new life, will you marry me. Saware……plays… Guddi looks at him and smiles. She agrees. Atharv and Dadi ask Ravish to make Guddi wear the ring. Ravish makes Guddi wear the ring. Everyone smile. Vividha gets shocked seeing Kangana.

She says Kangana…. They all see Kangana. Madhav meets Kangana. Vividha pulls him away and asks her to stay away from Madhav. Kangana says I know, I don’t deserve your forgiveness, trust me, I did not come to hurt anyone here. Vividha asks is there anything else left, you thought you will come back and we will trust you. Atharv asks what are you doing here, did you run from rehab. Kangana says no, I was released from rehab one month before, I did not try to reach here before, but today its Madhav’s birthday, so I came to meet him, I promise I don’t want to hurt anyone.

Atharv says whatever you did with us, all this talk is nonsense after seeing that. Kangana says I know, I killed innocent people, my mental state was not fine, after treatment in rehab, I realized my mistake, I tried to kill Vividha and Atharv, I m feeling guilty, forgive me. Atharv says I m glad you got fine and realized your mistake, don’t expect us to trust you, you can leave now, please. Kangana says I want to gift this to Madhav. Vividha says I will give it, thanks from Madhav’s side. Kangana sees Ravish.

Atharv and Vividha asking Kangana to leave. Kangana sees Ravish. She thanks them for everything and says if you need my help, you can call me anytime. She leaves. Vividha thinks of Kangana’s words and thinks Kangana can make me reach that man named K. Sujata asks Vividha what is she saying. Vividha says let me go after Kangana, I have to find that man, we could not find him. Sujata says she is dangerous, you know she lies cleanly. Vividha says she can make us reach that man, please let me go. She sees Kangana at the gate.

Vividha asks Sujata don’t you want to play with your grandson. Sujata says I want, but Kangana said she does not know that man. Vividha says but maybe she is lying and working for that man, if I follow her, we can find that man. Sujata asks her to ask Atharv. Vividha says he won’t agree. Sujata says talk to him once, maybe he understands. Vividha says this is our only chance, I want your help. Kangana leaves in an auto. Vividha follows her.

Ravish goes to Guddi. He says I think this matter has made you upset. She says I tried to get habitual to get rejected, I understood I should compromise with my bad fate. She cries and says whenever anything good happens with me, my bad fate laughs on me, I lose any good thing. He says we can’t see past in future, whatever is happening is for good, so I have come here. He shows her the ring. Ravish says I did not know my surprise will be this way, I just wanted us to unite forever, I still want this, Shweta Kashyap, will you marry me. She cries and thinks of Ravish and Kangana.

She says Ravish, are you sure, I m not blind, I can see you are affected by Kangana. He says yes, but its that affect which reminds me that I did mistake to trust her, Kangana is a bitter memory, nothing else, trust me. She says I trust your trust. They smile. He makes her wear the ring. She hugs him.

Vividha follows Kangana and talks to Sujata. She says I m following her, I will find something. Atharv comes to Sujata. Sujata worries. He asks why are you worried. She says no, my age is more than worry now. He asks did you see Vividha. Sujata says Vividha went to distribute food. He asks why did she go alone. She says she went with maid.

Kangana gets down the auto. Vividha follows her. She says I think she stays here. Sujata asks her to come back. Kangana sees the house locked. The man says its new lock, it will open when you pay rent. Vividha says she is arguing with some man. Sujata says don’t get into this, maybe she is doing drama. Vividha says no, she does not know I m following her. Kangana says I m applying for job, I will pay rent soon. The man asks her to leave. Kangana leaves.

Madhav asks what’s in this gift. He asks Atharv to play with him. Atharv agrees. Ravish asks Atharv to download the game. Atharv asks Madhav about party. Madhav says I had fun, did Kangana come to take me again. Ravish and Atharv make him busy in game.

The goons stop Kangana. Vividha says some goons are teasing her. Sujata asks her to come back home. Kangana shouts for help. Vividha shouts stop. The goon says we got two girls, great, we will take her also. Vividha slaps him. Vividha and Kangana beat the men. Ravish and Atharv play game. Madhav jumps happily. Ravish says its enough now, your mummy will come and scold us. Atharv says we will play one more game. Ravish downloads another game. They see the live video of Kangana and Vividha beating the goons. They get shocked.