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Never Say Goodbye August Teasers 2022

Atharva, Vividha and Kangana find Ravish lying dead on the floor! Below are Starlife Never Say Goodbye August 2022 Teasers.

Starlife Never Say Goodbye August 2022 Teasers Season Finale

Monday 1 August 2022

Episode 375

The laywer tells Vividha and Atharva that they might lose Kangana’s case. Khushi and Madhav get into a fight.

Episode 376

Ravish makes AtharVividha realise his concern for them and Madhav. He assures Guddi that he will marry her. Will AtharVividha get Madhav’s custody?

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Episode 377

Atharva worries about Kangana. Guddi daydreams about Ravish. Later, a shocking news leaves her heartbroken.

Episode 378

Vividha revolts against Ravish and Kangana’s marriage and curses them. A devastated Guddi returns Ravish’s engagement ring. How will Ravish react?

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Episode 379

Vividha warns Kanganaand Ravish to stay away from Madhav. She slaps Ravish when he confronts her.

Episode 380

Ravish defends Kangana when Vividha blames her. Atharva confronts Ravish for taking Kangana’s side. Will Ravish disclose the truth?

Thursday 4 August 2022

Episode 381

Vividha wants to win Madhav’s custody while, Ravish decides to break up with Kangana. Later, Guddi expresses her hatred towards Vividha.

Episode 382

Vividha spends some quality with Madhav, while Atharva takes care of Khushi. Elsewhere, Ankit is on a mission to kill Kangana.

Friday 5 August 2022

Episode 383

Vividha decides to fight for Madhav’s custody. Fed up with Kangana and Vividha’s confrontation, Atharva sets out to solve this.

Episode 384

Guddi prevents Ankit from taking any action against Kangana, who decides to leave the house. Will Ravish stop her?

Saturday 6 August 2022

Episode 385

Vividha brings Kailash home! Atharva turns violent on seeing him. Can Vividha pacify Atharva?

Episode 386

Kangana, Atharva and Dadi condemn Kailash for his misdeeds. Vividha feels pity for Kailash, while Atharva and Ravish take a drastic step.

Sunday 7 August 2022

Episode 387

Vividha takes care of Kailash, while Guddi hates him. Meanwhile, some strangers try to abduct Madhav and Khushi.

Episode 388

Kailash rescues Khushi, Madhav from the kidnappers. Later, Ravish, Atharva want to shift Kailash to an old age home.
Monday 8 August 2022

Episode 389

Vividha tries to make Atharva realise Khushi’s attachment to Kailash. Uma is shocked seeing Kailash!

Episode 390

Vividha urges Uma to take care of Kailash, However, Uma is terrified witnessing his lunatic behaviour and recalls his past misdeeds.

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Episode 391

Vividha finds Kailash lying in a pool of blood! Out of suspicion, she interrogates everyone in the house. Who attacked Kailash?

Episode 392

Vividha accuses Ravish of attacking Kailash. Sujata is shocked on seeing Ravish, Atharva and Vividha confront each other.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Episode 393

Vividha accuses Ravish of attacking Kailash. Uma suspects that Kailash is hiding something. But, what are Ravish and Kangana up to?

Episode 394

Kailash reveals that he wants to take revenge against Atharva. After a while, Atharva, Vividha and Kangana find Ravish lying dead on the floor!

Thursday 11 August 2022

Episode 395

As the police investigate Ravish’s death case, Vividha takes blame on herself of killing Ravish. What is the truth?

Episode 396

Atharva performs Ravish’s last rites and strives to free Vividha from jail. He seeks Kangana’s help to find the real killer.

Friday 12 August 2022

Episode 397

As Atharva tries to prove Vividha innocent, two lady prisoners attack her in jail. Elsewhere, Guddi sympathises with a dejected Kangana.

Episode 398

Sujata and Uma turn emotional while paying homage to Ravish. Vividha believes that Khushi killed Ravish. Is this true?

Saturday 13 August 2022

Episode 399

Atharva makes Vividha realise that Khushi did not kill Ravish. He bails Vividha out of jail while everyone joins in Ravish’s post death rituals.

Episode 400

With Khushi’s help, Atharva claims in front of Vividha that Kailash is Ravish’s killer. Meanwhile, Kailash reveals his secret to Kangana.

Sunday 14 August 2022

Episode 401

Vividha is shocked learning that Kailash is Ravish’s murderer while, Atharva alerts her to beware of his ploy. Dadi tries to console Guddi.

Episode 402

Kailash blackmails Kangana after taking her into his custody. Later, everyone desperately searches for her. What is Kailash’s plan?
Monday 15 August 2022

Episode 403

Sujata, Atharva and Vividha are stressed about Kangana’s sufferings and try to find her. Atharva is suspicious of Kailash.

Episode 404

Atharva, Vividha and Sujata suspect Kailash to be hiding Kangana but fail to locate her. They keep an eye on Kailash.

Tuesday 16 August 2022

Episode 405

Kangana’s condition turns critical after Kailash puts her inside the mirror drawer. Will she get help in time?

Episode 406

Dadi and Sujata panic when Kailash attempts to attack Uma. Atharva is on a mission to prove Vividha’s innocence.

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Episode 407

Atharva strives to gather evidence against Kailash. Dadi, Uma and Sujata play a prank on Kailash to annoy him.

Episode 408

Kailash deduces that everyone is keeping an eye on him. Atharva strives to find the spy cam to prove Kailash’s criminal offences.

Thursday 18 August 2022

Episode 409

Dadi injures her hands and expresses her hatred towards Kailash. Atharva finds some parts of the spy camera.

Episode 410

Atharva finds the parts of the spy camera at Kailash’s hideouts. He sees some chilling footage!

Friday 19 August 2022

Episode 411

Kailash threatens Atharva that he will destroy the house if he does not take the blame of Ravish’s murder on himself. What will Atharva do?

Episode 412

Atharva manages to locate Kangana and tries to defuse the bomb fixed by Kailash around her body. Can he rescue her?

Saturday 20 August 2022

Episode 413

The bomb explodes inside Vividha’s house. Atharva proves Kailash’s criminal offences to the police.

Episode 414

Kangana panics as Madhav goes missing. Vividha suspects that Kailash has kidnapped him and sets out to find Madhav.

Sunday 21 August 2022

Episode 415

Vividha finds Kailash in his house and confronts him for his misdeeds. He forcibly wants to get her married.

Episode 416

Atharva worries about Vividha and Madhav’s whereabouts. Later, Vividha falls into Kailash’s trap as she strives to free Madhav.
Monday 22 August 2022

Episode 417

Atharva gets to know that Kailash wants to get Vividha married in Ajmer. Can Atharva call off her wedding?

Season Finale!

Atharva stops Kailash from forcing Vividha to marry Vivek. In a fit of rage, Kailash kidnaps Vividha at gunpoint. Can Atharva rescue her?

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Never Say Goodbye Last Episode

Madhav going to call Atharv. Kailash stops him and scolds. He welcomes the groom’s family. Madhav looks on. Kailash takes care of guests. The guy asks who is this kid. Kailash says neighbor’s kid, Vividha loves kids a lot. He asks Madhav to go and play. The guy says I would like to meet the girl Vividha. The lady asks is there any tension. Kailash says I have much tension, Vividha is getting ready. The lady says Vivek wanted to meet her once. Madhav thinks to do something. Vividha is in dizzy state. Atharv asks inspector to please find out about Vividha and Madhav. Kailash lies about traditions, which ties hands, till we have Kuldevi darshan, I m helpless, it will happen in few hours, take some rest and then meet Vividha.

He settles them in a room. The lady asks Vivek to give the jewelry to Kailash, its for Vividha. Vivek goes to Kailash. Madhav tries to make a call. Vivek sees Vividha from window and calls her out. He says actually, I wanted to meet you, Kailash uncle said you are getting ready, I wanted to talk to you once, I saw your photos and fell in love with you, did you have same feelings for me, I m talking to you, hello…. He sees the door and tries to meet her. Kailash sees him and stops. Vivek says Vividha was not responding to me. Kailash says maybe she is sleeping, she woke up early morning, shall I wake her up. Vivek says no, I was seeing how is the door latched. Kailash says I did this so that people let bride rest, come. Vivek says fine, let her rest and goes.

Atharv asks inspector about Vividha again. Jaana na dil se door….plays…. Madhav says phone is dead, how will I save mumma. He calls from mobile. Khushi answers. He asks her to give call to Papa, tell him we are in Ajmer. Khushi does not talk. Kailash takes the phone from Madhav. He scolds him.

Vivek tells everyone that something is fishy, Kailash was lying to me. Vividha recalls her marriage, and says this can’t happen. Jaana na dil se door…..plays.. Sujata asks Atharv did police know anything. Atharv says no, what shall I do, I have to leave. Sujata asks where will you go. Atharv says don’t know, I will find her. He gets stumbling. Uma says you are not fine, how can you go, don’t go. Khushi tries to tell him.

She says Ajmer. They get shocked. Atharv asks how did you say this, Ajmer. Khushi nods. Atharv asks what about Ajmer, you answered call from Vividha or Madhav. She nods. He says it means Kailash took them there, but why. Kangana comes and says he wants to get Vividha married to someone else. She tells everything. Kailash tells Vividha that Vivek wants to meet her. Vividha is dizzy. Kailash says it will happen what I say, there is no question of saying yes, see this and decide what to do. He shows Madhav’s pic. She says you will regret a lot. She says till Atharv is alive, this can’t happen, Atharv will come.

Atharv gets dizzy and falls unconscious. Kailash says you are waiting for him, he will not come now, the injection given to him was not to faint him, it was slow poison, he would be selling milk in heaven by now. They all worry for Atharv.

Kailash blackmailing Vividha. He introduces Vivek and his family. They compliment Vividha. The lady makes Vividha wear shagun bangles. She says this looks like its made for you. Vividha recalls Sujata making her wear the bangles. Kailash says we will check preparations for the wedding rounds, why to wait if bride is ready, get ready, then we will meet. Vivek and his family leave. Vividha thinks where are you Atharv.

Kailash takes Vividha to the mandap. She sits and recalls Atharv. Pandit asks them to do rituals. Vivek sees Vividha and takes her name. Pandit asks Vividha to take groom’s name. Kailash asks her to take Vivek’s name, while she was saying Atharv. Madhav is tied somewhere. Kailash asks pandit to leave some rituals. Pandit asks groom and bride to stand for varmala. Vivek finds it strange. Kailash blackmails Vividha.

They exchange garlands and sit. Kailash does the ghatbandhan. Vividha thinks this can’t happen, I m just of Atharv. She hears the bike sound. Atharv reaches there.

Atharv gets shocked seeing Vividha’s marriage happening with someone. Kailash gets shocked seeing Atharv. Vividha smiles and removes the garlands. Vividha runs to Atharv and hugs him. Vivek and his family get shocked. Vividha cries. She says I knew you will come. Vivek asks who is he. Atharv says I m her husband. Vividha says he is my husband, Atharv, I m married. Vivek’s sister asks what’s all this. Vivek asks Kailash why was he getting remarried. Atharv says he has to answer everyone, he cheated his daughter too, he got her married to someone else but fate got her to me, none can separate us, this man is not just a cheater, but a murderer as well, he has killed my brother, he has done many crimes, he is not a good man. He scolds Kailash. Vividha gets dizzy.

Atharv feeds her some medicine and says Kangana gave this to me. Vividha gets fine. FB shows Atharv falling down. Kangana says I know what happened to him, when he has sent me here, he gave me snake poison, he said about some slow poison, don’t worry, I know making its antidote, I will make it. She goes. She makes the antidote and feeds Atharv. Atharv gets fine. FB ends. Vividha shows Atharv about Madhav. Atharv gets Madhav and asks are you fine. Madhav says Kailash said he will kill mumma. Atharv says nothing will happen to your mumma. Vivek’s sister asks about the cheat. Kailash holds Vividha at gunpoint. Vivek and his family get shocked.

Kailash says she is my daughter, I have right on her fate, I will write her fate. Vividha says please leave me. Kailash says don’t come ahead Atharv, I will not let anyone ruin my daughter’s life, there are many guys in the world, I will get her married in big family. Madhav asks Atharv to save Vividha. Atharv says leave Vividha. Kailash asks him not to come ahead and takes Vividha in the jeep. Atharv follows them on the bike. He comes in front of the jeep. Kailash asks Vividha to get down the bike. Vividha says he will never kill me Atharv. Kailash asks Atharv not to come ahead, else he will shoot her. Atharv says let’s see, shoot. Kailash scolds him. He says I will end my hatred here, your love made her blind, you snatched my Vividha, I will not leave you today, Vividha has my blood in her. Atharv walks to him. Kailash says stop, else I will shoot Vividha.

Atharv asking Kailash what type of devil is he. Kailash says you are forcing me, don’t come ahead, I m telling you. Atharv kicks the gun. Kailash shoots. Vividha gets shot. She falls down. Atharv holds her. She says bullet touched me and passed, don’t leave him, his love became madness.

Kailash and Atharv have a fight. Kailash picks the gun. He aims at Atharv. Atharv says its either you or me today, shoot. Kailash recalls Vividha. He shoots himself. Atharv and Vividha get shocked. Kailash falls dead. Atharv holds Vividha. Vividha says let this blood flow out, its bad blood of Kailash. Atharv hugs her.

Everyone does Kailash’s last rites. Dadi cries and says he was my son, he did not do this right, I will wish your soul gets peace. Vividha says why did he not behave like a normal man. Atharv says I did not hate him, but he could not understand us, when I tried a lot to explain. She says don’t blame yourself. He says he got blind in ego and did not see children’s happiness. She says he was using me for his thinking, he ruined everything. Atharv says I wanted him to see our family, when you said he lost his memory, I wished its true and I m wrong about him, but no he was same. She says he never changed, I wish I get a good father in next birth. He says I m sorry, I tried a lot, but could not get your father, we get a lot in life, but we keep accounts of things which we don’t get.

After 3 months, Sujata selects the saree for Uma. Everyone carries on the normal routine. Kangana gives tiffin to Guddi and says food has less oil. Vividha asks Atharv to come soon. Vividha asks Uma and Sujata to pack pickles and papad orders, we have to prepare it fast. Kangana takes Madhav for bath. Ankit goes to manage things. Vividha says I will go and give tea to Atharv. Atharv feeds the cows. He says I m focussing on work, no tea at this time. She says I will feed this to gungun. He asks her to pay attention to him also. Khushi asks what’s happening, I m seeing everything. Atharv asks what. She says you have held mummy’s hand, I will tell Dadi that you were beating mummy. He says I did not beat her ever. Khushi goes. He says since she started talking, she did not stop chattering, she went on you. They see Vivek.

Vivek says you would be surprised seeing me here, I m sorry for what happened 3 months ago, I m very sorry. Atharv says no need to feel guilty. Vivek says I came to talk about alliance again, don’t misunderstand me, my proposal is for Kangana, when I saw her at funeral, we spoke a bit, but time was not right. Kangana says what’s this. Vivek says you can take your time. Kangana says forget this, you are wasting your time. She goes.

Vividha says I will like to say one thing, never lose in life, true love always wins. Atharv says if you believe this by heart, you listen to your heart, Kangana is not fine, but times will change. Vivek says I will accept whatever her decision, I will take your leave. He goes. Vividha lights diya and sees Kailash, Ramakant and Ravish’s pics. She asks Atharv what decision will Kangana take. He says like you took decision by heart. They argue.

Everyone comes. Uma says Atharv’s filmi side impressed Vividha. Sujata says Atharv tried hard to get her. Dadi says Vividha has good luck to get him, everyone knows I m first love of Atharv ji. Atharv says yes, you are first. They smile. Uma says this was right decision of your life, which made you and me free. Dadi Bua asks did Dadi start troubling again. Dadi says she always takes class of me. Guddi says our small fights keep us together. Madhav calls them and shows Khushi. Vividha asks her to come down. Madhav says she is coward. Khushi comes down.

Everyone claps. Khushi runs after Madhav to beat him. Dadi Bua and Dadi argue. Vividha says happiness came in our house. Atharv says our life had many things, whatever pain we tolerated, everything got fine. Vividha says true love never fails. Sujata says yes right, if heart is clean and intentions are good, difficulties get easy. Atharv says till my entire family is with me, I m ready to fight any war. Vividha calls the kids. They hug the kids. Everyone smile.