Never Say Goodbye 6th February 2022 Sunday Update


Never Say Goodbye 6th February 2022 Sunday Update

Atharv telling Kailash that I m immature, but made you bear a loss, I have already bought adjacent land in 20 lakhs, you bought this land in 40 lakhs and raised my land’s value too, you are right, you have experience and I don’t know business, I made you buy 20 lakhs land in 40 lakhs. Kailash asks did you do this intentionally to make me raise bids. Atharv says I know my and your limit, you have lost by your ego. Kailash scolds him.

Sujata looks on. Kailash asks Atharv will you challenge me, I will not only cut your feathers, I will cut your legs too. He threatens Atharv angrily. Atharv says my fate is in Lord’s hands, you become human first than becoming Lord. Kailash says I did not earn this status by getting charity, you want to strike me. Atharv says I just gave you a light dose, you got shaken up, the day I collide with you, think what will happen, if you could win, why did you get scared to lose. Kailash taunts on Atharv’s being fatherless and scolds him.

Atharv and Sujata look on shocked. Kailash says you are showing the land bought by my money, its my promise I will not let keep any brick on that land. Kailash starts leaving, as Vividha is finding him. Atharv shouts and asks so shall we bet on your promise. Kailash stops. If I put a brick on your land then….. Vividha comes and looks on. Kailash says what will you bet, you don’t have anything to bet. Atharv says the brick I keep on this land, think of it as your daughter’s engagement shagun. Kailash and Vividha get shocked.

Atharv says because after that, I will marry your daughter. Everyone get shocked. Kailash shouts and rushes to Atharv. He holds Atharv’s collar angrily. Sujata says leave my son. Kailash asks what did you say. Atharv says your hands are fine after reaching my collar, as these hands are of my would be father in law. He makes Kailash fold hands. Vividha gets shocked and drops the aarti plate. She gets dizzy…..

Atharv comes home and recalls Kailash’s taunts. He recalls Vividha. Jaana na dil se door…….plays…………… Sujata comes to him and beats him. She asks did he had no shame to talk about his marriage like that. He says you told me to follow my heart. She beats him. He runs. She says I asked you to follow heart, not to challenge Kailash. He says time out, wait…. She takes a breath. She says Vividha is fake pride of Kailash, he is not a good man, he will fall low and not let you win, he will ruin you, why did you challenge him, we are simple and poor people, no one will support us. He asks her not to worry.

Vividha is sleeping at home. She recalls Atharv’s words and wakes up. Kailash asks how are you. Ankit gets friends’ call and tells Kailash that everyone got to know about Atharv’s challenge. Dadi and Guddi say everyone is betting on this challenge, who will win, Kailash or Atharv. Kailash apologizes to Vividha and says I should have not gone in that bidding, its my mistake to do good to Atharv. She says no, its Atharv’s mistake, will I marry him if he challenges, I will not marry him. Vividha hugs Kailash. Uma looks on.

Sujata asks Atharv why did you not tell me that you love Vividha. He says I did not tell Vividha too. She asks what do you mean, its one sided love, you can’t make relation without asking her wish, if she likes you, its tough for her to go against her dad, if she does not like you then… did you ask her? He says no, but I have seen love in her eyes. She says its difference between mutual love and misunderstanding, if heart breaks… it aches a lot. He says what happened with you will not happen with me, Vividha has heard the marriage announcement, next time when you see her, you will also see her silent love in her eyes. She says I can’t see you alone. He cheers her up. They smile.

Atharv leaves from his house. Vividha comes there. She sees him leaving, and then goes to Sujata. She asks how can Atharv do this, I m human, not anything to bet on me, its wrong, my Papa did so much for him, he did this, why is your son confused, he did not say anything in Pushkar, now he is saying so much infront of my Papa, he is not bad at heart, but does weird things, explain him that this can’t happen. She hears bike sound and says oh no, how did he come back so soon. She runs out and Atharv reaches home. She comes infront of him. He smiles recalling their similar meet before…… Jaana na dil se door……plays………. They look at each other.

Vividha leaving from Atharv’s house. He comes home and blocks her way. Jaana na dil se door…..plays…….. Sujata smiles seeing them. He says its good you came here, I did not need to go to call you now, you start working now. She asks what work. He says marriage arrangements, will my mum work alone. Vividha asks him to stop nonsense, and scolds him. Atharv asks Sujata will she come here to slap him. Sujata signs him to come and talk to her. He asks Vividha to stay here, he will just come. She says why will I wait here. He says for Payal’s sake. He gets down the bike and locks the gate. She says I can’t wait, I have to go. He asks her to go. She asks him to then allow her to go, and make her free of Payal’s swear. He asks her to then stay back.

Sujata tells Atharv that I have seen love in Vividha’s eyes for you. He says I know, say anything else. She says the girl who can stay here for an animal, who loves animal/Payal so much, I can imagine how much she will love you, she will always love you, just get her bangle size for me, I have to make shagun. He laughs and goes to Vividha. Vividha asks him to let her go. He asks Vividha to give her bangle for size, so that Sujata can bring shagun bangles for her. He looks at Sujata. Sujata hides and Vividha does not see her.

Vividha says I will give slipper. He says I will take slipper/sandal size later, give bangle now. She says you have gone mad, no girl will marry you, you say you won’t talk, and then you announce that you will marry me, you always stay anger, you are a microwave, I want to marry a normal man, but a mad person like you, why shall I marry you, I don’t love you. He gets some mud on his hand to measure her wrist size, and stares at her smiling. Sujata looks on and smiles. Vividha gets on Atharv’s bike and climbs the gate. He asks don’t you love me. She says no no no….. He asks again. She says no. He holds her hand and pulls her in his arms. She screams. Sujata smiles and hides. Atharv and Vividha have an eyelock.

Jaana na dil se door…….plays…………. Atharv smiles. Vividha looks at him. He asks does nothing happen to you when I come close, when I get away from sight, don’t you miss me, don’t you see my face when you close eyes. She answers everything no. He asks if every answer is no, then why did you get goose bumps by the name of love. Sujata sees them and smiles.

Dubey comes to Kailash’s house. Dubey says sorry, its something imp that I had to come now. He shows the plot map/plan to Kailash. He says Atharv is preparing to make a dairy farm on that land, I got this map from the bank. Kailash gets angry and says he has no status to look high, he started raising voice, I will tell him difference between reality and dreams, when ghee does not come of the box, I don’t make my finger cross, I heat that ghee box, I will ruin that guy. He tears the drawing and says I will ruin his dreams same way.

Atharv takes her wrist size by holding her wrist. Vividha says I don’t love you. He asks her to then prove it to herself. He says I know you love me, you don’t know. He says I will give you three proofs that you love me, when you wake up, you will miss me, you will miss me when you have food, whenever you think of me, you will smile. She looks at him and smiles. She says I don’t love you. He asks then why are you in my arms till now. She realizes she is in his arms and gets down. She says nonsense. He says I think your Papa fed you well and made you fat, lose some weight before marriage. She says I m not fat, and marriage won’t happen.

He says look I want a fit wife, this won’t work. She asks him not to be mistaken. She says I don’t love you, I m not marrying you. He measures her bangle size by the mud he had on his hand. He opens the lock of the gate and signs her to go. Vividha leaves. Atharv says Maa, your bahu’s bangle size is done, make bangles for shagun. Vividha turns and looks at him. She sees the mud marks on her wrist and says you are….. He says I know I m very lovely. She throws grass on him. He says you are doing this before marriage, what will you do after marriage. She runs from there.

Sujata prays for her children’s happiness. Vividha gets a romantic dream of Atharv. She dreams that he is getting close to kiss her. She shouts no and Guddi asks what happened. Vividha says I had bad dream of Atharv. Guddi says then it can’t be bad. Vividha recalls Atharv’s words and says no, why did I dream of him, I don’t love him. Atharv and Sujata come to Kailash’s house. Sujata looks on tensed. Atharv says there is no use to stand here, you have to go inside. She asks him to come along. He says I did love and announced marriage, now shall I go to invite them, you are my mother, you go there. She says I don’t know what will Kailash do. He says I know he will go mad in anger, Vividha is dear to both of us, we have to get her at our home, all the best. She goes inside the house.

Atharv waits outside. Guddi sees him and smiles. He waves her. She signs asking where is your elder sister. Guddi signs him to wait, she will call Vividha. Guddi goes to Vividha and asks her to help in trying the rope. Vividha goes to balcony and says Guddi, rope is fine. She dries her hair and sees Atharv. She says what is he doing here, he is just staring, what to do now. Guddi says I don’t know whom shall I say bad, my fare or you. Vividha puts dupatta on the rope and hides. Atharv tries to see her. Jaana na dil se door…….plays………………..