My Heart Knows Wednesday Update 30 March 2022


My Heart Knows Wednesday Update 30 March 2022

Kalyani asks Malhar to return her mangalsutra to her. Malhar says it is an ornament of married woman as she trusts her husband, but you don’t trust me and I am like a garbage bin for you. Kalyani is deeply hurt. Moksh asks what you will do by wearing this mangsultra whose value is like a garbage bin, you shall be happy that you don’t have to wear it. Kalyani says if you think that mangalsutra’s value is equivalent to garbage, then its ok. She says if you think that I don’t respect you and wears garbage bag in her neck, saying it will be in her neck as the marriage ornament.

Malhar says I said right, I am not suitable for you, everytime you are right and I am wrong and asks her to say. Kalyani asks him to think her talks wrong and says I will not say anything now. She cries. Moksh puts the comb and the pic in the garbage bag. Kalyani says I will close my mouth and will not say anything to you. She ties cloth to her mouth. Malhar says it is enough of your drama, just go from here. Kalyani nods no. Malhar takes the cloth out from the mouth and asks her to leave.

Malhar says Moksh will stay with Baba, his Aai will take care and he will be with baba. Kalyani cries. She goes out and throws the garbage bag angrily. She finds the fallen pic from it and tries to pick it. heavy wind comes and the pic flies away. Kalyani manages to pick it and finds Radhe Shyam and Swara’s marriage pic. She gets shocked and says Swara is married. She finds a comb there and thinks how does his pic and comb came in this bag. She calls Malhar.

Pawar tells Malhar that Sarthak was in Solahpur that day. Malhar says then why did he refuse to know anything. He asks pawar to find out and sit in the jeep with Moksh. He thinks why did Kaka lied to him. Kalyani are running to come there and asks Malhar to stop. She calls him, but the jeep is already gone. She calls him, but he rejects her call. She calls him again, he rejects her call again. Pawar asks if everything is fine. Kalyani thinks I can’t tell anyone before telling Malhar about Swara and Radhe. She tells that she found a comb and it might be the proof of 26th july. He says it has few thread strands and can get DNA test done. He takes the comb.

Sarthak asks Anupriya where is she going? Anupriya says my bail 14 days are over and I am going to surrender to Police. Sarthak says you are not go anywhere. Aao Saheb says Radhe had said that he has danger to his life from Sarthak then why you are blaming yourself. Madhav asks what do you mean and says we can’t blame our brother as guilty believing someone and asks who was that Radhe? Kalyani looks on. Pawar tells Malhar that DNA report came and that saree clad man was Radhe, whose skeleton was found. Kalyani tells Anupriya that MHBoss number plate was of Kaka. Rao Saheb tells that they have arrested the mechanic who made that number plate. Malhar asks whose number plate was it? Rao says it was of Sarthak. Kalyani asks Sarthak to say the truth. Asawari asks do you think that he can murder anyone. Aao Saheb says that man was taking Sarthak’s name and says he must have murdered him. Asawari asks Kalyani why is she blaming Sarthak. Kalyani holds Sarthak’s hand and asks him to say.

Madhav tries to take Sarthak inside and holds his other hand to drag him. Sarthak jerks them and Kalyani falls down. Madhav warns Kalyani and says if you come near my brother then I will and is about to hit Kalyani with a rod. Anupriya protects Kalyani. Sarthak holds the rod and tells that he has murdered Radhe, I am the murderer. Malhar comes there and hears his confession. Sarthak sits and cries.

Malhar asking Sarthak what had happened on that day. Sarthak tells that he came to know that Dada (Madhav) was alive and has remarried. I used to meet him and his family often. That day I went to Solahpur to meet them. I met Anupriya on the way and when I reached home, there was nobody in the house. I thought when there was nobody in the house, then why the door is open, then I saw Swara and Radhe in saree in the room (kissing). He shouts Swara. Swara asks Radhe to run. Radhe runs. Sarthak says I was very angry that Swara was with involved with the woman and ran behind her to catch her. He says he followed her in the car. That woman was driving very fast so I took other way and hits Radhe’s car unintentionally. He says he got unconscious and when he gained consciousness, he went towards her car and found out that he was a man in woman’s clothes. Madhav, Asawari and Aahir was going from there and stopped the car. They see Sarthak and gets shocked. Sarthak tells that he took Radhe in his car and dumped the car in the pond. He asks Malhar to arrest him. Swara comes there wearing white saree and says I won’t let you hide in jail. She says she will take revenge of her Shyam and says you have snatched him and killed him. She tries to stab Sarthak, but Kalyani comes in between. Anupriya shouts Kalyani.

It shows Malhar takes the axe on his hand to save Kalyani. Swara asks why did you kill my Shyam? Sarthak says it was not intentional. Malhar asks why did you wear white saree like a widow? Kalyani says Swara and Radhe Shyam was married and I have seen their marriage pic. Swara cries. Malhar says you know this and hid this thing from me. Kalyani says I wanted to tell you this. Swara breaks down and cries. Madhav asks did you marry Radhe and asks why you have hidden this from me. Swara says I know that you will not accept a dancer wearing saree as your damad. She says Shyam asked me to tell you, but I didn’t tell you. She says I was afraid that Shyam’s life is in danger and was hoping that he is alive, but Kaka killed my Shyam and made me a widow.

Swara says I will not forgive anyone and asks why did you hide this from me. Asawari says we left Solahpur because of this incident and came here. Madhav says it was an accident, Sarthak didn’t do anything intentionally. Malhar hugs Swara and cries. He says I can’t ask you not to cry and says I wish I could share your pain. He asks Madhav why did he hid the crime. He asks Sarthak to come with him to the Police station. Anupriya says it was an accident and it is proved that he is not a criminal. Malhar says whatever is happening with me is the most difficult time of my life. He says one side is my sister and other side is my kaka who brought me up and taught me to support truth. He says court will decide if you are guilty or not? Sarthak tells Anupriya that he would have confessed his crime long back, but the fear of losing you stopped me. He tells that he is proud of Malhar and apologizes to Swara. Kalyani asks Malhar not to arrest Kaka. Malhar takes Sarthak with him. Swara asks Madhav not to take her name and comes to room. Swara asks her to leave her and asks if she can’t mourn for Shyam’s death alone.

Kalyani gets a call from a detective, who tells that Sarthak went to Solahpur from Aurangabad at 9 pm in his car. Kalyani is shocked and thinks how can this be happen. She thinks Kaka had said that he took Radhe in his car at 7 pm, but seems like he is hiding something and someone else dumped the car in the pond. Malhar comes there and asks why did you hide this from me. Kalyani says I wanted to tell you and that’s why called you again and again, but you was rejecting my call. Malhar says don’t know what to believe and what to not? He takes Moksh in his lap and asks her to stay away from him and his family. Kalyani says what has happened to him. She asks Anupriya if his family is not mine. Asawari hears her. Kalyani thinks she has to find out the truth, who had pushed the car in the pond.

Malhar knocks on Swara’s door asking her to open the door. Swara says she don’t want to talk and asks him to go. Malhar goes.

Kalyani asks Commissioner to listen to her, says Malhar is not listening to her and asks Commissioner to do lie detector test of Sarthak kaka. Commissioner says he has confessed his crime and tells that the informer’s information is of no use. Pawar comes there and tells that Malhar’s phone is off and tells that Radhe died not due to head injury at the accident time, but he died due to strangulating of his neck 5 hours later. Commissioner asks Pawar to make arrangement of lie detector test for Sarthak. Kalyani thinks criminal is someone else.