My Heart Knows Wednesday Update  16 February 2022


My Heart Knows Wednesday Update 16 February 2022

Atharv is somewhere in the car and asks the goon to shoot Malhar if there is a need. The goon sees Malhar and asks other goon to give gun as ACP is here. Kalyani is praying to God. The goon is about to shoot Malhar. Hare ram hare ram plays…

Malhar sitting outside the bungalow with Pawar and other constable. Pawar tells that Police force can’t come due to CM’s work. Kalyani comes to the Police station and asks about Malhar. Lady constable tells her that he is on Mission with Pawar. Kalyani thinks why he didn’t pick the call. She comes home. Anupriya tells her that Malhar’s anger will go. She asks her to drink tea. Kalyani asks her to drink. Anupriya is about to drink, but Aao Saheb comes and makes tea fall down. She says today is vat Purnima fast. Anupriya tells kalyani about the importance of the fast. Kalyani checks on google. Anupriya says she trusts it and says everyone don’t have loving husband in their life.

Kalyani sees Moksh crying. Moksh cries calling Mamma. Sampada scolds Kalyani and asks her to go. kalyani signs her to be quiet and asks Billu not to cry, says she is with him. Sampada goes to room. Kalyani thinks she has to tell Malhar that she trust him fully and knows that he will bring Moksh back. Pawar says they have to go now. Fb is shown, Atharv asks goon not to kill Malhar and says he can’t do anything without the police force. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya to do Atul last rites if she doesn’t want to keep the fast. She tells her that she didn’t forget that she is married to him. She reminds her that Atul had left her and she didn’t leave him. She says she is unwell and can’t keep fast. Aparna taunts her and asks if she wants to keep fast for someone else. Anupriya asks her not to tell this again. Aao Saheb asks her to keep fast for her prestige in the neighborhood. Anupriya tells that she will keep the fast for Kalyani’s learning and tells that she got a good husband, not like Atul.

Pallavi tells Aparna that Vivek brought pizza for her which had much cheese and that’s why she is not feeling hungry. Aparna says if she thinks about food then her fast will break. Aao Saheb asks Anupriya and others to come to temple. Kalyani comes there and tells that she has kept fast for Malhar and got her plate ready. Aao Saheb asks them to go. Anupriya feels drowsy and faints. Kalyani shouts Aai. Doctor checks Anupriya and asks about bandage. Kalyani tells about the injury. Doctor says she shall not keep fast and asks them to make her eat something. Kalyani asks Anupriya to eat. Aao Saheb is shocked. She says Anupriya will complete her fast for Atul. Kalyani says ok and calls her friend Shilpa. Shilpa asks if her Dadi is troubling her and says she will reach there with women organization. If there is an issue. Aao Saheb gives her banana. Kalyani tells Shilpa that her Dadi is not troubling her.

Aparna tells Kalyani that she doesn’t care for her baba. Kalyani says she doesn’t understand the fast logic and says she is concerned more for her Aai as she knows that nobody cares for her Aai. Aparna and Pallavi leave. Kalyani asks Anupriya why did she play with her life for Atul. Anupriya asks her to keep the fast with honesty. Malhar asks Pawar about Lady constable chandini etc. Pawar says she will come. Malhar tells that they will throw the smoke bombs/tear gas and then when Chandini enters secretly, we will also enter. He asks pawar to take Mugdha out and he will take out Chandini. He asks did you ask her to wear bullet proof jacket. Pawar says yes and tells that he will also come with him. Malhar says no.

Aparna and Pallavi keep their husband’s pics in their plate. Kalyani tells that she has decided to keep the fast with full dedication and asks him to talk to her. They throw the tear gas bomb and get inside, seeing goons came out. He sees Anupriya there on Chandini’s place and says Maai…you. Kalyani starting the puja in the temple. Malhar sees Anupriya on Chandini’s place and asks what are you doing here? Anupriya says I went to meet you and met Chandini there. a fb is shown, Chandini tells Anupriya that she came to know that she is pregnant and says if Saheb came to know about this then he will stop the mission as Mugdha is important for the case. She says I am scared for my baby. Anupriya says I will go in your place. Fb ends. Anupriya says I told Chandini not to tell you. Malhar says there is a danger here and asks why you don’t understand. Anupriya asks him to think that it is her effort to bring Moksh back and says she is wearing even bullet proof jacket. Pawar asks Malhar to agree and says goons might come here then we can’t take Mugdha out. Anupriya asks him to agree. Malhar says ok and asks her to do just as he says. A heavy wind comes while the ladies come to temple to do vat savitri puja. Pallavi says we shall go back. Aparna asks Kalyani to come. Kalyani says I am doing this puja for Malhar ji and will not left it incomplete. Goons see Malhar taking Anupriya and says she is not Mugdha. They shoot at them. Pallavi tells Aparna that Kalyani is acting as if she is concerned for her husband and we are not. She says let her be here. Malhar shoots at goons and injures them. Aparna and Pallavi see Kalyani tying the holy thread to the tree, even in heavy wind. They say her nautanki don’t end. Malhar fires at the goon. Anupriya turns and sees goon about to shoot Malhar from the back side and asks him to look back. Malhar’s gun drops on the ground and he looks at the goon shooting at him. Pallavi tells that kalyani is taking all rounds. Aparna says she has gone mad. The goon is about to shoot Malhar, but something falls and the bullet touches it. Malhar picks the gun and shoots at the gun. Kalyani prays to God to protect Malhar and help him get Moksh. She prays that Malhar stopped laughing and she also can’t live without her Billu. A paper falls on Kalyani’s face. She is shocked. Aparna takes the pic. Kalyani asks who is he? Aparna says he is my husband and Sampada’s father. Kalyani thinks Sampada is planning with her Papa (watchman in hospital).

Malhar and Pawar are taking Anupriya and Mugdha from there. Pawar says they have arrested the goons. Malhar congratulates Anupriya and says your daughter don’t have to do anything to get Moksh. Anupriya says you are safe because of Kalyani’s vat savitri fast. Malhar gets moved and tells that once they get Moksh, his irritation will end. He apologizes to Anupriya. He tells that he will drop her to Police station and then will take Mugdha to Police station. Kalyani comes to the hospital and enquires showing Sampada’s father’s pic. The watchman asks do you have ID card. Kalyani says no and starts crying. She says my husband is having an affair with a woman who is here. She says she is hungry and kept fast for her husband, but he is not with her to break her fast. She cries and tells that the woman is her friend and does a drama. She pretends to faint and falls down. Watchman asks Nurse to take her. Malhar takes Mugdha to hospital. Kalyani is also in the same ward as Mugdha. Malhar tries to see her face. Kalyani hides her face. Doctor tells that the girl is villager who had kept fast for her husband who is cheating on her. he says he will discharge her tomorrow. Pawar brings food for Malhar and asks him to eat. Malhar takes the food and goes to Kalyani’s side of ward. He asks her to have food and says it is very difficult to understand woman, you are doubting your husband and kept fast for him. He says even my wife kept fast and does childish things. Sometimes she does mischief. Kalyani thinks how can he complain about her infront of others. Malhar then starts praising her and says she is always ready to help others and have a good heart. Kalyani gets happy. He asks her to have food and keeps on stool. He goes. Kalyani gets up and breaks her fast eating the food kept by him.

Malhar says I will inform Commissioner Saheb. Kalyani thinks to call him and inform that she found about Sampada and Moksh. She calls him. Malhar picks the call and asks what is the work? Kalyani says you haven’t picked my call, I didn’t talk to you. Malhar says it is my phone and my wish and asks her to end the call. Kalyani says surely he has some mental illness and changed his behavior hearing me. She asks herself to focus on work. Malhar asks Pawar to keep eye on Mugdha. Kalyani tries to enquire about Sampada’s father again. Someone comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Kalyani is shocked.

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