My Heart Knows Wednesday Update 12 January 2022


My Heart Knows Wednesday Update 12 January 2022

Kalayani run and stop people.. She hug Anupriya.. Sarthak arrive there too.. Flashback shows it was Sarthak’s car? whom kalayani striked and he take her to temple.. Kalayani scold everybody and Atharav say anupriya was doing bad in temple? with this man and say villagers will punish for sure and provk them more for killing?… Anupriya cry??.. Kalayani hold Atharva and give his character assisination.. Sampada say she is culprit as she is quite? and say to anupriya, you should have said to me, I would have booked a room in hotel… People hold kalayani..

Sarthak stop people from hurting anupriya.. He says to villagers you are doubting anupriya, whom you know since long, who loved your children, stand with you all in every condition.. Atharav say you came from outside, don’t tell us. You would not be same if she was your wife.. Sarthak say I would be proud if was my wife.. Kalayani get thinking??…

Atharav shout and show fake drama feel bad for Anupriya and shout Kill? them… Sampada and Atharva smile??… People hang them, and pour oil and put fire?.. Kalayani, Sarthak, Aao saheb and Baba shout anupriya and plead?? to leave anupriya… Stand fall out.. Malhar come and shoot at rope… Malhar jump inside too save them.. Just then kalayani see Ganga? falling from Shiv hair, and run to blow fire and save everyone.. Everyone is surprised to see water? and Kalayani, Aao saheb thank?? God Shiv.. Kalayani calm them and take out mouth piece, sampada get tense?, flashback shows that sampada put cloth in mouth..

Keshav and Anupriya blacken face get clear.. Everyone recognise Keshav and Anupriya shout that Keshav is her elder Brother.. Aao saheb say how Keshav came out from Jail? Vivek say to stay quite and behave normal.. Anupriya say to villagers they only do her bad charcter asissnation.. Malhar shout at Villagers and ask them to go before he break their bones… Everyone goes.. Sampada and Atharav get tense?.. Anupriya cry? hard.. Sarthak think? when Keshav return from Jail??

Kalayani say to anupriya that he is my mama and try to recognise him… Kalayani finds that keshav was same person who kidnapped Moksh.. Atharav provkes saying you used baby, and ask anupriya about everything?? Kalayani stop him but Malhar ask anupriya about it. Anupriya cry? without saying anything.. Kalayani ask Malhar not to come in words of Atharav.. Malhar ask again.. Keshav say yes she knew, surprising every one.. Keshav further add anupriya knew everything, but she was week and always saved everyone.. She loved❤ you all, and I am not at all ashmed for my doings and want to Kill? Kalayani..

Sarthak recoginse Keshav & get tensed

Keshav say when ever I will get chance, I shall kill? Kalayani.. Anupriya protect her.. Keshav say due to Kalayani parents my little sister?? suffered alot, people even dumbed her voice?.. Malhar hold Keshav and hurt him for hurting Moksh and Kalayani and beat? him badly.. Anupriya and Kalayani stop him.. Malhar say he lost respect for anupriya again.. Anupriya defend herself and ask Malhar and Kalayni to Believe her, Kalayani say she believe anupriya.. Malhar again beat?Keshav and ask question, he hold Stone and is about to hurt, but sarthak hold him and stop him.. Anupriya beat Keshav and ask Malhar to put Keshav behind Jail, I was just protecting you all from him.. Kalayani stop Malhar, and she will not let do him any crime! Malhar say you are protecting anupriya and Keshav, who hurted? our Moksh. Kalayani say she love❤ moksh more than you but its crime.. Sarthak calm him down and say let law decide his punishment.. Malhar drag Keshav..

Atharav say this Deshmukh family is the biggest drama company and play flute with marriage tune?.. He further say Kalayni is finding groom for Anupriya. Shocking?? everyone.. Anupriya confront kalayani and she say yes and anupriya slap?? her and goes from temple..

Anupriya say Sorry to Aao Saheb… Aao saheb say Kalayani is child, and I am proud of you for supporting deshmukh family in front of Keshav.. And hug her. .

Kalayani talk to Sarthak, saying was she wrong for Anupriya re- marriage? Sarthak support her and say but we can’t change people mentality… Kalayani think about Sarthak words, that He would be proud to have Anupriya as his wife, she think? why anupriya can’t have someone like sarthak and Sarthak think? why Keshav returned?? He see his case file and think this will be disaster if truth come out!
Keshav say to Malhar I am punished for the crime I never commited, go and read my case file..

Kalayani try to talk to Anupriya, but she avoid her.. Sarthak come and ask about Malhar?? Kalayani ask Sarthak was she wrong to find groom from Anupriya?? Sarthak try to avoid question but Kalayani repeat again and again.. Anupriya stop her from saying all this.. Aao saheb say she was proud at kalayani outside for supporting anupriya, but she did this wrong.. Kalayani say due to Atul cheat, Anupriya is bearing pain??..

Kalayani stop anupriya from going out, after all this drama?? Anupriya say she can fight alone!! Kalayani say she I know you are strong, but need partner!! Anupriya say she don’t need anyone other than kalayani, she is happy now and what will villagers say?? Kalayani gather villagers and ask if they have problem with my Anupriya marriage?? Aao saheb and sarthak witness everything.. Everyone deny..

Anupriya stop her from saying anything further.. Kalayani say people will talk for 2 days and forget, they were not there to even support you, to console you when atul left.. Its not big thing if you marry again.. Aao saheb stop her saying she is still married to atul, she is his wife legally… Kalayani says it has been 18 years, when Atul left Anupriya, now legally or illegally she is not married to him.. She ask Sarthak to explain aao saheb, that if husband and wife aren’t staying together for 18 years, their marriage is null and void.. Sarthak nod in support.. Kalayani further say all this is written in law… Aao Saheb say she doesn’t want to hear about law, she is just concerned for society, let us stay here with respect… Kalayani say to Aao saheb that you are concered for so called society always, if you would gave thought about Anupriya re-marriage 18 years back, she would not be at this place today.. Aao saheb get shocked?.. Kalayani add saying with Atul and Madhuri you are too responsible for Anupriya problems… Anupriya slap?? Kalayani hard…

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