My Heart Knows Tuesday Update 8 February 2022


My Heart Knows Tuesday Update 8 February 2022

Malhar holding unconscious Kalyani in his arms and kicks the goons with his legs. He unintentionally takes round the fire. Atharv says Malhar is foolish, I made Kalyani temporary blind, kidnapped you and made him helpless and angry to marry her. He laughs and says how he filled her maang with his blood and says he watches many films. Sampada says Kalyani is foolish to think that you will marry her, and says my Atharv will never marry her. Atharv says Malhar’s clothes will be torn when he comes to know that Moksh will be snatched from him. Kalyani gains consciousness. Pallavi says first he filled her maang and now has taken the rounds. Kalyani is shocked and asks Malhar ji. Judge comes there. Pallavi says he is Moksh’s custody judge. Kalyani asks Malhar why did he fill her maang and says now what will happen to Billu. Atharv comes out and sees his goon beaten up and fallen on ground. He smiles and tells Judge that Malhar never broke relation with Kalyani and never thought about Moksh. He asks what is happening, Malhar took rounds with Kalyani and filled her maang. Kalyani is shocked.

Atharv tells Judge that Kalyani never wanted to marry me as she loves Malhar. Kalyani says I agreed due to Atharv’s threat. Anupriya says Atharv had kidnapped her and kept her at different places. Atul asks what are you saying and says you was in Banaras. Atharv asks if I am a criminal to kidnap her. Malhar asks then why your voice is not strong as ours. Aao Saheb says Anupriya, Malhar and others are

shameless. She says I can prove that Anupriya stayed in Banaras hotel and calls Mishra ji. She asks when did Anupriya leave from there. Aao Saheb asks him to send the proof. He says I will send the register’s pic in which Anupriya signed it. Anupriya asks who are you. Mishra cuts the call. Anupriya asks Aao Saheb why she stoop low and supporting Atharv. Sampada tells Judge that she tried to stay with Malhar, but he married Kalyani infront of everyone. She says when you came to save Anupriya then why did you fill Kalyani’s maang with sindoor. Aao Saheb gets fake Register proof. She shows to Judge.

Judge says Aao Saheb is right. Malhar says wow, Aao Saheb, Sampada and you have played a big game. Sarthak tells Judge that Anupriya was kidnapped, but they have no proof. Judge says Aao Saheb gave the proof. Anupriya says I am the proof myself. Judge says I can’t play with Moksh’s life and is giving his custody to Sampada. He says Malhar can meet Moksh with Sampada’s permission and asks Sampada to file divorce case. Kalyani says no. Atul says it is good that this boy got rid of this mad man’s reflection. Kalyani asks him to think before saying. She asks Malhar to speak up and asks if he is not getting angry and if his blood is not boiling. She asks him to tell Judge that he will not give Moksh to Sampada. She says Moksh will not be given to Sampada until I am here. She takes Moksh and asks Sampada not to come near her. Sampada asks Judge to see what is happening.

Kalyani says this boy can speak, but he has love for his baba and asks can’t you see. She says law is blind, but your eyes are fine and asks can’t you see their love. She says you don’t only sit on that justice chair, but sits on thousands of people’s hope and trust. She says you forced Malhar to stay with this woman, she don’t deserve to be called as a woman and a mother. Judge says you both will be arrested if you go against my decision. Kalyani says your decision is not less than the punishment and says nobody can separate Billu from Malhar ji. Malhar says I agree with this decision. Kalyani asks if he has gone mad to give Billu to Sampada and says you can’t accept defeat and can’t give him to Sampada. She asks him to listen to her.

Malhar says what is left now and says we want to keep moksh with us and Sampada want to take Moksh, and Atharv and Aao Saheb are taking advantage of the situation. He says Moksh is the one who is suffering the most and says it is better if he stay with Sampada, atleast he will not be thrown from here to there. Kalyani says no. sampada tries to take Moksh, but he turns to Malhar. She says I am your Aai and takes him forcibly. Moksh cries looking at Malhar and calls him baba. Naina song plays…..kalyani and Malhar cry. Sampada says this man has nothing, you have your Aai and will give all the happiness. She asks him to be quiet. Moksh cries calling him baba. Malhar turns to him and says forgive me, the mistake is of the time, our time is not right, but this will not happen everytime, one day right time will come and that day nobody can separate you from me. Moksh cries still. Malhar goes out of house. Kalyani asks Judge to remember that he did a crime to separate a son from his father.

Anupriya is pacifying Kalyani and asks her to have strength and trust herself. She says the end wwwill happen when everything is right. Atul comes there and tells kalyani that today she has proved that she is Madhuri’s daughter, she eloped with me and betrayed everyone. Anupriya says what is Madhuri’s mistake, she supported you always. It was your decision to leave this house and leave me helpless and says you are big guilty. She says if it is right to always blame woman for man’s mistake. Atul claps and says today you are taking Madhuri’s side whom you was blaming always. He says now I understand why you are doing this as Sarthak and you have an illegitimate relation. Kalyani shouts Papa and asks how can he say that about Aai. Atul asks her not to interfere. He says I had promised Kalyani that I will divorce Anupriya and free her, but you didn’t marry atharv. He says I will not give her divorce now, she has to stay as my wife all life.

Atul telling Kalyani that as she has broken her promise to marry Atharv, he will not divorce Anupriya and she has to stay as his wife all life. Anupriya is shocked. Atul says I had promised Kalyani that I will give you divorce and free you if she marries Atharv, now she has broken her promise. Kalyani says Papa..Atul says don’t call me Papa. I have no relation with you now and says I will not divorce Anupriya even if Sarthak or you file case against me. He says Anupriya has to live as my wife who don’t love her or respect her. Anupriya cries badly. Aao Saheb thinks she has fulfilled her promise made to Rao Saheb and snatches Billu from Malhar. She is about to pour gangajal on her head. Atharv comes there and stops her. He asks if Appa’s death revenge is little for her and says he will help her to get Ahilya Nivas half share from Malhar. Aao Saheb thanks him for his help and goes. Sampada asks Atharv why he wants to get in their matter. He says we will go from here and will live our life with Moksh. Atharv says it is not that easy. He says Malhar will search Kalyani. He says we have to keep eye on Malhar and Kalyani. Sampada comes to room and is happy that her son is with her. Atharv comes and holds her romantically. He says I will get your divorce done. She moves away. He asks her not to make her son cry in night and tells that he don’t want to spoil his night. Sampada sees the Pram empty and comes to Kalyani. She hears Kalyani talking. She thinks Kalyani is talking to Moksh. She questions her. Kalyani says Moksh is with you. Moksh starts crying and they find her in the box. Atharv blames Kalyani for keeping him in the box. Kalyani tries to clarify. Malhar comes and asks her not to clarify. Moksh starts crying. Malhar asks Kalyani to understand that Atharv and Sampada are Moksh’s new parents. Kalyani asks Moksh not to cry and says if he had not cried then he would have been with her. Malhar takes Kalyani from there.

He takes her outside and asks if she thinks they will get Moksh by her doings. Kalyani says atleast I am trying and not like you who has let his son go. Malhar asks can’t she sees his pain behind his silence and says it was very difficult to let Moksh go and says he was helpless infront of law. If I had stop Moksh then the consequences would have been worse. He says Moksh is the one who is hurt the most. Kalyani says they made you helpless and you have become helpless. Malhar says I will get my son back and didn’t accept defeat. He says I have no way to let him go now. Kalyani asks why did you fill my maang, what was the need? She says did you see what happened with your move, we lost our Billu to Sampada. Malhar says that time I just wanted to stop your marriage with Atharv and couldn’t see your life getting ruined. Kalyani says if I was in my senses then I wouldn’t have let a father and a son separate because of me. She sees the stone slab and keeps on her feet. Malhar asks if you have gone mad? Kalyani says I am punishing myself as If I was in my senses then I wouldn’t have let you fill my maang. Malhar says I can’t see you in pain. Kalyani says I will punish myself as you will be pain seeing me in pain and you shall be punished for separating from your son. She says we have decided that nothing is more to us than Billu and asks how did he forget? Anupriya tells Atul that Atharv was fooling him since many days. Sarthak comes there. Atul gets angry on him. Sarthak says Kalyani is understanding girl and knows Atharv’s truth which you couldn’t see. Atul asks why did you come to room when husband and wife are talking. He says you might have thought Anupriya yours in your heart. Anupriya says Atul. Sarthak says you are insulting us. Atul asks if he is happy to ruin Kalyani’s life. Sarthak says you are lucky to get wife like Anupriya and daughter as Kalyani.

Aao Saheb tells Aparna that they shall give the stuff to people. The worker asks how is Moksh? Aao Saheb says the baby suffered because of Kalyani and Malhar and says they shall have returned baby to Sampada that time. She says Kalyani made them feel ashamed infront of villager and married Malhar when she was supposed to marry Atharv. She says Kalyani is a bad mother. Aparna says Kalyani is his step mom, but why Malhar has left his son. They speak to taunt Kalyani who is sitting there. Kalyani gets up angrily and kicks on burning coal stove. The burning coal falls near Aao Saheb and Aparna.

Aao Saheb asks have you gone mad? Kalyani says my confidence is hurt, but not broken. She tells Aparna that she knows what will happen if she is provoked. Aao Saheb says what wrong we are saying and says you had failed to raise Moksh and says a mother sacrifices so much for her son. Kalyani says I know sacrifice, Malhar ji and me and says we were not scared of sacrifice. Aao Saheb says today I will test you and asks her to walk on the burning coal if she loves Atharv so much. She asks if she has courage. Kalyani says you want to test me using old film tactics and asks who are you to test me. Malhar hears them. Aao Saheb asks her to tell that she is scared. Kalyani sees Malhar and thinks of her words. Aao Saheb smiles. Kalyani takes out her sandals and ties her dupatta on to her waist. Malhar looks at her. Kalyani looks at him angrily.

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