My Heart Knows Thursday Update 17 March 2022


My Heart Knows Thursday Update 17 March 2022

Anupriya telling Aao Saheb that Kalyani is doubtful and asking me again and again, why I agreed for marriage. Aao Saheb asks her not to get worried and tells that before Kalyani could know, I will get you marriage done and you will be gone to Solahpur, but think if you are right to surrender. Atharv comes to Kalyani and tells her that Aahir is troubling him. He asks her to play the camera. Kalyani says ok and takes the camera in her hand. Atharv asks her to play both the videos. Kalyani plays Anupriya’s room recording, but it doesn’t play due to low battery. Asawari and Aahir take a sigh of relief. Atharv takes camera from Kalyani. Aahir tries to take it. Aao Saheb talks to Registrar and says Anupriya shall get the marriage certificate on the marriage day itself. Kalyani hears and asks if she is getting her court marriage done and says she has always dreamt of her Aai’s marriage and wants it to be grand. Aao Saheb says Anupriya and Adinath want the marriage to be simple. Kalyani says Aai will get blessings from many and that’s why the marriage will be grand. Anupriya goes to the workshop. Kalyani follows her and asks if she is thinking that she will find out the reason behind her doings if the marriage is delayed. Anupriya asks what are you saying? Kalyani says I have kept a 24 hours fast and tells that Devi maa will help me and will tell why you have taken this decision. Anupriya says you can’t stay hungry for 4 hours and kept fast for 24 hours. Kalyani says I will break the fast if you tell me the truth.

Anupriya says she don’t want to talk. Kalyani says I know you love Sarthak and will find out the truth. Adinath comes there and reminds her that whatever she is doing is for Kalyani. He says I am with you. Sarthak sees them together and thinks it is good that she got a lifepartner, as there is no guarantee of his life after 26th july secret comes out.

Aahir comes to room while Atharv is sleeping and takes camera from his hand. He tries to delete the video, when Kalyani comes and takes camera from his hand. She says she will make video of Aao Saheb and her. She records invitation of Anupriya’s marriage with her New baba. Aahir asks for the camera. Kalyani says let it be with me. Aao Saheb says marriage will be grand now. Madhav comes and asks Kalyani not to be part of Anupriya’s marriage who broke Sarthak’s heart badly. Aao Saheb tells Madhav that Malhar’s side of house is of Kalyani also. Malhar comes there and tells that Maayi has taken care of him like her son and that’s why Kalyani and he will attend the marriage. He says the house is mine, but it is constructed by Aao Saheb and Rao Saheb with much hardwork. Aao Saheb says you are talking sweet, I will get diabetes. Madhav takes Malhar with him. Aao Saheb thinks she will keep Kalyani busy with arrangements so that she don’t know the truth.

Malhar and Kalyani hear the song Cola song. He asks why didn’t you make me hear the song before? Kalyani says you would have scolded me then? Malhar says his head was heavy due to the many tensions. He calls her babes and says Aao Saheb is not getting Maayi married for money so it is ruled out. He says her idea is good to delay the marriage for three days. Kalyani asks him to see what she does. Malhar asks if she has kept 24 hours fast. Kalyani says she is genuinely kept the fast. Malhar says but you can drink and takes the cold drink from behind. She gets happy and says you used to say that it is unhealthy. Malhar says I changed with my girlfriend. Kalyani smiles. They share the cold drink and look at each other. The song plays pehla nasha pehla ghumaan….They laugh together. Madhav shouts Bahu.

Kalyani and Malhar hear him calling her. They come out. Madhav asks did you call widows for the marriage function. Kalyani says yes. Madhav says you had said that you wanted to make your mum’s marriage lavish, I forgave you for this, but why did you call widows for the auspicious thing for marriage. Aao Saheb comes there and asks what happened? Madhav says she called widows for the marriage function. Malhar says Kalyani didn’t do anything wrong. Kalyani tells about the ladies, and tells that some are widows and some are abandoned by their husbands like my Aai was abandoned by my baba. She says I remember, nobody used to call my Aai whenever there is festival or function at villager’s house. She says they used to think that my Aai is inauspicious and says villager woman used to taunt and laugh at her Aai’s plight. She says I felt bad for my Aai and feels bad for these four ladies too. She says that’s why she called these ladies here as they have felt the same pain as her Aai and can understand her well. She says my Aai will not suffer anymore.

Kalyani telling Madhav that she used to feel bad for her Aai and feels the same for these ladies. She says nobody can understand my Aai’s pain which they can feel and that’s why I called them. Adinath appreciates her for doing such a thing and says it needs a lot of courage. Kalyani asks Madhav if he thinks she is wrong. Anupriya thinks this is the beautiful gift to me by my daughter and it would have been more beautiful if this marriage was real rather that drama and if, looks at Sarthak. Madhav says I hate such wrong things, scolds her and goes. Kalyani wipes her tears and says Aai’s marriage will be with all the customs.

She asks why everyone got emotional and says marriage will be with all the rituals, but there will be fun games too. She says Aai’s dress is kept in Aao Saheb’s room and your Sherwani is in kaka’s room. Adinath says he will go and search her clothes. Madhav calls Kalyani and asks what she is doing. Kalyani says she will make her Aai confess the truth today. Malhar asks her to be careful with his baba. Kalyani smiles. Anupriya searches for Adinath’s Sherwani in Sarthak’s cupboard and finds green bangles in the box which he brought with the marriage proposal. She cries and looks at the photo album and finds her pics in it. She thinks when did Sarthak get it clicked. Kalyani comes there and says you must be happy that you are marrying person you like and says you must be feeling bad for kaka. She says you shall not get affected as he used to feel for you, but you don’t feel anything for him. She says he supported you

many times, but you are marrying person of your choice and asks why she has tears. She says this game was just an excuse, I have seen and understood what I wanted. She asks if she is hiding something from her. Anupriya asks her to think whatever she wants and tells that she will marry Adinath. Adinath searches for Anupriya’s clothes in Aao Saheb’s room and thinks where to search. Sarthak comes and finds saree kept under the idol. He gives the saree to Adinath. Adinath says I know this won’t be easy for you. He asks him to confess his feelings next time. Sarthak thinks of Madhav’s words and says I don’t deserve her, and asks Adinath to take care of Anupriya.

Malhar tells Madhav that Maai has done so much for him and they shall attend her happy moment. Madhav refuses and goes. Malhar asks Asawari to attend the function. He asks Aahir to bring his handy cam. Atharv says he has brought the camera and asks Nani is marrying, asks where is groom? Malhar says Adinath. He gets a call from Pawar and says he will come in sometime. Kalyani feels weak. Malhar calls her and tells that car owner came so he needs to go and meet him. He asks her not to worry and says they will find out about the truth before the marriage. Kalyani gets dizzy and is about to faint. Atharv shouts Aai. Sarthak runs to Kalyani. Kalyani says she had fainted as she is fasting for Aai. Atharv stops Aahir from taking the camera. Kalyani gives camera to Sarthak. Asawari asks Sarthak to go. Sarthak says I will be here. Aahir tells Asawari, if Anpriya remembers everything and gives statement against them then? Asawari says I won’t let her give the statement.

Anupriya looks at Kalyani. Adinath asks if she is thinking Kalyani will refuse to eat food. Anupriya asks him to take food for her. Adinath says I know you will not eat food until she eats. Adinath takes food for her. She asks why do you want to marry my Aai. He says she is good and has a good heart. Kalyani says that’s why she is giving sacrifice and marrying you. Adinath says she loves you, and is marrying for your happiness. He asks where do you learn interrogation? From Malhar. Kalyani asks him to call Anupriya to have food and says she knows that she is hungry.

Malhar talks to the car owner and the owner tells that his car was stolen by some man on 26th July. Malhar asks if there was any woman with that man? The owner tells that there was just a man and once he turned and looked at him. He goes. Malhar asks pawar about forensic expert. Pawar says he is on leave. Malhar asks about sketch artiste. Pawar says it will be done.