My Heart Knows Thursday Update 17 February 2022


My Heart Knows Thursday Update 17 February 2022

hospital staff lady asking Kalyani if she needs a baby. Kalyani says yes. Anupriya calls her to give bad news. Kalyani says even I have a bad news to give you. Sampada comes to room and sees Atharv sitting on floor. She asks what happened? Atharv says my wife left me and eloped. Sampada says I am here. Atharv says you are my namesake wife, but Mugdha is my real wife. He says Malhar freed Mugdha and took her with him. Sampada asks him to do something and asks his men to catch her. Atharv says all goons are caught and says everything ended. He says Malhar made our

passport go missing and says don’t know how. He asks her to dance and says we are ruined because of your wish to get your son. Sampada asks him to calm down and says I will get my passport from Malhar. Hospital staff lady takes Kalyani to the ward and says this is the ward where we give baby for adoption. Kalyani sees Moksh with the other kids. Anupriya comes there indisguise and says she wants baby. She asks whom to meet? Lady asks from where she came? Anupriya says she came from Mumbai and have a big bungalow.

Kalyani recognizes her. Lady goes to call Vaman/sampada’s husband. Kalyani asks Anupriya why she came? Anupriya worries that Vaman might identify her. Kalyani says he will not identify and asks why Billu is here. Anupriya says it is good that I heard your conversation and told that they want to adopt the baby. She gets a call and asks him to come to Room No. 4. Kalyani sees Sarthak there. Sarthak looks at Anupriya while the song tujhe dekha toh ye plays in background. Anupriya says I told him everything and briefs him about adoption. Lady tells Vaman that she asked for extra 5000.

Sarthak says why Sampada will give Moksh for adoption and says you shall tell Malhar. Kalyani says he is not willing to hear me. Vaman thinks that couple ran away so they shall take other couple’s help. Sarthak calls Malhar, but his number is not reachable. Kalyani asks them to act as a couple to adopt Moksh. Anupriya asks what are you saying. Kalyani asks her to focus on Moksh and act. Sarthak says we have to just act for Moksh. Vaman asks if there is any girl with them. Kalyani says no. she says if he sees me then will identify surely. Vaman opens the door and gets inside with the lady. Sarthak acts and asks Anupriya, are you sure we shall talk to them. Anupriya says yes. Sarthak says we have to adopt a baby and leave for US. Vaman says we give baby illegally here. Sarthak says we try to get baby legally, but failed and came to know about you. Vaman asks from where? Lady asks about Kalyani. Sarthak says she went for work.

Atharv tells Sampada that he is ruined, but sitting silently as you promised me to get our passports from Malhar. Sampada says there is a problem. Atharv pulls her near him and says I love you and can forgive you, but I never learnt to forgive others. Sampada says I will get passports and Moksh. He kisses her cheeks.

Kalyani looks at Vaman. Vaman asks Anupriya if they want boy. Sarthak says yes. Vaman says here, all are boys. Sarthak says we want the boy of around 1 year, he shall be fair with big eyes. Vaman says he will bring that boy and asks them to wait there. Kalyani messages Anupriya that she is following Vaman. She thinks to call Malhar.

Mugdha tells Malhar that she will co operate with him and tells that she will be happy to tell him about Atharv who ruined her life. Kalyani calls him and tells him about Sampada’s plan. Malhar asks her to take care of herself and send him location info. She says she will end the call. Vaman sits in the truck. Kalyani sits in it. He drives off and comes to Moksh’s day care. She thinks they kept Billu here.

Kalyani seeing the day care. She sends location to Malhar. Malhar says location is of daycare. He asks all constables to be there and says nobody shall know about Mugdha. He asks her not to worry and says you will get justice. Mugdha thanks him. Kalyani asks herself to wait there and thinks if Vaman takes Moksh from here before Malhar comes. She says sorry and gets down from the truck. She goes inside and calls Sampada, says everything is fine here. Kalyani follows him, but the door is locked. She thinks to open it with hair pin. She tries, but it doesn’t open. She thinks to open it anyhow for Moksh. She manages to open it and finds the room empty. She searches for Billu and thinks where is he? She finds the punching toy and hits on it, the secret door opens up. She gets inside and finds the door. She gets inside and finds the babies there. Manager tells other man that the baby cries a lot and nobody adopts him.

Kalyani beats the men and asks where is my Billu? She says you don’t know who is my husband. She gets Malhar’s hand and asks him to come to godown. Child welfare officer thanks them. Malhar beats the Manager. Manaher says I am not alone, but Kalyani madam works with us. He shows the pic in which Kalyani is in disguise working in the daycare. Kalyani says she was handing over the baby to their mother. She tells Malhar that you refused me to come here to meet Moksh, so I changed my get up and came here to meet Moksh. Manager shows her sign on a paper. Kalyani scolds the man and asks him to tell the truth else she will break her head. Malhar stops her. The child welfare officer asks Malhar to arrest his wife also. Kalyani tells him that Sampada and her father want to trap her in the case. Atharv hugs Sampada and appreciates her plan to trap Kalyani. Officer tells malhar that if he don’t want to handle the case then he will assign someone else. Sampada tells that I know that kalyani can do anything to get moksh so I get him admitted in the day care which illegal child trafficking happens. She says she gathered wrong proofs against her. Malhar takes the handcuff in his hand. Kalyani thinks how can you doubt me. Malhar thinks I don’t doubt on you, I had asked you to stay away from all this. Sampada tells that she did a mistake and says how did she come to know about the hospital name. She says Kalyani will be jailed and my Moksh will be with us. She says I will get my passports from Malhar blackmailing him and will force him to let us go foreign.

The Child welfare officer asks Malhar to leave the case. Malhar says my wife is illegal and tells that a girl who raised other woman’s child as her own and loved her so much, she can’t do anything wrong with anyone’s child. I just know that my wife and son are in danger.

Kalyani tells Malhar that she is innocent and didn’t do anything. Malhar says I know, but all proofs are against you. he says I am your husband later and govt officer first. She says I tried to tell you, but you didn’t hear. She says she is getting punished for her mistake and says she is not important now, but Moksh is in danger and says Sampada and Vaman are upto something. She says I have a gut feeling that Sampada wants to send Moksh to other country and then plan to go with Atharv. Atharv comes and acts, and says Sampada has become thin being hungry. He asks Kalyani to feel shame to steal baby and asks Malhar to take out his uniform. He says I will do this infront of media, then your wife has to stay in jail and you will cry all life. He says I have a solution for you.

Kalyani tells Atharv that she is ready to do anything for Billu. Atharv says she is fake mom, but cares for Moksh. He asks Malhar to give their passports and then they all can stay together. Malhar asks him to leave and says you will be jailed this time. Kalyani asks him to agree and give passport to him, says they will go from our lives forever. Atharv says your 18 years old wife is intelligent. Kalyani asks Malhar to agree. Malhar comes out of lock up. Kalyani asks him to agree for Moksh. Malhar says i will get Moksh with right way and asks her to remember that he will get atharv punished and get Moksh too. Atharv says you are going to lose your son. Malhar asks him to get ready to sleep on the floor. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani tells that she can’t sit and see tamasha. She says i can go to any extent when the matter is about Billu, I will go against Malhar.

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