My Heart Knows Sunday Update 27 February 2022


My Heart Knows Sunday Update 27 February 2022

Ketki telling Malhar that she wants to tell him about Sarthak and her, but she didn’t have the courage. Sarthak comes and says Ketki is saying right and says Dinkar tried to kill someone, but Ketki was jailed for the same. He says when he was fighting her case, they fell in love with each other, but Ketki wanted to give a chance to Dinkar and her marriage, that’s why I stopped meeting her. He says when you brought her, I saw her after that. He says there is nothing between us now. Kalyani says you are lying? Sarthak says this is truth? He comes to Anupriya and apologizes for hurting her heart. Anupriya asks did I tell you that I have feelings for you, so there is no question of my heart break. She says she is happy for him. Kalyani asks Ketki what did she do and says she is lying and kaka is lying. Malhar asks her to leave Ketki. Anupriya takes Kalyani from there. Malhar tells Sarthak that he wants to talk to him. Anupriya tells Kalyani that Malhar will not believe them as Sarthak went on Ketki’s side. Kalyani tells that Kaka is lying and Ketki is forcing him to lie. She asks Anupriya not to feel bad and says Sarthak doesn’t love Ketki, but likes you. Anupriya says she is not affected. Aao Saheb says matter is ended, and says if she wants to snatch Malhar then why she said that she loves Sarthak. Malhar tells Sarthak that he can’t believe. Sarthak says why he is having objection and tells that he loves Ketki. Kalyani comes there and says Aayi is in well. Sarthak runs near the well and calls Anupriya worriedly and looks for her. Kalyani says Aai is not here. Sarthak says he loves Ketki. Kalyani acts as talking to Sarthak and asks him to tell about Ketki.

Ketki hears her and comes inside asking Sarthak not to tell anything and finds the dummy. Kalyani says I will not ask you why you are doing this. She says you thought if not Malhar ji then her kaka. Ketki asks what you will do as you know my plan. Kalyani says I won’t let you ruin my Aai’s life and will expose you and will also prove my papa’s innocence. She ties her hands and says just see how I kick you out from this house and from Malhar’s life. She says Dussera is celebrating by bursting the crakers and lights the cloth on fire. Ketki gets afraid and manages to free her hands. Kalyani talks to Moksh and says when did she blackmail Sarthak as she was with us. She says it means someone is with her.

Atharv comes to Kalyani and calls her Aai. He is wearing wings and says now he will go to get the grain from Ketki. Kalyani asks when Ketki gives grains to the pigeons. Atharv says in the afternoon. Kalyani gets an idea hearing Pallavi singing song and asks Atharv to do something. Atharv comes to Ketki and takes her inside. Kalyani comes out and finds a fake parrot among the real parrots. She is shocked and finds the clue in the chit. She reads the jumbled sentences and thinks what did she write. Ketki asks Atharv to leave her hand and scratches his hand. She comes out and finds fake parrot missing. She thinks she couldn’t sent the message and those people must have called the device back. She thinks toy pigeon must have flown. She goes. Kalyani thinks how to search now. Malhar asks Pawar to make arrangements to go Murar and says if Atul gets caught then something will be found. Kalyani comes to room and checks the chit standing infront of mirror. She reads building no. 6, MG road and gets happy and appreciates herself, says she can become detective also. She says someone is with ketki and she is not alone. She thinks to go there. Atharv brings the fake parrot there. Kalyani asks him not to take it and keeps it in the drawer. She gets Atul’s call and tells her about terrorist plan 400 kms away from there and asks her to tell Malhar, but before she can hear him, her phone falls down and switches off. Kalyani thinks to tell Malhar.

Kalyani asking Pawar to help her and tells that her Papa is innocent. She asks him to tell Aai that she is going Malhar tells Rao about Nariyal Poornima and says it is fishermen’s festival. He says we have to be careful and hopes if Atul is found then they will get all the answers. Atul comes to meet Anupriya at the backyard. Anupriya says you are here. Atul asks her to hear him carefully. Aao Saheb comes there and says you are here. Atul says Aao Saheb. Just then someone shoots at Atul and runs. Anupriya runs behind the shooter and finds something. Aao Saheb asks Atul to stop, but Atul sits in a truck. Aao Saheb asks him to stop. Anupriya comes to Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb asks her to call Malhar. Anupriya says Malhar and Kalyani are not there. Aao Saheb asks who was the attacker. Anupriya says she finds the coat button and shows it. Sarthak comes there. Aao Saheb checks his coat button and he shot Atul.

Malhar asks Rao to keep an eye on the dancer as the fisherman doesn’t know her. Kalyani and Atharv come to the fisherman’s place. The fishermen ask if she is a dancer. Atharv says my Aai dances well. Kalyani recalls taking lift from dancer’s other car. Atharv tells her that he has punctured dancer’s car. Kalyani gets worried and asks Malhar to behave as if he is her fan. They call her Pinky Bai. Aao Saheb gets Sarthak arrested. Anupriya says she feels Sarthak can’t do this. Sarthak asks Pawar to call Malhar. Pawar says Malhar can’t talk now. Aao Saheb says she will sign on the FIR. Anupriya says may be someone is trapping him. Aao Saheb says I just trust my eyes. She signs and goes. Anupriya tells Sarthak that she knows that he is innocent. She asks Pawar to make him talk to Malhar. Pawar says his phone is off.

Kalyani tells Malhar that Atharv told them that she is a dancer. Malhar asks why did you come here? Kalyani tells him about Atul’s call and says he was saying something, but her phone broke before she could hear him. Malhar thinks Kalyani doesn’t know about the big attack going to happen here. Fisherman comes there and hears Atharv calling her Aai. He asks her. Kalyani tells him that Atharv is her fan and since he lost his memory, he regards her as his Aai so she let him be with her. She says both are her fans. Fisherman says if I lose my memory then can I stay with you. Kalyani gives a shocking expression. He says he is joking. Fisherman takes Atharv with him. Malhar says Atharv and I am your fan. She asks him to behave as her fan. He says he don’t know how dancer’s fan react. Kalyani says I will teach you and asks him to make excited face seeing her. Malhar asks her to go home and says there is a danger here. Anupriya comes to Sampada and asks about Aao Saheb. Sampada says Aao Saheb went with Pallavi.

She breaks the coconut and finds smoke coming out from it. Anupriya asks what did you do with it? Sampada says she didn’t do anything. Anupriya snatches the coconut from her hand and runs out. She throws it in water barrel and it blasts. Sampada and Anupriya are shocked.

Malhar tells Kalyani that when your Baba was talking to you, he was telling that terrorist can attack here. He says I will search him and his proofs of innocence. Kalyani says how do you know and asks if he tapped her mobile. She says I will not go until I prove my Papa’s innocence and says she don’t need his help and will search him alone.