My Heart Knows Sunday Update 20 March 2022


My Heart Knows Sunday Update 20 March 2022

Asawari comes to Madhav and tells that she is going with Anupriya and will not let her elope to Solapur. Atharv come and says I came to know everything, why Nani is marrying. He calls Kalyani and asks her to see the video in the cam. He plays the video, just then Madhav takes stick and starts beating him badly. Kalyani tries to stop him. Madhav says how dare Atharv touched my bahu and hits stick on his hand, making the camera fall and break.Kalyani stops Madhav and says Atharv is a boy and calls her Aai. Madhav says you will not become his Aai. He says I will beat him more. Sarthak comes and stops Madhav and says Atharv is mentally ill and regards Kalyani as his mother. Madhav acts and says I can’t see him touching my bahu. Sarthak says he don’t understand what you are saying and asks him to stop it. Pallavi comes and asks why did he beat her brother? She angrily takes Atharv from there. Atharv shouts Aai. Kalyani cries. Madhav goes. Asawari apologizes to Kalyani on Madhav’s behalf and goes. Kalyani says I will tell malhar ji and is about to call him, but Anupriya stops him and asks if she is mad? She says you have to handle the house and not malhar. She says will you complain to him about his baba. She says I won’t be with you to explain after today. Kalyani asks what do you mean? Anupriya says I will not stay here after marriage. Aao Saheb asks her to get ready to go to temple.

Malhar asks Shekhar, artiste design to make sketch of the woman who was seen near the pond. Shekhar recalls his conversation with Anupriya and tells Malhar that he was unwell so couldn’t make sketch. Malhar asks if he is joking and says you will not move from here until you make the sketch. Shekhar gets tensed. Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that she can’t come here again. Adinath asks how to handle Asawari and Kalyani. Just then Asawari and Kalyani come there. Kalyani says lets go. they go from there. Anupriya throws the rice grains and thinks she is leaving the house, duty all her responsibilities.

Anupriya, Adinath, Kalyani and others coming to temple. Anupriya prays to God to give her power that she can go to police station and surrender, but don’t let her know that I am a criminal. Kalyani prays for Anupriya’s happiness. Rao comes and tells Malhar that the number must not be registered on anyone names. Shekhar stops making sketch. Malhar scolds him. Malhar asks him to find out about the call list. Rao goes. Kalyani gives beetal leaves to Aao Saheb, says it is gold. Aao Saheb blesses her. Kalyani hugs Anupriya and gives beetal leaves to Adinath and Asawari.

Kalyani hugs Anupriya. She tells Asawari that she got a good bahu. Asawari says you said right. Pandit ji comes and says marriage arrangements is done and asks Aao Saheb to make the groom and bride ready. Kalyani asks marriage and says we came here for puja. Aao Saheb says Pandit ji said that whoever marries at this mahurat of Dussehra then their life will be prosperous and happy. Adinath and Anupriya agree with Aao Saheb. Kalyani says we have done many arrangements at home, can we go home and come? Pandit ji says there is less time. Malhar checks the call list of the mobile number and asks Pawar to check Anupriya’s call list on 26th july. Shekhar, sketch artiste hears and gets tensed. Aao saheb asks Kalyani to make Anupriya ready. Kalyani says ok. Asawari calls Madhav and tells that Anupriya will go straight to Solahpur police station from here. She says she will take Anupriya’s life. Sarthak comes to Atharv.

Atharv thinks Madhav came and asks him not to beat him. Sarthak asks him to calm down and says he will not beat him. Atharv tells that he stole his baba’s cam and watched the video in which his Nani (Anupriya) was telling why she is marrying Adinath, which she don’t want. He says when he told Madhav that he will tell nani then he started beating him. Sarthak tries to repair the phone being worried for her. Aao saheb digs the land and buries the phone. Asawari comes and takes out the phone, calls Aahir and tells that Anupriya is trapped badly and thinking herself as the murderer. Rao brings the call list of Anupriya’s phone. Malhar checks and says Maayi called on that number 4 times. Shekhar gets tensed and says the sketch is ready. Malhar looks at the sketch and gets shocked.

Sarthak repairs the phone. Atharv says this is the video. Sarthak watches the video in which Anupriya is misunderstanding herself to be a murderer and telling Aao Saheb that she will surrender to Police. Sarthak says Anupriya ji is having a big misunderstanding and thinks she committed the murder. He says he won’t let her surrender and ruin her life. Malhar asks Shekhar to go and calls Kalyani. Kalyani says Aai is looking beautiful. Malhar tells her that Aai is not marrying with her wish and asks her to listen. Kalyani asks Anupriya to go and says she will come. She talks to Malhar. Malhar tells her something. Kalyani is shocked and says Aai can’t be a murderer. She says Aai thinks twice before killing a mosquito, she never raised hand on anyone and says you know her. Malhar says I know and tells that Maayi must be thinking that she is a murderer and that’s why marrying Adinath so that she can surrender. He asks her not to let the marriage happen. Kalyani says but marriage is happening. He asks her to stop and says he is coming there. Pandit ji asks Adinath and Anupriya to make each other wear garland. Kalyani comes and shouts asking them to stop.

Malhar calling Kalyani and telling that Maayi is not marrying with her wish. Kalyani asks how do you know? Malhar asks her to listen carefully. Kalyani says Aai can’t be a murderer. Malhar says may be she has a misunderstanding that she is a murderer and wants to surrender to Solahpur police station. He asks her to stop the marriage. Kalyani says it is late now. Malhar asks her to stop the marriage somehow and says I am coming there. Pandit ji asks Anupriya and Adinath to exchange garlands. Kalyani comes there and asks them to stop. She says she had done the mannat that she will break 100 coconuts before her Aai’s marriage and says she shall fulfilled her mannat which she did with Devimaa. She says you have to wait till I break the coconuts. She asks Asawari to hold her phone. She sits and breaks one coconut. Pandit ji asks Anupriya to go and pray inside the temple until Kalyani breaks the coconut. Kalyani asks Anupriya to go and pray. She thinks neither I will let you do this marriage nor I will let you do this marriage. Sarthak calls Kalyani. Asawari goes away from there to pick the call. Anupriya comes inside the temple and bends down her head. She prays and finds the passage above the devimaa’s foot prints marks room. She recalls Aao Saheb asking her to go out from the secret passage. Kalyani continues breaking coconut. She thinks why Aai is taking so much time. Anupriya manages to come out and asks driver to take her to solahpur police station. Kalyani comes to the room and finds Anupriya missing. She asks Aao Saheb, where is Aai? She gets worried.